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The Top 10 Zelda Items

by ZeldaInformer • 355,139 views

The top ten items from The Legend of Zelda series! (as of 2010) This list was compiled based on staff votes at

Dude! Good list Here's mine! I know, you're so interested... ;) 1) double clawshot 2) beetle 3) ocarina 4) bow and bomb arrow 5) bottle 6) bunny mask 7) Cane of Somaria (so useful when no blocks around) 8) Spinner (useless but damn that thing was fun) 9) the ball and chain (no bombs? No problem! Fuck you Stalfos! Fuck you Redead! Fuck you everybody I'm wrecking you all!!!!) 10) let's wrap this up with another homage to the greatest Zelda item ever, the claw/hook/whatever shot. Honestly it earned two spots.
my favorite item will always be the hookshot, and my favorite version of that is the DOUBLE CLAWSHOT! 
It sounded like you were taking a shit through out the video.. and, not trying to be rude but you actually sounded constipated. At the end of every sentence it's like you were pushing out a tough one.
Only Zelda could make you wanna jump for joy for getting a damn bottle!!
My favorite item: The Master Sword.
Lens of truth ar missing :S
oh, god that voice... It made click away.. da fuck is dat shiT?
Hookshot should be #1
and two three four and five
Dude at 5:13 you said pink they are yellow
I think he meant the inside of the ears
i feel like im going to be molested by this guy because of his voice...
Yea, he sounds like he is about to have an orgasm lol
Majoras mask is by far the best game in the series. So much more emotion and so much deeper meaning. I love it.
Ocarina blazed the trail for it's 3D followers but honestly Majora's Mask took Ocarina and busted it up, flipped it inside out, gave it a hearty dose of what the fuck and scared the shit out of grown men
That makes it amazing.
Why isn't the fierce deities mask #1
because its fkin cheat.staying in a corner, Z-targeting and pressing B all the time...
really... the ability to jump is the best item.....ok cocks gun
I love this guys voice, so comforting
What is the one that had the tingle guy
This guy sounds a little like he's trying to be the honest trailers guy...
that shity ass spinner
Spinner was fun as hell. It was awesome and took skill to use, go back and practice like a good little gamer.
+Mande Peer finally someone with common sense 
This is just a massive pile og horse Sh**. 
Why isn't the Light Arrow on the list?  It destroys AND erases the entirety of most enemies.
Isn't it a one time use game ender arrow?
+Mande Peer No in Wind Waker, Link has plenty of them.
I'm satisfied but I thought the Fierce Deity's Mask would be top 1 because it's so op!!
Says: Grappling Hook... Shows: Hookshot
the 1 should be the mater sword 
It's no better than the master sword from a link to the past.
why would a sword that a deku stick can match up to and a bigger sword can beat be #1?
Bombchu isn't a play on Choo choo train. "Chu" is the japanese word for "mouse" So the name in japanese is "bomb mouse" or "mouse bomb". 
the roc's cape is in hyrule warirs
+Ruben Mendez  You and me both, though I'm sure it will be, we get an "open world" apparently, which'll be interesting
How come the master sword wasn't on the list :(
because a stick is just as powerful as it.
>Not waiting for Skyward Sword to be released. >Including something from Spirit Tracks. Nope. Not watching this.
you're saying that that useless cape is number 1 and the beetle is numb. 10??? a freakin flying robot beetle is the most amazing thing I ever seen on zelda dammit!!
+gskaloyan  Chu is not the Japanese word for mouse. It's 「鼠」 (Nazumi)
I would say the Master Sword is the number one item in the whole Zelda series.  It's iconic and something you have to achieve throughout gameplay.  Nothing gives me a greater feeling while playing Zelda than obtaining the Master Sword.
I would say the hookshot (specifically the double clawshot) is the number one item in the whole Zelda series. It's iconic and something you have to achieve through out gameplay. Nothing gives me a greater feeling while playing Zelda than latching on to things with my double clawshot.
dat  sexy deep voice
I love the Grappling Hook. :D 
Okay bro a word of advice have fun with this video make jokes laugh cuss do all that don't just sit there with a boring ass voice and read from a card
everyone knows that bottels are number 1
what is wrong with his voice :S 
Roc's Cape appared for the first time in the zelda's oracle series, and you can combine them with pegasus boots!
i feel like this guy is trying to sound like batman, especially at 6:25
I dont know why but your voice at times reminded me of Itachis voice from the english dub of naruto
+William Johnson Mine is different from yours though. I plan on trying to make lets plays or whatever you might call them in the future. I edited the Press Start to say Press play for awesomeness.
