Decay (2012) - The LHC Zombie Movie [full film]

by Decay Film • 4,323,464 views

Decay is a 75 minute zombie film, shot and set at the Large Hadron Collider, CERN, by physics PhD students. Download: http://www.DecayFilm.com (CC-BY-NC) Soundtrack now available free!...

At least, scientifically we have proven that a physics education does not help in the field movie making.  Conclusively.
Wow. You folks are brilliant, or you wouldn't be working at CERN, you are clearly creative in making this, you are generous in offering it for free to every one, and you're willing to poke a little fun at your self and the fear about the unknown... You are making it rather hard for me to continue to be a misanthrope ;)
some scenes trick me into thinking i am watching porn.
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only in movies do you have unlimited ammo
the zombies are shitty lol most of them looked like regular humans lol that doctor who started the virus of zombie army is dumb so is that retarded blonde
apparently you never watched the original dawn of the dead
Excellent! Has everything it should have, perfect editing, great effects, sound, and story. And the way it waited until a suttle moment for the zombies to first appear was executed perfectly. Yeah acting could of been better, but it was much better than most I have seen on a film like this. Of course this reminds me a lot of resident evil, but on its own merits. Great work!
Good Filming and Editing, just needs better acting
Cern - Hardon Reactor.... what?
How many bullets has that pistol???????
10 probably,if the gun is a m9 beretta 16/17 bullets
And the winner of "the biggest piece of shit movie of the year", goes to the cast and crew of this piece of shit movie!!! 😃
Not bad at all guys.  Nice happy surprises.  Good pace.  Appropriate ending.  Good on you all!
Some interesting ideas with terrible execution. 1. The film is at least 20 minutes to long. 2. Why on earth didn't she call the police. The entire workforce at CERN have turned into zombies, buy, hey, "I'll just call my very bestest friend first. She'll be able to do something about it before I get eaten!" 3. What kind of professor at CERN would sacrifice the entire workforce there and expect to get away with it. The ending just doesn't make any sense. 4. Most of the acting was just awful. 5. I get that the radiation turned them into zombies, but that should rule out infection. ...and the list goes on.
lol radiation can cause infection... So many of your points are off already why would the "ongoing list" be any different? Id like to see you act better honestly I would.. because I know it wouldnt happen. ..
+Hannibal Cannibal - No, radiation can weaken the immune system and even kill. Ionizing radiation breaks up DNA. It will not cause infection, but a weakened immune system makes the body more susceptible to infection. If this type of radiation could cause infection then everyone would be infected just by being near the zombies. It just doesn't make any sense. Another thing that does not make sense is the claim that the radiation in the film mostly attacks the brain, leaving only the brain stem and as such turn them into animals. I, for one, would like to see and animal functioning with only a brain stem. The notion is ridiculous, to say the least. - The acting in this film is really bad. My acting skills have nothing to do with that. - The film is way too long. There is a lot of needless walking and opening of doors. The editing is sub par. My argument stands. Disagree if you like. There are some interesting ideas here and I give them credit for following through, but the execution is terrible.
I absolutely loved it! Just needs better acting but overall amazing
I   like this  movies  also  because   I am   a Ph.D   student   at  Colombia   University  around my  age  also
New concept: zombies induced by radiation.
It was a great movie. The voice acting was... less than convincing at times, and could've used improvement. Otherwise, it was great.
....great idea...terrible acting and script looks like it was made my a monkey on LSD
I'm 4 minutes into this and the dialog is so choppy and unnatural.
Good Zombie movie.How in the hell did they get permission to use CERN as the set?Maybe,just maybe,this really did happen.The students in there genius,had an idea that in might,so they were well prepared and killed everyone of those dirty bastard Zombies.The way things, are they could have covered this up by planting a bomb somewhere,and said all the deaths were due to terrorists.They are pretty damn smart you no. 
The acting was awful. It was like watching my first school play. I don't get what it's about. Who leaves a bunch of students in charge of a radiation controller? Who the fuck??? Dressed that blonde girl?? . The zombies are bad. It's so crap. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! This is the BIG no no.
Thank you for sharing your movie with us.:)
Not a bad student film. The acting wasn't the best and in some parts the dialogue felt a bit lacking. The tunnels were a great place to film it though, made the movie very creepy and I actually jumped when the first zombie grabbed Kate. All in all a pretty good job.
