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HOT 97- Angie Martinez Interviews Ja Rule

by HOT 97 • 241,458 views

Angie Martinez Interviews Ja Rule

yea man i remember when he was the shit, the streets were bumpin his shit everyday, and 50 came on and pretty much took him out...i aint gonna dis ja, but i feel bad for him kuz ive never seen any other artist fall of as hard as he did, i honestly thought ja was gonna beat 50, but i guess i was wrong huh
that's messed up how 50 influenced ja's downfall. one day ja is the hottest thing on the radio and the next day he's washed up. it really hip-hop's lost. ja is a true artist. i really feel for him,especially being the artist that he is. i can't believe that people can be that stupid to stop supporting a talent of his magnitude all because of a rap battle.
damn you really ridin for fifty to bad you don't know him :)
hahaha fucked up cuz i kinda wanna see that movie...
Curtis and Ja had beef before they both got record deals. Curtis use the real 50 cent name who died was a drug dealer and had much respect from niggas. Curtis has a contract on him cause of beef with people in Queen Bridge, 40 projects, Bed-Stuy, Red Hook. This bitch Curtis went to jail and was RAPE! Yet he failed to put that on wax but disses niggas when it comes time to put out a new single.
lol angie actin like she don't know that ja been in the game 99-04 really that new york new york shit put him back on top for a lil and ja and jay and dmx are the ones that kept def jam from going under if it wasn't for them def jam would be gone not around any more
Look what happened 2 Cannibus and that nigga ill.
How did 50 fucked him up? Fifty didnt fuck him up the muthafuckin police fucked him up! When 50 was dissin ja, ja was makin hits and he was hot in the game! Then the police fucked murder inc and thats it fuck 50 that nigga thinks he can run trough game and "destroy" careers but he cant!
Karma is a mother isn't. It was Ja Rule that said that 50 was nothing or nobody when Def Jam controlled the radio. Well the moral of this story is don't mess with another man's money. Peace
Ja is not hood O and a really really bad actor he need to stick to his love songs
someone knows the name of the song that comes at the beginning and end
I don't like him because he comes across to me as someone who just tries way to hard to play a part... The best example of it has to be the clap back video lol lmfao thinking about it... just my opinion though
damn dog u r so right.... i never noticed it but ive always hated that nigga plies hes so fake 50 need to shut plies down next i hated plies off the bat i was like THIS NIGGA!
this kat is a artist, do ya history!
yall nedd to shut the fuck up!!man u all bitches n shit!!ja is a legend regardless!!what u mean he looks worn out man he is richer than u will ever be bitches!!he is a good artist and is coming back..go check out his new shit!!called..stacks, then money, then baby..then million dollar chain!!man that shit is tight!!murda 4 life!!
dam 50 really fuck this nigga jah up
this funny to me cuz back then alot of peeps used to say 50 cent was the best and that he was real gangsta shit. i admit feeling his "in da club" shit and hell i even got the get rich or die trying album. But then i heard.."candy shop" and "smile" from him and g unit i was like Wat the fuck didnt he ooh nevamind ..i realized he was a pop artist
Angie is like Ja rule do you know your a loser now?
ja cool.his music dope.kinda of resembles pac
ok, ja rule did stop doing real hardcore hiphop. but if 5.0 cent is gonna do that female collaboration type stuff too, dont knock another artist for doing it and then turn around & do it yourself.50wanted to be ja rule,he attacked him firstly for tring 2 be like pac=50cent make up a story that he got shot 9times, as opposed to 2 pac getting shot 5tmes. 50 pulled a bitch move and copied what ja was doing and tried to kill ja's rep for doing it. thats a bitch move,ja was beter 4 da game than 50 is
yo i feel bad for Ja i mean like all ur fans love you then 50 comes through and everyone hops on the wagon, fuckin gay man
The beef was way before 50 became 50 cent ! We as hip hop fans must keep our minds sharp and our ears open when it comes to these kinds of cobflicts ! 50 was stabbed in a studio(they turn the lights out) by some unknown individuals who were associated with Jarule ! They even beat down and reportly stabbed an intern who had nothing at all to do with what was going on !So lets just say this about 2 men who just dont get along and the other(50) just out smarted another and killed his rap career
Its crazy everybody hated on ja rule when 50 dissed him. But he actually fought 50. Now everyone is defending young buck and he was crying on the phone. So wheres the love for a man who didnt back down?
