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Parcour The Art Of Motion

by Skuff TV • 193,799 views

Mad scenes as the world's best parkour and freerunning athletes bounce, dive and roll across rooftops on the spectacular Greek island, Santorini.

The way Bboying evolved is the same. There are those who bboy for themselves, and those who breakdance to show off. It will allways be like that. What's important is that things we do fill our souls and make us happy and proud of what we do, it's just stupid to argue about it...
That womans nose is not NATURAL!!!!!!
Agreed, but it's still also a skill one has, so there is nothing wrong with being proud and showing off your skills, aslong you won't devaluate others enjoying the same thing :D
Yeh fuck red bull and its product placement, exploiting parkour to make cash. This is exactly what david belle didnt want. they make it look like skateboardin wtf.
This is not Parkour nor Freerunning.
No way they really have parkour events now?!
parkcore and free running came before freeriding
what about it? how did that flip make him encounter the stairs faster?
@xPark0ur i have to agree with the dude, free running has alot of style to it, parkour is the core of all free running, but they are separate things, yes free running comes from human creativity, but parkour came first from nothing as they say to something worthwhile, i bboy and i gotta say that if ur running from police or trying to save ur life, dont do a flip unless its a last shot at something and u have no more options, free running is the stylization for the media (entertainment)
True, practicing flips would be great for body control and shouldn't be completely neglected, but for the sake of getting from one place to another efficiently it doesn't serve any advantage. If you're concerned about efficiency like me than it seems like a trick more than anything.
1:26 i wonder what that guys thinking when he's on the phone haha!
Acrobatics consists of mainly within a gymnasium and sprung floors and completely planned, Parkour is moving from one place to another via fastest means possible, Freerunning is combining the tricking element into it, so technically this is Parkour and Freerunning, i could go into more detail, but next time keep your negative views to yourself cause many people love this stuff and don't want to hear you opinion...
I think it should be more about getting to one point as fast as possible. not flipping on everything you come across
how is it not for show? they do epic flips because of their religion?
@damnationessable i have to agree with you :)
WTF?! Freerunning doesn't exist? THIS ^ is freerunning. As you called it 'acrobatics' but in urban environment.
ive never heard of parkour before.........but lady, this place built for it
@PKSN14rasmus Look, I understand your point. It is valid that one should not "pigeonhole" these things. They are linked. BUT, you have to remember they are different things. What you think, and what is right, are two different things. As people have said before, yes, keep the faith of the "Art of Motion", but you wouldn't use your argument with anything else? Like I said before, if I was holding a pear, just because you believe its an apple, doesn't make it an apple. You can believe it, though.
oh and very impressive tricks ! :o and nice job for the video ! Représente la France :p 02:50
I could never do this but its still awesome to watch!
@hunkydunky1 Well i just guess that we have to different views on parkour. The thing is that everybody see's it differently.. That does create alot of confusion around theese things, so i have just come to the conclusion that in terms of this stuff, that are this closely related, then whatever you feel/think you do when you do it, then thats what you do..
parkour- Get your way to point a to point b as fast as possible freerunning-tricks style
Some times I think to myself.... Why aren't these guy's in the olympics...
@hunkydunky1 And if it is as you say, then i see no reason at all to keep the things seperated. It's just weird, since ALMOST everybody who does "parkour" also does at least a little bit "freerunning"
Free running and parkour are different but i combine these lifestyles so it becomes: Free parkour(ing) :P
When it becomes sponsored by Redbull, then it becomes a show.
Got to agree you don't learn parkour you live it!
αντε ρε ελλαδαρα.παντου σε βλεπουμε :)...guys..santorini is a great island..and i dont even know how the choose it o.O
He's right, parkour is not for show...... There's people that "parkour" aka do 30feet drops "for girls"... And then there's intelligent people that have trained for years, and gets laughed about not doing high drops.
While this does not conform to the discipline of parkour, freerunning is real (at least a founder of parkour, Sebastien Foucan, thinks so), it is simply put into a competitive environment in this case.
actually i did not disliked .. but i dont like parkour being battle ..any way i love it it was just a joke
most of the flips and tricks slow you down
2:46 This guy is a monkey PARKOUR COOL event parkour , too many people
