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by SLAPskateboardmag • 76,186 views

Skate sTreat.

Best one. There needs to be more of these !
I love the sound of skateboarding.
favorite SanFran treat for sure, loved the song choice!
The song's name is Luk Tung Klong Yao
these videos always have the best songs
Also is that Christian Willis at 1:56?
I love these videos from San Francisco Style ! From Brazil
SLAP you're fucking killing it lately
will someone please tell me where 0:38 !!!!!!!!!!!
because theyre already at the bottom of the hill
my homeboy can do the trick at 0:38, but regular :-0
Really really skillful. I'd break so many legs trying that. Well done.
Hey bud can i get the name of the music which played at the end-end of the video please?
Couldn't do these tricks on skate 3
Well these transplants are better than the hipsters and yuppies, approved, continue
varial - 5.0 - 180 out. Was titties!
everyting about dat was so fucking DOPE!!!!!
awesome skating,awesome filming. brilliant video!
Happy GSD 2012 !! Go shredd!!
These are more than a treat for me, they are dessert.
This was awesome! Good editing, good skate and fucking good vibes! Cheers from Stockholm, Sweden.
its gold its gold its golddddddddddddd
That last part look like the TL fountain....its murder vid!
If I was that good I would never quit skating. I would skate forever haha
Dear Slap, Please make a DVD with all the NY and SF montages on it.
the switch heel over the six to the fuck off bank at 1.17... epic.
the whole video part, i didn't see 1 simple 360 flip -___-
Haha I was talking about the way the video was filmed. Of course The SF Treat videos are in HD. I, personally, have always been a fan of SD footage. Especially Vx1/Mk1. So, when I see an extremely well filmed video, in HD, then I can appreciate it because I don't usually think HD looks this good. Btw, thanks for reminding me I have one of the top rated comments!
the hd filming surprised me this time. dope.
Wtf why dont i see these guys at Street League there boss
that last spot looks like so much fun
yo baby I'm good at belly dance..!!
nice! u guys should come to nyc n make a video here
You know its ilegal to skate in san francisco right?
makes me want to play skate again
its cool than runs are back and its not about endless stairs and rails anymore. Great skating and cool music
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