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Asheville NC High School Ghost Caught on Camera

by Robin Swope • 476,397 views Surveillance video taken early last Friday morning (08/01/08)at Asheville High School shows something strange. School officials aren't sure what it is,...

Ayyyeee I live in Asheville!
Creepy... Listen between 2:09-2:16 it sounds a bit distorted, but like a child's voice screaming!! I can't believe nobody else picked up on this sound.
Are you serious? You do realize that the woman talking at 2:09 was the same one that was in HER OWN HOUSE? Couldn't she just have a kid?
Neat video. I don't believe in ghosts, but I do believe in demons portraying themselves as the spirits of the dead to have others believe in ghosts. This interesting work should reveal the truth about ghosts -
+Patrick Randall Demons exist. Explain incidents of people living in haunted houses being attacked and scratched, sometimes deeply, and in places where they could not possibly have done it to themselves. 
Ghosts/spirits likely exist if demons and God exist. Aliens are not demons, and the spirit of my deceased grandmother/uncle/whoever is not a demon. This is where serious holes start to appear in the Baptist faith. According to their beliefs, if you believe in ghosts you are going to hell. Shit, they believe that if you eat too much at a church bbq then you're going to hell. It's kinda ridiculous.
If you believe in ghosts, you're an idiot.
JON0387 I don't believe in ghosts I know there real... your a freakin moron and a clown shoe
Rubbish. This is caused by a stationary camera with a burned-in image. The "ghost" is merely a person with that burned in image coming through, giving the illusion of translucency. It's easily reproduced with a tripod and editing software. Grow up. 
I go to a school in Iowa and we've heard footsteps and moans through the building.
 Hendersonville NC #AVL #LOCAL #MOVERS #LOVE Asheville NC high school #ghost in #WNC  
John Naylor Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
did they rule out that a bug was flying near the camera? no. fucking idiots.
@abcedy123456 yeaah I reaaaallyy believe that, pff...
ghost do exist i used to see it sitting on the edge of my bed between 3am until 430 am every night. it was of an old lady she didn't do anything
I'm sayin though why it always gotta be black? im tired of the discrimination
I'd say that's a capture or a spirit for sure. At 1:40 as the spirit is exiting to the left side of the screen, you can clealy see it's hand with fingers showing carrying something bent in a half-circle. I think this is a legit capture. I would hope some paranormal group gets permission to work that school at nite and try to grab evp's where this thing has been video'd.
if it took the form of a child then looks like its flying through the area and moving like that, going from big to small, then its probably a demon. They can take the shape and form of any being and even speak in tounges. dont be fooled, its haunted, by the worst of em all.
psh. people just dont have an open mind anymore.
So sick of people saying everything is a bug. Jeez yur the same people that said the world was flat.
You guys do realize paranormal occurinces are real...there are still sooooo mannnnyyyyy things out there that scientist havent even dont say never.
Do not do any harm to a ghost, the ghost will not do harm to you. When you see a ghost, act like you didn't see it& Be normal, and that way it will leave you alone.
It's the old janitor that was about to get his retirement, but they raised the age once again, and that stressed him out so bad that he had a heart attack and died. Now he still roams the school, waiting on his retirement to come. Lol
How come stuff like this that is so vague and not really rock solid proved as a ghost make the news and the paper but stuff like what me and my family have been going through is ignored? I posted some videos on my channel of some of the incidents we experienced. Man this thing was very active where we used to live. Not only that but it seems to have followed us to this new house. All I know is that something invisible moved big furniture around ,hit me and did alot of stuff to annoy us bad!
I go to this school, and my classes are all in the basement, which is where the video was taken. Do I smell a lock-in!?
@abbevillehwy I agree. I believe in the paranormal. My boyfriend dont. His own mom & brother have seen stuff. He still dont believe. Ghost are real. Some of this stuff is fake but there is ALOT of true stuff . Keep on believing.
this video makes me embarassed to be carlolinian, and i bet this news team was fired after this.
@muffinsurfer Not true, bugs appear differently trust me. they're not see through.
I Install CCTV w/ motion sensors and I can insure yall that insects dont set off the systems.
No, the people who kept saying that are all dead by now :)
I used to go to a middle school in the town next to Asheville. Me and a friend of mine saw an apperation in the (empty) health room.
@mikearmz18 youre completely right
@chinchillamelee well youve got a pretty fucked up sense of humor asshole, who would think thats funny?
2 students mutilated bodies were found in a locker after this happened.
@lifelovemusic2009 man whatever u take, dont take it anymore lol... i also see ghost all the time when i am stoned...STRANGE!!
there is so much unkown abtou the gohst world to say one is right is wrong
@m1ghtysauc3 no, only the times when there is no one around and there is a random shadow flying around .... dont know about you but thats not something i see everyday..
asheville high actually is haunted, i live 10 minutes from ash high and my mom went to school there, it was built on an indian burial ground.
the ghost just wants to learn something at school
It's a bug close to the camera so it looks big.... it has the same movements as a bug. I've seen alot of these servalence camera "ghosts" and it really is a bug. Just take another look...
that is one heck of a rigid ghost, or insect crawling on the camera lens
@SilverStrat245 my dad just got a job at the airport there!
I dont think this is fake when I was 7 this is what I saw looking into the window under the house I could not move. there where lots of time that I woke up at night and thought something was starring at me and I could not move. I realy could not move. could someone tell me what was going on in my familys house.
@logandh2 Any retard would know that that was a joke. You sir, don't qualify as a retard. Maybe sub-retard, and that would be generous.
