BATH SALTS: It's not a fad...It's a NIGHTMARE.

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Bath salts are a non-regulated designer drug comprised of a synthetic cathinone, or amphetamine, that can have dangerous and debilitating effects on those who use them. The adverse health effects...

i hate drugs like this, because people do it then go crazy and eat someones face off, and because of it people dont say "dont do bath salts" or "bath salt usage should be a crime" they say "dont do drugs" and "drug usage should be a crime" so people think that all drugs are bad because horrible drugs like this exist. weed, shrooms, acid, dmt, mdma(not modern molly), there all wonderful drugs that are fun, safe(when used properly and responsibly), and have tons of medical and spiritual benifits. and i hate the people creating and enforcing drug laws too. they see a drug thats fun so they think "well, heroin is fun, weed is fun, heroin is insainly addictive and easy to overdose on, so weed is insainly addictive and easy to overdose on. oh, and it kills brain cells too." thanks to everyone out there who trys to help(not imprison, help) people who made the mistake of doing horrible drugs like heroin and bath salts while leaving people using good drugs alone.
The guy who bit off that guys face was not proven to be on bath salts, its a myth
+joe yudt haha in america the ecstacy pills are not "pure" here in holland the pills are pure and only contain MDMA only less then 1% of pills tested contain other active substances. And believe me most users here test there pills because its free and more save because you know what dose is in those pills and if its pure. I love holland for the easy drug law... I think that MDMA/ecstacy is 1 of the savest drug there is when purely and only MDMA. Even weed can be more dangerous... i knocked out on 1 joint even when i smoke regularly. The doctor saud that they shouldnt be 2 minutes later or i was in a approx. 2 week coma for a low sugar thing xD.
did this make anyone else wanna do some bath salts? dudes bugging the fuck out. i want 
then i hope you got hppd. enjoy.
Will you hear that dubstep music too?
+Kris Tovar so for you will be a vacation, pls go on ;)
wow look at those tits. fuck what was this video about ?
+lifehappens352 So what I'm hearing is that you think it is perfectly acceptable to comment on a young women's breast on a video which is not linked at all but is actually a very serious and educational video, but no, nobody cares I mean there are boobs in it! Yay! So my male self-prejudice ass can help higher the patriarchy in the world by also insulting someone for thinking that I was ever in the wrong for appreciating womens' gifts from god. I'll say good luck to you in finding any self-respecting women who are willing to date you.
+A Fallen Star first off it was a woman not a women..lol 2nd how serious can they be when they make such a comical approach at bath salts. are they dangerous if ingested smoked etc. yes 100 percent but this video does not have all the elements of a serious video.  3rd they took a woman with huge big ol boobies as the actress and im sure it was intentional to grab the general audience from a certain perspective.  4th god is a myth and not  a proved scientific part of life and the fact you believe in magical invisible super powerful entities proves your intellect. some where between a rock and that gunk you find around your eye when you wake up. and 5th women love jerky men. which i am and always have been. i get plenty of attention. i can count on the majority of my free play by that very fact so suck on an exhaust pipe. 
I had a bad trip from psilocyben mushrooms. Let me just tell you, you need a strong mind to ride that shit out. Trust me on that.
This is why we should legalize LSD and drugs with better safety profiles
Any drug that induces a pleasurable sensation will take more away from you than it gives you in the short term if you keep taking it. My advice to anyone is just don't do them, you'll thank yourself one day - but if you do, make sure you know exactly what you're taking, otherwise it's Russian roulette. I used to think all drugs were great when I was young and stupid and then I saw my girlfriend take some bad acid which caused her to pass out and go into convulsions. It left her scarred for months afterwards. After that I decided hard drugs are a bullshit waste of time. Even weed, as innocuous as it is, can leave you with an addiction that will last you for years.
+rachael kite You're right, LSD can't cause those reactions which is the point I'm making - what ever it was she took, it wasn't just LSD, it was mixed with some other toxic shit. That's the risk you take with stuff made in back yard labs. As for weed, I didn't say it was physically addictive. Habit forming / addictive, whatever term you want to use, if you smoke it every day, you're addicted. If your bag runs out and you immediately start asking where you can score more from, you're addicted. There are worse things you can do for sure but if you say it's not addictive then you're fooling yourself.
That girls titties were fire lmaoo
I saw a patient who came in on bath salts; it took six people to restrain him and a triple dose of Haldol to calm him down. Terrifying to watch. No, not everyone has the same reaction to every drug, but for pity's sake - what is the point?!? You can NOT know in advance how you will react. You CAN'T. Also, you can't possibly know the exact ingredients, purity, etc. of what you're taking. You're betting your life and the lives of those around you on the reputation of...who? I know, someone is going to be tempted to say the same thing about pharmaceutical companies. But they are profit-motivated, right? They want money, not lawsuits. Bath salts, like so many other things, has effects (some long-term, some unseen) that are as yet unknown. I'm sure many will dismiss every warning here. Why? Because they want to do what they want to do, and assume that the bad stuff will not happen to them. I wish you luck, because that's what you're depending on.