I dont hear the resemblance 
the roc's cape is the same as the roc's feather, now finish a zelda master sword without, hookshot, fairies to heal pots to store, ocarina in some, seems more impossible task than lack of roc 's cape.
I can picture Mikau playing any DragonForce song on that fish skeleton guitar of his. :)
The "chu" part of Bombchu isn't like a choo choo train.  "Chu" is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound a mouse makes, and Bombchus look like mice.  In Majora's Mask those mice with bombs on their tails are actually real Bombchus.  
Also, does anyone else think it sounds like this guy is getting off to talking about Zelda items?
i today was playing the twilight princess and the game made a huge show about this skeleton and he didnt even get one hit in when i took out my bow and arrow modified with bombs so as soon as the battle started it ended in one shot at point-blank range. and i didn't even take any damage from the explosion.
Zelda: the only modern adventure game with no jump button. His favorite item? The one that gives you a jump button. -.-
It is awesome, but not as awesome as ages switch hook!
ALL The ITEMS SUCK - I Miss BUYING My KEYS in the NES Version. *!^_^!* - Stack up on rupees Buy those Keys - <3 - I also miss the CLOCKS that STOP Time in the NES and also i miss MEAT Chunk and also the Latter ! I ams a TRUE Blue Zelda fan - the NEW age stuff Kinda loses the true feelings of the classic - that i do feel Nintendo is very guilty of , forgetting alot of the great glories of the first Zelda game ever made.
Bombchu is named like that not because of chu-chu trains but becuse chu is the noise that a mouse makes in japan
what about the invisable cape from a link to the past?
Well he could've said roc's feather as well but whatever :-P
I could make my own video for you...? And not comment.
It seems like Alec Baldwin is narrating this video. And, I will also agree. Roc Cape. Just no.
-However SkyGirl does Fancy the Oracle Gameboy games Rings most of all. (Like regenerating hearts one while walking or something.) Loved the Blue or RED magic rings in Old NES zelda - Link is harder to KILL hit near end, but still vulnerable if not careful.
i think I'm in the wrong series...
i think it doesn't count as a item more than a wepon idk
Really guys? you haven't heard about the Roc Feather (Roc Cape in MC) before??
Sounds too much like an essay
By the way, I am pretty sure Rocs Cape doesnt exist in Links Awakening (playing this game again These days) probably meant Oracle of Seasons?!
Correction, Bombchu is not a play on choo choo train, it makes use of the japanese word for mouse, and has no connection with the american vernacular.
diddi2 agree that tp has perfect amount of dungeons. And diddi thinks the game is perfect itself. Minish Cap to the great diddi was overrated. Link's Awakening he enjoyed very much.
This guy's voice: Adam West x Morgan Freeman
My favourite item would have to be bombs. You can do so much with them, including some really fun and useful glitches.
This guys voice and pacing is so creepy!
The enthusiasm is...just....beaming.....yeah.-_-
I made a loooong backstory and depicted the Fierce Deity. My friend knows I'm a writer and I love to write so he put me up to the task, the whole thing takes up two and a half pages on Word and the backstory tells how the three Goddesses were bored and lonely, so they used the last piece of their triangle to create him before creating the world. That's all I'll reveal for now.
You didn't even include the boomerang from Link's Awakening? That has to be the most powerful item in any Zelda game!
#1 is obvi the Ocarina of Time duhhhhhh
This guy speaks as if he were holding a funeral speech...
What is up with the narration.. Come on man..
I loved his voice, it was really..Relaxing!!!Nice list by the way!!!(I havent played ST yet but this Rod makes me think of really difficult puzzles!!)!!
The master sword should have been number 1
okay a few are good number 5 bunny hood really I know kinda good but mostly usless worse top 10 ever bored
No bow? The weapon that uses fire, ice, and light arrows?
-Lolz, .. Can't make me bro.' *You have no power over SkySerpentGirl - you have the chi of a dead raccoon.'
lol ! roc's cape more useful in oracle of seasons!
its funny how i said you wasnt a true zelda fan, then i check my inbox a month later and i have this huge freakin comment of you dissing on me. you said i eat anything nintendo craps out and yet zelda is the only game nintendo made that i take the time to play. also why would i need nintendos crap to keep me running when i play xbox and playstation. (i play computer to but thats not really a game system)
I miss the Master Sword. Seriously the most important item in all Zelda games. And what about the Triforce?
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