The music at the beginning credits make me forget about killing myself... i like it
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Hmmm... As budget movies go, and if the background surrounding its production is correct, that being it was undertaken by a intake of real PhD students, then heck, they actually didn't do too bad :-) Obviously very few of the characters felt comfy being in front of a camera at the start of the film, many struggled throughout, but a couple of them really found they're feet towards the end. I don't wish to give away spoilers, but I appreciated the ending... I wonder if I can find a sequal? ;-)  Well I'm sure we'd all heard the theories behind what finding the 'God Particle' might dome the planet too, be it sucked into a black hole, massive explosion that consumed the earth, through to creating a new 'Big Bang', but what the hell, the students made a film based on the now unfounded fears of the public, and whilst not seat riveting throughout did throw light onto how lucky these individuals are! Not only are they smart enough to be PhD students, but they had the privilege to be allowed to film within the confines of the LHC, as well as fitting in they're studies and day jobs. I wish them every success in they're chosen field of science, and maybe, just maybe, one or more of them will use the experiences they gained through filming to address the world on an incredible discovery sometime in the future.
This movie was ok. It could have had better dialog and acting, but it was ok overall.  I started calling the blonde girl a bit-- after her brother turned and attacked her ex.  From there she never regained her name again.  She did so many crazy things.  Shooting the lock open and then not closing the door with something weighted against it irritated the heck out of me.  But to top it all off, she laid the gun beside the open door and then proceeded to turn her back and attention. WOW!  Am I the only one that heard glass shatter while she was on the steps?  All in all, this movie had its good moments. 
just because you have godd techonology doesn't mean that you can do a good movie...
HOW thw zombies die??? please jesus Christ! what's wrong with the director????
what the hell is LHC
Make a Half Life movie out of this !!
LOL the acting is so bad that it makes me laugh =D
Congrats ! It's a really good movie 
A golf all kills a zombie? (Bullshit) And when that guy got picked up by a zombie at the beginning, he should've gotten bitten. The zombies face was in his back for god sakes!
Writing isn't great, which doesn't help, but the acting for the large part is worse. Flat and lacking any emotion for the most part from most of the actors. Never quite get how casting directors can't find better actors than they do for some of these films. That said this is still better than say "Zombie Night" which had far more well-known actors in it, which was perhaps the worst zombie film I've ever seen, maybe even the worst film full-stop.
It's almost as if they're a bunch of physicists and not actors.
Lol as a casting director myself I always find it difficult to comprehend people's ability to find quality actors.. That being said if any one needs a dedicated casting director.. im your boy
good film if any other twat says different tell them to make one good job
This was the stupidest fucking movie. If you walk cross legged, then that means your hurt, cant just walk how normal people walk? Then see a horde of zombies chasing you and start sprinting... You have infected blood on your arms and wipe it on your mouth?
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How fuckin many shots do they have in this smal gun???
And near the end u can see through his wound on his head...
I'm not enjoy watching zombie movies. Boring and I have no interest to play again.
Like all genres the zombie genre has a lot of B movies (probably more so than other genres) but that does not mean that all zombie movies are boring. Good zombie movies are rare but they exist and are perhaps the scariest of all movies (at least in my opinion). If you want to give zombies another shot try watching the Walking Dead (obviously) as well as World War Z and Dawn of the Dead (the 2004 version) and don't forget 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later. Guaranteed not to be boring. Zombies just aren't appealing to everyone though...
I fell asleep twice, what happened?
y Todos Mueren xD 
I gave up after 20 min.  Peace out bros
That blonde hair guy sure like bread
Great movie. Absolutely enjoyed it!