The Navy speaking against amphetamine? Oh god, that's rich.  Anyways, you shouldn't do any euphoriants, stimulants or hallucinogens if you're in a bad state of mind. Dose, set and setting are key if you want to avoid bad experiences.
well that was awesome, im going to go try some now so i can download the mp3 to my hard drive.
Well watching this video made me actually want to do them.. Then I remembered Bath salts are what made that guy eat some other guys face so no..
1:11 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA but seriously bath salts are awesome.  i free base a gallon of them a day
His girlfriend looked hot
bullshit...i was on bath salts for 4 months hard.. staying up seven days sleeping 3 hours and starting all over again.. i was never violent, i was never none of those things they portray.. alcohol is way worse than bath salts
Seriously I do not advise the use of bath salts.  However I will say that this video is so fucking stupid.  It is such a misrepresentation of what the drug actually does to you.  It creates an incredibly empathetic feeling, is energetic and makes socialization and bonding a much deeper experience.  However, it is dangerous in that it is incredibly addicting. Pucking from using bath salts is incredibly rare, "seeing" things like peoples faces turn into demons would only happen because of sleep deprivation (like a week of no sleep), not the drug.  But this could happen completely sober and sleep deprived.  On the real I think facts and harm reduction are much more effective than blatant lies such as these videos.  I would rather be told the truth than lied to "for my own good."
never heard of Logic, I will have to check him out
I recommend u listen to his mix tapes before u listen his album.
Ah yes, nothing says "don't do this" like some hip dubstep.
For all those wondering, the song is calles Split Personality by Amphibious Zoo DJ Crew.
To sum it up while on bath salts you will enjoy nature so much it will make you puke, engage in various sports, your girlfriend will complain, your roommate will make weird faces and you'll notice boogers in doctors and all this while an awesome soundtrack is playing in your head. 
The navy officer appears to be high on bath salts.
This LT has a smaller rack than a booter... It'd be hard to respect a superior who hasn't done shit with his Naval career
The navy doesn't give a shit if we use this stuff. Why would it have been legal if they cared so much and then they made it illegal and posted this video...Illuminati will ruin this world
I love the part when he decks that bitch! LOL.
Bath salts are fun, just like a lot of drugs.. Just don't get addicted :)
its the same as being a heroin junkie
We watched this in health class
What a load of shit. I'm not condoning drug use but anybody who has actually experienced any mephedrone knows it's nothing like this.  I would describe it as similar to ecstasy without the hallucinogenic properties.  
Whats up with the music? It would have had a lot more impact without the music trying to turn it into some kind of "chill ass" music video.
I think they used it to make it more intense like to make it seem like you know what's going on in his body
this makes me want to do bath salts not avoid they shouldnt have put awesome music when he was high
Will someone tell me the name of this song?
It's called Split Personalities by Amphibious Zoo
Wow Kid, this is army freakibg army They wont be so stupid seriously I think you better think before posting
another product of the hopeless 'drug war'  funny how the most destructive drugs are always the legal ones... whether it be this shit or prescription painkillers 
2:38 lmao they stick bath salts up their butt? Even I wouldn't do that!
pervert pete(lol nice name) do you even know what orally mean, i don't think you do. Anal is in the butt and oral is in the mouth ahahaha. come on dude how did you not know that.  do you really think people stick things up there butt to get high off of drugs, maybe to get drunk off of beer but no dude. know what shit means before you post dumb shit.
I was not expecting to see you here.
Just rail more lines until the snipers go away. hahahaha
this is what pretty much happen to me I watched this video did some and went nuts this video saved my life!
And yet Pot is still illegal... 
+BubbleRap64 thats what he is saying so get your head staright
Fuck that shit actually fuck all drugs
wow what ever happened to drinking a six pack????!!! geesh!
I know a cure ... how to get people never to take bath salts.... Just show them a video of LT George Loeffler and tell the drug user to be that this man will spend the next year close with you if you ever touch bath salts.
1:17 Ursa from Dota 2 sounds
thats a big ass line.
So if I snort a mysterious powder I got in the mail today, I would hear awesome techno music in every day life and get to slap my bitch girlfriend AND fight dragons? What's bad about this?
If you take bath salts you're the biggest fucking tool ever. I hope your heart stops if you do.
I have done shrooms once and also smoked weed once. those were the worst mistakes of my life and bathsalts are way worse
+TSgameable shrooms are recreational though. you must have had a bad trip or something. 
I did literally like a baby dose of bath salts once... and thought I was gonna die from a heart attack for 2 hours lol
What if these drugs actually make us see the truth. Like, everyone else is blind to stuff like that and people who use the drugs are seeing it. Sounds crazy but is just a thought that crossed my mind.
Basically, when you take bath salts, your Asian friends turn to demons
Schools everywhere need to show this
Okay this makes bath salts look amazing.
