Navy ship taking "evasive action"

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Navy ship at high speed making a hard left turn. This was filmed around August 11, 2007, just off the coast of Norfolk, from the flight deck of the Eisenhower.

Battleship Yamato can do it better
of course.. anything the US has or does - always something better anywhere else on earth. 
+RampantFury925 THey're yammering about the cartoon Space Battleship Yamato, not the actual IJN warship, which was pants and a complete waste of the IJN's time and budget.
"Evasive Action" story.  I was on the battleship USS New Jersey BB62. Because we carried 2 1/2 million gallons of fuel, we also acted as a re-fueling ship. In Vietnam we re-fueled many ships. This is done by the ships running parallel to each other at the same speed and sending a large hose over to the other ship. We had done this dozens of times and never had an accident. But, we did have to take evasive action one time when a Russian Trawler (they look like a fishing boat, but their task is to gather information about our ship. They would even try to pick up our trash) crossed in front of your ships while re-fueling . They were pretty close and slowed down considerably. So, we had to do an emergence break away. Easier said than done. But we acted quickly and no one got hurt. This close call happened in 1969. The video you see here is some kind of practice....testing it's max. ability to do a sharp turn. Still, pretty impressive. Don't ever forget to say, "Thanks for your Service" to every US Military person you meet.  It really means a lot to us.
steve Van Koutrik What's your point? Shouldn't you get off youtube and go back to guarding your bridge? 
"Baby I can't come over I'm busy!!" Girl: "but I'm home alone"
what you don't see is all the sailors spewing off the edge as it turns
It has a rail type system
+Pum bucka you funny guy, mu hahahah~
What did you expect while clicking on the video?
Really, this is news to you? If you consider random YouTube videos 'news' then that might explain your idiotic comment. 
"Just off the coast of Norfolk"? What was Uncle Sam doing in the North Sea, then?
Fuckin Tokyo Drift
It is an awesome feeling on the ship when we do this...  Then add to that an emergency backdown at full power and what a ride you have...
SHIT we forgot the EZ-pass!
Man this guy just doesn't stop with the dumb comedian act [ oh look ships coming back for chicken oh look it just needs some skiers] what is this a how to not be funny tutorial
United States Navy Arleigh Burke Class guided missile destroyer.
the guy speaking sounds like Kermit
Maybe they were just playing who can stay up the longest.
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+Wade Davis Australians apparently dont like us
I didn't know Kermit the frog was in the navy. Ms Piggy will not be happy
The damn ship can barely get out of its own way. Terrible bow design. 
My favorite thing about YouTube comments is everyone's a world class engineer suddenly - and able to detect faults merely by looking at a video...
+Bender45 I know how to start trouble. 
"Prepare for heavy rolls as the ship comes about" Aaaand everything falls off the tables
ha,ha.... That just brought back some memories. Tin can sailors.
I like your avatar.  I've gotten some pretty cool items from them.
Funny how people criticizes everything they see....... idiots!!!
Try doing this with the new tumblehome shape Zumwalt class destroyer and it will probably tip over. What a waste of money. $3.4 Billion for one ship and only 3 ships total. America taxpayers are being shafted and laughed at all the way to the bank.
Your comment reminds me of a book written by Smedley Darlington Butler, he was a United States Marine Corps major general. The book was titled, "War is a Racket." The book is available for free online. And it supports the theory that some things never really change. The whole military industrial complex has been around for half a century, and likely longer.
As for the Zumwalt, it is not designed with ASW in mind. It is a land bombardment vessel. Comparing it to an Arleigh Burke is like comparing an apple to to a Zuchini. Both are edible, but only one is going to slide into the ass of an enemy submarine.
CG-66 USS Hue City Ticonderoga class guided missile cruiser
That is DDG-66 USS Gonzalez, guided missile destroyer,in which I am a plankowner!
She has got a nice bone in her teeth!
Hey captain! Did you bring your phone charger?
That would be a turn to Port - at least in the USMC.
impressive that's for sure!
LOL "High speed sinking demonstration" Does look like a pretty inefficient hull shape, plowing a lot of water. Maybe it is better once the course is stable.
cuts through the water fine , its a displacement hull not a speed boat!
+earl yriser ill bet those propellers are making a hell of a racket with how fast they're spinning 
lining the rail in dress blues is not what I'd call "evasive action".
coveralls. not dress blues
Wish my GF could turn her car around that quick...