awh my badd itz a hood lol ethier way nigga still look dumb
U a new cmer and trying to insult already? well here goes. your a swallow spunk from a glory hole, shit eating, cock sucking, pussy eating, jah rule loving, shit mucis liking bitch. now go kill yourself and make your moms happy!
kinda like watchin a ghost rite now...RIP ja and murder inc
u sound like a lil bitch writing racist comments on you tube thats girly shit only lil girls go online and talk shit be a man n quit acting like a lil kid 4real u said what u said now the end of the day your just a cowardly immature bitch like please keep being racist we need people like you to be examples of men acting like bitches n jits so keep saying what u say online cuz i know u wouldnt dare say it 2 ja or 50's face u son of a ugly dumb bitch
game ain't broke he made 20 mill so far i wouldn't call that broke
Ja Rule made some good music in his career. There was no reason for fans of his music to turn their back on him.
this poor guy....the whole world is upset with him and he doesn't even know why.....
cme on stop lyin to urselves, we all kno ja ent comin bak ,he keeps gettin pushed back way further than flo-ridas hair line too
Joel-Rules is a complete faggit and only ever apealed to the little kids. he is bitch made and no one wants to hear from him again..EVER! he is pissed 50 took his style and became richer than least 50 is hard body and prepared to do dirt...i bet who ever likes ja rule is a pussy
Talk about Murda'(Murder), that opening/ending vide that comes on a KILLA!!! That's gotta be one of the smoothest vibes ever made!!! Did anyone hear that? True New York vibe.......and i'm from texas....
the cookie monster is back FLMAO
ja is a legend alright, he will will be when he is gone he will be legendary for for the destruction of his career... 50 on the other hand is a household name at this point black, white,America and abroad, and he will die that way, 50's legacy is already written in stone at this point.... Face fats my brotha
50 fucked up ja's life. i was a fan of ja's but fif tore that ass up!
OK,OK,OK, I have been a Jarule fan and of course i am a 50 AND gUNIT FAN . tO SAY 50 CENT stole his style is crazy and off base . Everybody does female collaboration .and/or slow song pop records. Why, cause thats what creates cross over mainstream appeal . Its the music business and if you want to sell records you have tobe able to make a record that is familiar with what is going on at that time . Now can anyone tell me when was last time b4 50 that jarule did a pure hardcore record ???
I don't feel sorry for this nigga, he slept on 50, and 50 destroyed him, what people fail to realize is that beef sells, but ja felt that he was so big he didn't need to respond to him, WRONG, so wasn't nobody dooped, your time is up retire
@JessikahAznBabyy lol Dave Chappelle "For What Its Worth"
feel bad for ja man hip hop fans can be so annoying and hard to please ol hopping on trends niggas
it aint have nothin to do with singer< his whole carreer he was doin melodys and he was hot<
Ja Rule had anything but a failed career bruh....just check the record sales. 50 was in the right place at the right time. Musically 50 been on the same boat for the last 6 years
rule pussy, 50 to tough for that nigga, he knew that, silly
We can all see that 50 wanted to be like Ja in the first place, he didnt know how to go on about asking Ja to do a track with him he really admires Ja thats why he jacked his style i aint got no respect for 50 coz hes a gimmick & a hater.
Whens The Mirror comin out???
Why does Angie Martinez smile so much when she asks a question? Whether serious or not? She seems so fake to me.
why we never hear about this nigga lol he jzt stay under tha surface... afta dat sht wid 50
Hows that so..... ja aint got no money.... 50 is like the richest in the industry? i think u fucked up son 50 just gave me 50k for typin this!
ja rule AND 50 cent make hip pop, and they BOTH SUCK. they're a pair of top 40 chart, puppets to the almighty dollar that make hollow music for girls to dance to at clubs. WEAK.
rule's such a real dudee, fuck what tha haterrs think er sayy...homie went through alot moree shitt than half tha emcees out therre n he's still sucha humble n positive person..his new album "the mirror" dropz May 6th..gonna be a classic
That was Nov. 13 of 2007. It's 2008 now. The album doesn't have a release date now cuz he's trynna get this Beetles sampled cleared which is what keeps pushing the album back. Keep in mind, albums can only drop on a Tuesday so the Nov. 13 was 2K7. I like his movies though. He's a great actor.