Really? I've seen this so many times and what it is some sort of bug that's so close to the lense of the camera it appears really out of focus. That would definitely trigger the camera to turn on. Could the people of the news not figure this out or even mention that that could be a possibility? *facepalm* Oh, and if you think I'm a big skeptic, I've seen ghost videos on youtube that I DON'T have an explanation for and think that they are a ton more authentic than this BS.
OH SHIT! I live in Asheville lol
@EV1LDRAG0N yeah fuk the narrator....i agree with u
simple the camera had a smudge they need a better custodian
But this boy and 2 girls were playing the piano in the auditorium and a girl (In white) was sitting there, they tried talking to her. she stood up walked twards them then disapeared. I tried to DARE my friends to spend a night. but they all wouldn't LOL But ya. bad stuff in large places.
I wish my school was haunted >.>
@abcedy123456 because it isnt vague... its a fucking dark mass flying around a room... thats pretty conrete. AND it was caught on a security camera... yours was not
Im going there next year. And my dad works there.
Lol I actually might be going to this school if my dad gets the job there!
@JJHdisney Noooobody wants to go to Asheville High... lol (I live in Asheville, but went to a different school)...
Wow! Five different people on your channel! It is good to know that five inbred's sitting on their asses in a gun store, still don't amount to one half wit. A little more time playing on the wc and maybe you will figure out how to make another channel. You five made my day when you actually took time to write a reply to each comment. I bet you guys are just backed up with business.
Ghost do exist i have much much evidence. Paranormal Expert photographer nc investigator
Of course Ghosts are real, they fill every inch of space....I know it....
@muffinsurfer a bug wouldn't cast a shadow or reflection on the area though. Most of the time these things are bugs, like the gas station video from few years ago. Also a bug wouldn't set of the motion alarms. this is interesting but it's not likely a bug.
@EV1LDRAG0N im a physic medium so i know what you mean.
"I ain't afraid a no ghost." LMAO. *sigh* -_-
its either a hippie or a bull dyke
its a moth, or flying bug :) pause at 1:25 and you will notice the antennas and it is in the position with its wings tucked in... you have to look hard, but once you see it it stands out clear as day :)
yea its common you can go on youtube and see a lot of ghosts on tape lol and a lot of other sits to
I would use that as an excuse not to go to school... Is that bad?
My school is haunted, not even joking. a boy named Steve Mckay was strangled in the toilets while fighting with a boy about a girl. it was in the 1990's sometime, the have a memorial stone in the school grounds for him, people have seen him in the toilets standing in front of the mirrors with a tight tie around his neck. And the photo of the boy matches the ghost they saw. I might upload a video about it.
@fullmetal891 Yeah but the shit that happens here is different. IT PICKS up stuff . Moves it around. It hides my things it turns on and off appliances. IT DOES NOT like to be video taped! I tried that and it TOOK my ipod and hid it for two weeks and when I found it it ACTUALLY ERASED ALL my footage and pictures!!! It attacked last night again after a two week lull. Tore up my living room . I am tired of filming the same shit so I stopped. We just ignore it and I pray against it.
Or maybe hear a bump in the night...depends on how busy 'the ghost in the hall' will be.
Asheville Highschool SUCKS!!!!! jus a bunch of dumb thugs!!!!!
My mother went to school here. I will have to let her know about htis one. We believe.
i live in hickory NC and let me tell you that it is hell there, every night i hear gunshot, and one time i went in the woods with my most best friend and we saw somthing, it snowed so it might have been a bird, but anywayyyyy, it was black and small but it was hunched over sorta, my brother was in maryland in a hotel room and he saw a lady in the corner, watching, and he thought he was seeing things, unfortunantly as gullible as i am, i think hes right, ghosts dont exist.
Well, I am a huge believer in ghosts and the paranormal, I am far from a skeptic, but I'm also level headed when it comes to explaining away any and all possibilities of what it could be, and all I see is a bug flying around in front of the camera...say what you want to me, I can't definitely prove that its a bug, I mean I could be wrong, but that's what I see, and as long as that's a possibility, the word "ghost" cannot be thrown around so loosely.
will fuc k u guys... its reall u fuc k haeds
@logandh2 Well that's a compliment coming from you.
We had a haunting at my school. it was in the gym.when the power came back on i had a bruise that looked like someone grabbed my arm as hard as they could. it looked like a hole handprint
Its always so easy to be a skeptic i'm not saying i believe everything i see,am told or hear however i have had many experiences that are unexplainable i am openminded. Being ingnorant i believe is most people's defense to fear of the unknown, ask any skeptic to spend a night in a graveyard alone and they'll refuse..why? if theres no such thing as spirits/ghosts etc why wont they do it? I attended a school where our late art teacher was seen by many and also an Airman from ww2.
Open your eyes along with your minds people...this is no's a shadow figure. Probably someone who died there & doesn't know it. Everyone's an expert debunker since they've seen GH twice on TV these days...oh and parapsychology is a real field of science btw look it up meatheads.
im in hatteras north carolina right now
Ok, it looks like a bug that got on the camera lens. Whether it was big enough to set off the camera, that's a whole new story.
ghost are are real but some people won't accept that fact but there is is stuff in this world.
@muffinsurfer dude its not a bug man. im not the biggest guy on ghosts persay, but that aint a bug. its clear it isnt
I think Santa Claus was spotted once at TC Roberson High School.
@JJHdisney I do go to this school and it really is haunted. One of y friends went into the locker room by herself because she forgot her bookbag and when she opened her locker the lights went off, and she heard her name whispered, and when the lights came back on her locker was slammed shut.
i know wut it is...well, not hard to explain. It is complete nonsense. A totally waste of time.
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