The doctor is mixing up some terms here. Amphetamine psychosis and Schizophrenia are NOT the same thing. They used to be treated the same way since they couldn't tell the difference but they are definitely not the same. Psychosis is temporary. Schizophrenia will last a life time and no one knows the cause.
Of course they're not the same. One is genetic, the other is artificial. Still the mechanisms that cause the paranoia and hallucinations are essentially the same in both as both are most likely the result of excessive levels of dopamine. Also the symptoms of amphetamine psychosis are not always temporary.
Im not sure if your just trying to argue with me of if you seem to be missing the greater point of my comment. Yes, amphetamine psychosis may be permanent but those are in VERY rare cases. The prognosis for Schizophrenia is much more bleak as it is a life long condition. Having a similar metabolic mechanism doesn't make them the same either. If that were the case, you would see MANY more schizophrenics. Just sayin... 
What isvthatvsong
Lol... he was high then sniffed bath salts
as if the bowling alleys in San Diego or Norfolk are ever that empty
This reminds me of that old school song by Prodigy called Smack my B Up.
just by watching this video i feel like im on bath salts
That's the downside of banning all the other drugs. The war on drugs is a waste of money.
They are ment to fail
even better the alabama man gesture after
Not gonna lie, 1:22 scared my tits off xDD
Wonder how much they paid Nicholas Cage to make this video???
Really!? "make themselves schizophrenic"  How offensive towards a population suffering with mental disorder can one be?  A real doctor would know the difference between a bath salts high and schizophrenia, and also have the common decency not to relate them simply because the laymen eye sees similarities. 
see kids never do BATH SALT IDIOTS!!!!!!
i was watching videos on hookah, how the fuck did i get here
Isn't bath salts something you put in a bath to make it more relaxing
Bath salts is just the street name for the drug.
Wow, thank you for showing me how bath salts work and what the effects are! They look awesome! I might need to try this someday. thanks!
+Jose Cortez I don't know if it's that bad... just made me thi k afterwards for a while I am the all seeing eye; like "wtf are all my surroundings fake?" this was not to scary, but it's like I'm travelled to a more free wold now... probably just an illusion. Feel better afterwards than before I tripped also. So all is good now. I just really literally thought I was the all seeing eye; the last blink of a dead guys eye and I had come to realize this and I could make everything possible in movie scenes, very interesting; the video's are still in my youtube history and they look the same. but it's true u need a good environment but also I felt Relatively okay the whole trip; I've had worse; one time was really really bad but that's about 2 years ago and thats history now for me.
+greatwhitsharkfriend That was a good story bro. Man, Thats very weird, Never had that happen to me.
Don't do drugs, 'cuz drugs are bad, and if you do drugs you're bad, so don't do drugs, 'cuz drugs are bad..
The Navy could advance it's cause further if it dropped the hysterical lies and gross medical distortions presented herein.
You mean like they did with cannabis in the 30's?
Am the only one who felt bad for the girlfriend?
This makes me want to do bath salts. Mission accomplished guys
who does bath salts to go bowling with the lady friend anyway?
Who does bath salts anyway?
+mossy1  yeah sometimes common sense aint that common.
They showed us this at civil air patrol encampment
wooooahh she got wacked.
"Days or even weeks after the last time they used bath salts, that paranoia, those beliefs that there are these evil things out in the world after them...those stick around." This is more than chemicals.
Soy Sauce is real.
I'm having CHEST PAINS!
1:22 = Dota's Ursa ROAR !!
I think this video is really good
it raises awareness
I used to be on Seroquel XR, which was also prescribed to soldiers for PTSD. The nightmares I had were WAYYY worse than this silly shit. Look how her eyes rolled back into her head like Lilith from Supernatural. Cool shit.
They need to not use dubstep though, it's kind've annoying haha.
and also GODDAMN that punch too
Stick to weed kids....atleast pot makes you happier
They showed us this at civil air patrol encampment
Propaganda? I bet this is as close to a representation they can get. Bath salts drove several people mad enough to EAT OTHER PEOPLES FACES OFF. If anything, this doesn't even show how bad it really is...
HAA ya it's his ulti 'Enrage' sound
Now I don't have to spend money on it, I can go on a virtual tour! All jokes aside.. It would seem interesting to take for the fear and the wonder of the high. It could be compared to seeing a horror movie in real live, only 100x scarier and would feel realistic - obviously. The only drawback is how others would think of you and of course the end result - your mental health..
this is obviously based off enter the void 
I thought it was funny that it came in a container of actual bath salts
oh god the meth analog was cut with dubstep!!!!11111 21
Damn, this drug looks pretty cool.
All the hallucinations n such must only happen if you do huuuge lines of the shit.
people just stick with marijuana it doesn't  screw you up much 
actually not at all.
+Jose Cortez lol altering your neurochemistry in any way has an effect man, don't be naive.  THC mimicks the neurotransmitter anandamide.  You wouldn't feel high if it didn't change your brains function and eventually its structure
2:00 "I'm gonna jab this needle in him, wait let me go slow"
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