Ja is a legend 50 will never be..
if a rapper (any rapper) says in his lyrics that he killed someone and hes the dopest gangsta on the planet. and i stopped listening to him becuz hes not a real murderer or whatever ....i would have a pretty shitty cd collection.
If Gay Unit Is Gangsta Why The Hell Did 50 Get A Restraint Order Against Ja And His Crew?? Oh Yeah! He Snitched On Them And All Of NY! Yeah Thats Gangster All Right!!!
"you heard that man? 50 really shitted on em" - 50cent backdown
hey Ja, I didn't stop liking you because 50 said to stop liking you, I stopped liking you because 50 pulled your card
I will trust Ja with my shit over 50 anyday. Ja is a good dude, 50 is a backstabbing snake in the grass
u gys r fukin high doe ja a legend in this game 50 CENT is whack...he make more money than ja obviously cuz people dick ride 50 from that beef sitch buut ja the better rapper hands down. like if u agree
man, even i don't love 2pac THAT much haha
What kills me about niggas with ja is that niggas be tryin to act like they never liked this nigga when when ja first came out niggas was "waht would i be with out you" at first then when 50 fake ass came out then niggas wanna switch now niggas be frotin on 50 tryin to act like they never liked him aint that about a bitch?
All of them are the same. NONE of them are "gangsta"...Nobody with assitants, stylists, GQ mag covers wit your tight shirt opened and a tie blowin in the wind(shout to 50) can be gangsta...Gangstas are robbing and killing, not writing songs about robbing and killing. U want real Hip Hop. Peep that T.R.U.T.H promo; it sounds like Hip Hop's coming back.
ja rule feat hussein fatal - the wrap who shot ya boy 3 times? who killed proof nuff said
They hate him cause they are sucking Eminem and 50 cents dick...Ja is a sick rapper and in my oppinion has made WAY better songs then 50....
Yeah our people got beat, killed, whip, chain but guess what Bitch their legacy live on in us and their souls are rich now because we are rich. THINK ABOUT THAT TROLL!!!
Ja was cool its just 50 was better and something new
Ja Rule looks like Stewart Little. Honestly though, if he kept doing what he was doing and ignored 50, he woulda been perfectly fine. I like 50 Cent, but he does what he made fun of Ja for. Ja was hot until he started trying to act gangsta, after the fact he was doing the singing shit. He shoulda ignored 50 and held his ground.
@washn41247 - What song is that, by slum village in the background?
when???????????? album is pushed back a year prob more
they are stupid listen to sunset ja rule ft the game, and 50 is a bitch he didnt kill ja he just got over now ja's back and 50's over SUPREME TEAM
exactlyyyyyyyyyy omfgggg smart ppl one out of a 1010100010101010 omfgg tyyyyyyyyyyy little kids riude 50's dick without researching and murder inc cant say nothin about it cuz feds is all over mann
50 Cent and Eminem murked Ja Rule period, I feel kinda bad but Ja is a man and he can handle himself, I think if he just focuses on rap, he'll definitely be back.
u know ja got bodied when he said "ive put out an album consistently every year since '99" and angies response? "really?.." 0:13 lmao she works at HOt 97 for probably over a decade and she didnt even know that lol
the whole hip hop game gonna be shaken in the end of 2008 when ja and 50 do a track together. both singing and rappin having fun together. I'm see it now as I'm rubbing my crystal ball
as much as ppl hate on ja 50 did turn out to be a rat and he did jack his style
if that the case 50 wanna be pac cuz this fool was acting like pac and dmx
Angie n Ja is big friends man..4 real..Back in da day..Still Love Ja ...Murda/mpire 4 life
lol damn now ya'll stuck wit 50cent bullshit music.
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