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Fast Food Lasagna - Epic Meal Time

by Epic Meal Time • 25,196,437 views

MAKE A MEAL WITH US & ARNOLD!!!! LIKE/FAV We got 45 burgers, a whole bunch of liquor and bacon.... this is Fast Food Lasagna. Buy TSHIRTS!! Click Here!...

that looks fucking good omg i'm hungry
yes i would eat that like there is no tomorrow
never made 15 burgers? try 114 burgers at Hungry Jacks! I had to do that in the morning and it took like 3 hours!
Hahahahaha, you commenters are funny. P1: This is why Americans are fat. P2: They are Canadians flippin' idiot. P1: Canada is in America. P3: No Canada is in North America. America alone is not a continent. P2: Thanks for the geography lesson a**hat. P3: What would you rather call people who live in the US? United States of Americans? Citizens of the US? US-ers? Come on people. No need to get butthurt because people who live in the US are referred to as Americans even though the continent is call NORTH America. If you feel left out.....then move to the US and become a citizen so you can be called an American.
Do you believe all of us are idiots? The MAJORITY are...I believe I have no more to say.
Man I would sell my soul for 20 baconators 20 whoppers 20 thick burgers 20 quarter pounders with cheese and 20 chicken bacon ranch subs from subway
I would do some pretty regrettable things for all that
Meanwhile in Africa...
Who gives a shit about Africa? It's like trying to help a kid with terminal cancer. 
+Claudio Gaete not even i am but thats probably because im poor :)
+mac kiatsupaibul when this was made they were in Canada.
If you want that just watch the Epic Meal Empire Thanksgiving special to the end. Harley gets shirtless.
I love the fast food but that 's why most american people look so fat and not so healthy.
+Brian Geary What kind of answer was that? I don't understand what you are trying to say.
It's not lot every American in the world it's one of those whole things a day asshole
A rusty hook might be healthier.
And a hook has not fat
Am I the only one who feels really sick after watching this video?
No, I have wanted to vomit
"how much big-macs?" I am sorry, do you haves the english?
Omg that is so unhealthy
+Nuudom Translation - "No Shit Sherlock!"
Like if your watching in 2015
Who cares if its unhealthy? This would be the way I'd like to die. On delicious america sandwiches.
I swear on every epic meal time video someone has to say something about Africa. You should make an "African lasagna" it could have antelope, dirt, & Ebola in it. 😊😁
I gurantee they're all stoned.
I don't know why but that looks delicious! XD
I thought they weren't allowed to give out Big Mac sauce. How'd you do it?
+Tungatz D'Law You can't buy something that they're not allowed to sell. Maybe the employees were new and didn't know.
Diabetes in a nutshell :)
I think you mean heartburn
loading the "think about the kids in africa" comments..
I remember back in the good old days of YouTube when people didnt give a fuck about Africa, and all that shit. Everything people says now is just "Meanwhile in Africa" and "People in Africa could have eaten that"....Bullshit...
I miss this episode format!
I want to know where they get all this money from for this crazy food they make! Like srsly
once upon a time epic meal time was epic....
Dave's eating without fork and knife. I don't know what to think of that.
Adriano Peixe Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Lasanha de Hamburguer!!!! Um dia eu quero comer isso!!!
one portion of that is what i eat in one month lol
More like a fast food casserole than a lasagna...
never made 15 burgers? 7pm mcdonalds. 
4:30 - насколько же дэбильное ебало у АМЕРИКИ)))))
I am the only drooling like a baby?
Is it a party or... no! loolloll lmao
Ehhhh. I been lookin at ur vids for like 3 yrs now. Hahaha, ya'll dont look so energetic and healthy anymore!!  Esp aviators :( This must have cost ya like $1300 (Canadian $$)  my guess
What are they doing with the leftovers? I hope they don't throw them in the trash...
They give it to friends or people who need a meal :)
you're rich to spend your money in this way lol
he makes way more money then what he spends.
This is gastrointestinal holocaust
Is no one going to mention that one girl who knew who they were lol
I just gained 10kilos just by watching this video 👍
the burgers still had vegetable xD
Canada is in North America, The United States is in North America. Americans live in the US. Canadians live in Canada. Of course Canadians can live in the US and Americans in Canada
That looks amazing. The residents at my group home have just been given the option to cook once a week, and I think that's what I'm going to make.
Harley Morenstein looked like a Canadian caveman at the start. And, I dunno why I started giggling at this? :-D
buscaros un trabajo,vagos
this is the epic meal time i know and love. the new stuff isnt as funny
did i just get diabetes from watching this
How many animals do you think died for this thing? Wait, how many animal do you think have died throughout the course of this show?
Any noticed shy glizzy law 3 mixtape intro
이런 새끼들은 쳐죽여야지 기아에 허덕이는 사람들이 얼마나 많은데 먹는걸로 장난질이야 양아치같은 새끼들...
thats a lot of bacon....BAAAACON!
"How much big macs?" LOL
Who put this bowl of onions in front of me?? I'm not crying over how good this looks.
Did anyone else notice that Harley has a bacon wallet.
meanwhile in Africa...- Nice video i loved it :D x
We tried a customized version of this and it was awesome - Bacon for Life! <3
This is disgusting, he eats a lot of crap and all of his Videos are about wasting food.
No cows or pigs were harmed...
Except, like 47. Give or take a few.
Man they look drunk and high as fuck
What do they do with all the left over food?
This guy is kinda rude to people
OMG There is salad inside Big Mac, Im shocked!
I think they're soooo fucking drunk lol funny as shit :p
Imagine a world where eating more food makes you lose weight. Lmao
Remember when there was muscles glasses. And when EMT was funny and interesting...
I was eating lasagna while watching this...
Sad thing is, I don't have an A&W where I live anymore.
is it me or has epic meal lost its charm 
hehehe pozdro z polski
they eat so much but they are so thin
This is what fast food beauty looks like... 
The lady is all like lettuce is good😇... "No it's not"😑😹
Kind of want to throw up now... :o
i eat that 3 time per day sorry per hour sorry again per second
Here you go 0,4 Cents. GG man!
I would totally eat that
when they were beardless
They were so high lol
That luked fuckin lush
I'm said that it took 24,932,663 views for me to see this
That is badass profile pic you got there!
+TheEnterestingEnderman something like 7 years later and cobra decepticon is still my favorite :)
lol to all the people saying America is a continent... America is not a continent. North America, Central America, and South America are continents. All of which have completely different people, language and culture. America alone is used when referring to the USA.
I wonder if they are incredibly stoned and drunk to do this challenge.
Its not a challenge
+Moi Kaimann I beg to differ. It may not be an official challenge, but it must be challenging to fit all that food in their mouth.
U mad vegan? Deal with it, fuck the cows!
What's the point of all this? It's ugly to watch this video and watch his face. He can't even talk like a human :/ Ugly
The point of the video isn't his face its the food they r making I'd like to see u do that
 actually im very open minded, but i just dont understand how people watch this, it just doesnt make sence
That Lasagna looks like it could feed a family of 10 for a week.
-But lettuce is good. "No it's not."        hahahaha wow nice one
Iceberg lettuce is actually bad for you, lol.
My animatronic heart hurts.
How does this fucking shit have a fandom.
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