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Spy Talk (Sponsored)

by CollegeHumor • 175,779 views

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The dude is just over flowing with emotion.
Why is everyone argueing on like every video i watch!!
DAWW WOOK AT DA DWIDDLE TWOLL DWONT YEW JUST WANNA PANCH HIS WIDDLE TWOLL CHEEWKS, Seriously dude you might wanna see someone about that anger management There clearly is something wrong with you is you enjoy people not liking you.I suggest you do see someone about this problem of your's before that ugly gob you Lick your moms tits with gets you stabbed.or even better Just killed.
I actually don't know. I get into YouTube arguments for fun
Mine is read-able by normal people, unlike yours..
god they are always sponderd by prius c
i dont think that guy had a sense of humor.
who spilled ketchup on the like bar? Oh wait it was me
The guy sounds so bored..........
as a homosexual i find the word faggot offensive so your right
*show comment* *show comment* *show comment* *show comment* *show comment* *show comment* congrats, you have now reached the moon.
That Prius in the beginning look weird..
This guy is so boring that its funny
no seriously what on earth were you trying to say there, and you cant isult anybody about grammar when yours is so horrible
i said your aan asshole or are you too retarded to read? and i am eagerly waiting for you to kill me with your training skills. and just wondering how many top soldiers are into minecraft and have time to argue over the internet? i bet they all do.
Right... well I it looks like everyone else thinks your stupid
Lol, your such a hypocrite, saying that other people shouldn't make assumptions about you, yet it's ok for you to make the assumption that he is a "faggot"
Oh now your just being cute See you say "YOU DONT KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME"...Well sir what do you know about me?
I feel like this guy is too much of a man to be on this show.
sorry i don't get what you are trying to tell me :(
I don't really see how I have dissed myself, or how I am a retard. So far, you are the one whose arguments have gone against your own words. Your comments so far point out that your logic is incorrect and so are your social skills, so I'm guessing you are more retarded than I am.
If you were smarter and cooler then why would everyone thing your the idiot?
Now your just yelling at someone trying to help you
The PI kind of reminds me of Papa Burch...
"that just called walking down stairs" "ok"
hahaha "with his assumptions"? your the one that start assuming shit you dumb fuck
50cents a mile is normal charge for tax write off for a business. now i think its up to 55
Uhm... I'm pretty sure that you assumed him envisioning dicks and being a faggot. And also, the correct grammar is: you're an idiot. Kinda makes you seem like an idiot.
So u have a SPY on the show...Smart
he reminds me of milton from office space
Ahhh! there are too many "Show The Comments" does this conversation ever end??
This is more awkward than the entire awkward rap...
not funny, just....not funny sry
What are you trying to succeed here? Make everyone hate you?
when the prius drove in... yea, thats its top speed haha
Because he has 0 videos and his only subscriber is a fake account made by him.
It's ok, no one will make fun of you for your mental state. Retarded fucks aren't funny. By the way, can you actually spell? Or is your mind just challenged? If you're going to insult someone, at least spell correctly. How I read your comment: "hurr durr, retard faggot, nothing wroong with me, harry potter, hurr durr, fuck, cuz u whe;d;kj aldk instlk adnsk im fucking retarded hurr durr"
you're a complete idiot. i can't believe people still fall for copypasta...
Hahaha, you muppet. Rage at me please, i need some entertainment
well i have climb down stairs...
Just to put it on the record, Harry Potters fucking awesome.
Youtube: the place where shit escalates to a ridiculous degree for literally no reason. Ahh...good times.
no my friend I HATE GAYS, wahaha nigga
Well yes he is very grumpy. He doesn't believe in God because God created him using Troll parts..
Shut the fuck up and watch the video.
And I didn't saying anything about them investigating government information....I said what government would authorise the investigation of someone's personal information,
I dislike the promotion of Proust in the actual conversation
@Kevin2000S i have my doubts...
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