Danielle Goodman Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
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+corey arballo Haha haha! You are misunderstanding my entire comment, I never said the entire human race evolved from 2 people in the same place, no one has stopped evolving, and no one has ever said (any rational minded human being, I.e scientists) that there were only two people, there is no scientific evidence to support this nor is there any logical basis for this or even any possibility or even any explanation for the diversity in genes coming from just 2 people. This is an absolutely ridiculous idea and is not backed up by evidence in any form other than the bible which was written by primitive humans whom have no understanding of the universe at the time of writing. And as for saying spiritual thought being the only plausible explanation?! Lol! Who the fuck told you spirituality was a logical method for understanding the universe in which we live? Lmao! Spiritual thought is based on speculation, the bible and irrational ideas held together by flimsy evidence, or no evidence at all, reinforced by the word of priests and/or other high ranking religious people and almost entirely dependant on whether or not someone receives messages from the 'beyond' and all that unsubstantiated shit. Also, never did I say that the big bang broke the laws of physics, because before the big bang, there is evidence to suggest that the laws of physics didn't exist, therefore the creation and destruction of energy and momentum were entirely possible. Other theories point out that the big bang could be a result of an infinite chain of recurring big bangs that have compressed to infinitesimal sizes, and expanded out again in another big bang. This is far more plausible than a being who can defy the laws of physics which you so woefully quoted against me, to which you also have not addressed the issue of.  If you want to quote me the laws of thermodynamics, then explain to me why a being who has I infinite power and infinite knowledge, sound rational to you? Are you the stupidest subhuman being on the planet? To believe that there is some divine being who has that much power and knowledge? Not to mention the various paradoxes associated with such powers and abilities, such as: can god create a stone that he cannot lift? Or, can an all powerful god create a book that an all knowing god does not know the contents of? And you think this is rational? Is it me or is there an extreme case of hubris here?  And the hubris to believe <keyword there, all your explanations rely on belief, rather than evidence,, that science is flawed in its current understanding of the universe through OBSERVATION and EXPERIMENT and MATHEMATICS, yet a 2000+- year old book is correct? Says who? Who determined the book was right over meticulous and rigourous testing and observing? What, is experiment wrong? Is the way the universe wrong? Does the universe not work correctly? And you WO der why I call you a stupid lump? After all this and you still WO der why I call you a stupid lump...If you can't figure that out, then you've just proven my point.
Particle Accelerator??? aba matinde hahahahaha ilan kaya nyan meron sa mundo???
Why she leave the gun for the man when it's a zombie apoclips
HOW many shots did that gun  have? can anyone tell me what kind of gun that was?
Of course the acting was bad English is not their first language, morons. Overall not bad for a low budget flick
I wish I had that gun :(
I'll think witch she got record in phone that's going to show this is the guy reran 4 this effect
i dont know if this is really bad acting or not...
5\10 - although it not good, but still thanks for the effort u made in making this...we really appreciete indie films...just do you best next time. =D
In a world where zombies didn't exist and no one knew what would happen if the dead still walked. correct me if I'm wrong I posted it at 30:20, lol
The blonde girl looks like rose Tyler from doctor who.
And did you notice 'Bad Wolf' written on the whiteboard at the end? Whovians in da LHC house!
Not so bad, but not so good. Only the environment of that closed area was impressive.
Anyone else notice the brunette's circa-1980s hair bow keeps changing...?  20 minutes in, there has to be something better to do tonight...
What was this shot on?
Not much reference of zombies but it is alright and the screen writing was good
wth! 4mil views for a very boring zombie movie. argh!  
Thankskilling has better acting than this. 
Ni siquiera termine de verla ! Muy mala película y los actores Malísimos
@ 52:30 the girl really looked retarded
Wtf is this!!!!!!!! Waste of time. Omg.
swedes don't refrigerate their ketchup?!
F**k this movie ./. 
shit..but she is hot =D
sexy figure with monkey face
I swear it looks like she's smiling "When she saids Shut up Matt.....James what do we do???" 19:52-19:55 Am I right about that part??? give me input on this
its sucks!! im disappointed! 
the action not good
That pistol had an 18+ bullet magazine. Obama does not approve.
it virus word for  lhc it call virus maker user
wtf is wrong wth me iwas fuck act like 6 year older
theodore russell Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Decay (2012) - The LHC Zombie Movie [full film]: http://youtu.be/n-NwLUPZWZc
Bad acting.. greasy looking actors.. and the girl is so ugly.. m sorry.. just have to let it out..
be nice Zeck. everyone is entitle to their opinion. no fury needed
It sounds like an 8th grade English class dialogue
beetje matig maar als je je verveeld wel oke!
when do da zeds come at them
I officially stop watching this bad actors!
this should of been a porno
 this movie was horrible
can anyone tell me how many  shots does that  gun have? 100? 200?  lol
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