Vivat America! - Death russia!) I am Ukraine)
Helm hard to port! I forgot my lunch back at the house!
guy sounds like a muppet
IM . surprised how mean people here are, better appreciate the men and women that protect us
dig the hull cavitation portside.
Mr. drift king over here....
As narrated by Kermit
she isnt even going full speed. No where near it. Rooster tail is showing me she is about 2/3 speed.
church hill zz zag church hill zz top
ha try doing this on the zumwalt. what a waste of money!
Now, that is something worth saluting . . .
Almost makes me miss the yard…..almost.
Mike Crews Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
+Sven G  More like "GET AFTER THEM!"
+Raio Verusia I was referring to the order given on the US vessel taking evasive action,  not the pursuing ship.
horribly designed driftwood... 
It's not taking any 'evasive' action, it's just turning as they do every single day.  Change your bullshit heading.
so it turned!! Yaay!!!!!!! lol..
USS Gonzalez, I helped build that one!  Bath Built is Best Built!
Please tell me that nobody who was standing on the front part of the ship,  fell overboard during the massive left hand turn.........
I would made them stop and do some skiing
I can't believe a 509 foot metal vessel displacing 9200 tons of water can make such high-speed maneuvers, man made engineering at its finest!
right on bud like i said must have power steering
Nice to see the Gonzo not running into shit
The guy closest to the mic needs to shut his gob. Fuck's sake...
You can hear everything crashing to the deck from here.
Holy shit that wake...  Looks like she's surfing a mountain of water pushed up behind the ship!
Yep.She is named for Sergeant Alfredo Cantu Gonzalez, a Medal of Honor recipient in the Vietnam War.She rescued the crew of an Iranian ship, whose engine and rudder were broken down She also fought some Somali pirates. 
Your federal deficit providing a joy ride !!!! . Don´t worry, if you don´t pay your children will do !!!!
Beautiful! The Ship speed is enough for keep Flag straight!
On the bridge, Star Trek sliding around is going on. :P
Really great photography.
this guy sounds so like Ernie  
I was on this ship in the early 2000s its the hue city cg66 to funny
+Honey Hole Its funny there's always some idiot on YouTube, screaming: God Bless America. Mindlesly parading the flag... God has nothing to do with this murder weapon, let alone with America.
"Life after Death"? Not what I was referring to me boy.
We just wanted you losers to know what keeps us free from asshole like you. You're a LOSER SCUM BAG  That you stupid fuck is the action and look of freedom.
Norfolk? As in the Norfolk shipyard in Virginia? I live close by here!
He sounds like Kermit the Frog
+michael Grantd dude he said fuck yea not fuck you......jez
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This is the USS Gonzalez (DDG-66) it is a Arleigh Burke-class destroyer. You could look it up on google.
+rozel407 Haha don't forget the Marine Corps and USAF!
"Guys did you remember to turn the oven off?"
Its a cruiser not a destroyer. ..
Being in the Navy, that's a Destroyer. On the Burkes, such as this one, the SPY radar arrays point out at 45 degree angles to the bow. On the Ticonderoga cruisers, they point at 90 degrees to the bow and the superstructure and weaponry is totally different (extra 5 inch gun, CIWS, etc.).
+Jesse J I could really use a good laugh.  Tell me you got your ESWS aboard the Hue City.  Please tell me.  I so need a good laugh.  That's the USS Gonzalez, DDG-66.   +Joshua Gathright got it right. 
"Good grief? Is this Charlie Brown in 1952??
That thing has the turning radius of a Navy destroyer
+Rick Hilton Ah, who needs to "read up"?? The 16" guns on the Iowa Class Battleships have been radar guided since WW ll. By mid-war 1942 American Battleships had the most accurate Radar Guided Fire Control Systems in the world. As a matter of fact the mechanical hardware of the guns are so accurate nothing was done to improve them after there 1980's refit! And yes with Mark 8 range keeper's and electromechanical analog computer's the Iowa's could fire accurately on the run.  You know that the Iowa's were also carrying nukes,right? Not capable of it but the Iowa's had nuclear tipped 16"shells. There are also 16" Scramjet shells for the Iowa's that will travel at over mach 7 for a range of over 300 nautical miles.Don't even get me going on Electromagnetic Railguns on the Iowa's!  Modern missile are not designed to penetrate armor either and the Iowa's are loaded with armor plating. After the Iowa's refit in the 1980's they were the most powerful ships afloat!  And don't tell me that aircraft carriers are because an aircraft carrier is nothing without their planes.The former Soviet Union was terrified of the Iowa's because they had no answer for them. Accurate weapons you say? Aside from the 16" guns you apparently didn't know that the Iowa's also carried Tomahawk and Harpoon missiles? Now throw in the Phalanx CIWS system? The Iowa's also have 5" guns that fire quickly and accurately. Those Naval advances you speak of including GPS. I think they were applied in the Iowa's 1980" refit don't ya think?