@PedicPranks Lool .. you dont care what Chase Armitage says about it ? o.O hes a judge you idiot omg. He knows about it more than you ever will. And no I'm not an 11 year old indian kid o.O Am European haha and it seems to me I know a hell lot more about parkour than you do, and i do it <3 . Anyhoe it seems to me your missin the point of parkour, like having respect for nature, and others since your insulting me here just cause i proved Red bull's events arent competitive.. ( owned again? )
your wrong freerunning is not a slang word for parkour freerunning evolved form parkour.
So this place was made for parkour but noone there knew what it was cool :D
Everyone knows that the best traceurs dont compete in these competitions...
Don't use "larg words" you might hurt his brain...Let me mak ethis easy for everyone: Freerunning - getting from point A to point B as fast as possible. Parkour - getting from point A to B any way possible/stylishly.
The art of motion wasn't a Competition about who is better then who it was about who's style matched the environment better if you change the environment you will get a different winner every time and this isnt Parkour this is Freerunning Creative movement other then being Efficient like Parkour is about but still this was never a comp to see whos better then who the people who hosted AOM knows that we are all family and that its not a competition
@DarrenTimcoe Here in Brazil, people invaded the art of motion because of that, I don't know if that's cool, but it was kind of fun to watch, and it didn't harm the event itself because of that. But it's something to think, and help Red Bull to help traceurs. It must be nice work training, maybe better than not participating in any sort of competition, and do parkour only on weekends...
Parkour isnt about doing tricks or showing of its about physical and mental abilities based in focus and hard training! Thats from the Greek!!!
@DarrenTimcoe I agree with it not being strictly parkour; that's simply the uploader's fault for naming the video that way. However, it's the Red Bull Art of Motion competition, not the art of parkour, or the art of freerunning. It's extremely accurate to what it's designed to be, a competition for both traceurs and freerunners alike. Red Bull isn't destroying anything though, they're promoting what us traceurs and freerunners love to do and it is a positive experience for everyone.
parkour - fastest way to get from point A to point B passing obstacles on way you're running / escaping
Awesome! This makes me look so, so bad!
Sorry dude, it's the other way around :P Parkour (sometimes abbreviated to PK), or l'art du déplacement (the art of movement)
the "flip" or whatever at 2:18 is just so fucking sick! :D
The people who said this isn't free running nor park our r just stupid. And by the way thats a free running/park our Mecca!!!
am I the only one that think art of motion is a shit? this is competition, parkour and free running never have been competition, these disciplines are for yourself, it´s not used for win another persons
i dont see a diffference in either at alll there the exact same to me
Sorry vladane, ali ovo nije plain acrobatics. Nemoj vredjas ljude koji se bave akrobatikom sa ovim doskocima xD
@PedicPranks it suprises me that you differ parkour from freerunning because in the end noone is doing only one thing, its always mixed. About the redbull. I dont know how they are destroying it if they are making it more known, because as already said the competitions arent about winning but creating a living, breathing community that enjoys their life. I see nothing destructive in bringing people to one spot and make a video about it o.O They are all enjoyin it, and thats what this is about :)
does anyone know who that monkey guy is from 2:45? He has a cool style :)
I agree in some parts but I think that parkour can't be a competitive sport?
danny mackaskill should be here :)
skuff tv. represtenting and filming youtube since......
This is true, but they are still very similar. Usually if you do parkour, your also freerunning. The way I think of it is, Parkour is a philosophy and way of life, freerunning is just a sport.
More like art if favs who cant afford bikes
Yeah Freerunning is a lot more about style and tricks, while when doing parkour it's more about getting from A to B the fastest
may u right ... i dont care i love my life ... cartweel hmm i can ;D
David Belle himself said "I don't mind if people try more freestyle forms of parkour. thats their style. its not mine but i don't mind" the guy who started parkour endorses this form of movement mate so relax. free-running is a derivitive of parkour that has more flare thats the only difference
Well obviously enough, if you want to be completely shortsighted about the history of all this , simply don't read my comments. In fact, don't read anything and watch enormous jumps and flips! /sarcasmend
1:30 , sweden !! :D , and we have the same lastname !! ;DD
@MrShizNipz U mad bro u jealous cuz u cant do this ???
esos k vienen de la luna o algo así xk bamos no es normal lo k saltan k cracks!...
False Parkour is getting from point A to point B as fast as possible Free running is doing what ever the fuck you want do to the nature of it's freedom
This aint parkour, this is freerunning.
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