+lander4545 Thanks, Lander, for your great comments and information. Yes, battleships of the WWII era were awesome weapons with their obvious bristling guns. And, yes, they were upgraded later with improved aiming and other weapons systems. But for economic reasons, the idea of keeping, upgrading and maintaining these ships was scrapped in favor of the smaller and cheaper cruisers and destroyers we have today. Although they don't look as impressive as a battleship, modern warships still pack quite a wallop, and their missiles are accurate, and the 5" gun is an auto-loader and can fire rapidly, and accurately. And, they're upgrading the technology constantly. Laser weaponry is coming to replace the awesome, but unreliable chain guns currently being used for short range defense. I looked up GPS technology and found out that although it was "invented" in the early seventies, it wasn't until the mid eighties that there enough satellites to provide the technology. So, I'm not sure whether that technology was employed at the time when these battleships were being used. I've gotta disagree with you about aircraft carriers, though. With 90 fixed wing planes and helicopters aboard a carrier, these are what makes for an awesome weapon. Even an armored battleship cannot withstand an air attack from these weapons, something that the Japanese had to learn the hard way during WWII. Our carrier based planes sunk nearly all of their navy. Yeah, once all of the planes are launched, the carrier is a "sitting duck," but there are always two fighters sitting on the deck, engines running, and pilots on board, ready to launch in case a plane gets too close. And, carriers have some weapons available for defense as well.
Per Lovgren Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
That is awesome
That is a ship. A ship is occasionally referred to, jokingly, as a boat.
In U.S English language langooge languaage langege, a ship is called boat ;)
Russian Shkval torpedo speed 400-600km/h this obsolete ship will make perfect target :-) 
Russian only got shit and the U.S. is not in the shit business
Imagine if someone just fell overboard.
That's the USS Gonzalez  DDG-66. FAST and very impressive ship.
+TAYDOMONATOR showing off? Really? We would do similar actions in the middle of the pond thousands of miles away from spectators.
but there is no immediate threat
I Russian Oligarch. I want buy ship and female crew members. How much? I also want Eisenhower and female crew members and airplanes. How much also? I have money.
The unedited version shows yet another turn whereas the naval ship rams the boat with corona drinkin' hipsters sinking their sorry ass and sending them into a great white shark migration. Why do they never show us the truth?   
I miss the old navy.
how is that evasive action
+Lee Goins It looks like typical sea trials to me, where the captain puts the ship through it's paces, with hard turns port and starboard, speed runs, and stops from max speed. Maybe the guy who uploaded this video should have named it something different. In any case, thanks for your service!
+Rick Hilton That's my thoughts also Rick. Thanks for making one of the most reasonable comments I have read, you can't make some people understand such simple stuff. As far as my service to our country, no thanks needed...I did it for myself as much as I served for all the others....you're welcome friend.
It's called evasive action because she can turn more than 360 degrees before an anti-ship missile arrives, thus turn to give RAMs and CIWSs optimal firing arcs if air superiority fighters, standard missiles, ESSMs, and ECMs all fail.
Why are there kids on a US aircraft carrier?
It was most likely a tour aboard the aircraft carrier and at sea the destroyer was simply showing its skills.
wow that ship must have power steering make a full speed turn like that great site though
Love my Burkes! We were in the yards with USS Gonzalez DDG-66 in Bath Maine. Plankowner of DDG-70 USS Hopper and I would pay to ride one again. To hell with the 253 Communist that thumbs down this vid.
Somali pirates to the West!  Giddy Up!
That is a us navy destroyer
Really? Didn't notice the American flag on it.
+vl Lucozade lv I'm sure he wasn't pointing out the country, but the type of ship.
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