Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart race up & down the court!

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Check out the race between quarters at the Celebrity Game as actor/comedian Kevin Hart challenged Olympic Gold Medalist & fastest man alive Usain Bolt to a race up and down the court! In an...

The only reason why Usain lost is because the ball wouldn't catch up to him
For those who say Bolt let him win, think again. If you play basketball, you know how difficult it is for a non-player to dribble the ball at a high speed, it takes a level of ball handling that Bolt doesn't have. Hart isn't a pro, but he has good enough ball control and he's relatively quick, that's why he won.
don't listen to the comments, you ARE right dude, trying to run the fastest you can to beat someones while dribbling the ball every step or two. Is hard for a non-player. I will agree with the comment who said they were just chillin, and playin around, but you're also correct.
Its because he was hanging on the rim for too long
when Kevin says "get out the way!" I always crack up lol
you can clearly tell usain wasn't actually trying hard to win. Its just  for shits n giggles n people in the comment section are just having a field day with this
And the new fastest man in America, Kevin Hart.
Anyone else notice usain bolt bumping kevins ball out from under the net before it scored at the end, so kevin never won aha
Is that stuart scott setting next to Usain bolt? I thought he was dead
yeah, that's him. But this video was posted almost 2 years ago. 
cheatin ass nigga say it with ya chest
lmfao @ people here in comments taking this seriously.  Like wow..
IM DEAAADDD he said MOVE OUT THE WAY... nigga. 
Kevin harte cheated
Yo get out the way nigga
damn he looks so fucking short :P
Rip Stuart Scott....
R.I.P Stuart Scott
Where was Kevin?  I didn't even notice him.  We have here the fastest athlete the world has ever seen.  All my focus was only on Bolt.
That Kevin Hart seems to be the fastest man in the world from what I just saw
you can´t notice him, he´s like half a foot tall. kevin speedy gonzalez, andale!
Bolt barely jumped to dunk that
Does anybody realize us son never played basketball before and dunked an nba goal 😂
Hes 6'5 and works his legs more than any NBA player..of course he can dunk.
Yeah..I noticed him on the bench.
Would have been so much better if Lebron was there instead of someone no one knows LOL
+Peter Barta yes your his nephew, and im the fucking president.
+hayden ilyas wow its an honor meeting you Mr. Obama
His short ass took off
little motherfucker
Kevin didn't make it! What dumb asses.
You just went full retard
Kevin Hart is hilarious
bolt plays basketball?
It was the all star celebrity game.. as why Kevin Hart was playing
Kevin hart won cuzzz he cheated and was traveling hard
This is so much more fun to see than posterizing dunks :D
Lol didnt know bolt could dunk
you gonna learn today lol
usain bolt obviously wasn't running his fastest
wow is the fast man alive with kevin hart tht good
He was walking in the end
He traveled do hard at the end
Kevin traveled at the end
Kevin Hart with that false start cheese.
GET OUT THE WAY nigga!!!
sry YouTube, but f**your Commercials, really, honsestly. I've now seen 5 different Commercials because i had to refresh the site 4 times to still dont have it working, my YouTube got much slower,the video-size adjustment got crappy, useless automatic Quality adjustment??? and i sh* on all those "subscribe" Buttons and side Infos during a Video, Seriously,why?
It's the 21'st century, use AdBlock you noob
thanks charan. You are such a world saver :)
this dwarf made too much steps. not regular :D he didnt win
Kevin Hart is actually pretty fast lol even though he cheated.
"Get out the way...nigga
your just anger becuz kevin heart are betterer.
Usain Bolt was just having fun.
IT'S CALLED A JOKE. Idiots on these youtube comments think this is real
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ウサイン・ボルトのダンク・・・笑 さらにドリブルが何気にうまいことと、5回くらいでシュートまでいってるという。
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says the guy who plays fantasy soccer. You actually have to be athletic to play ball
Say wow one more time motherfucker ,I dare I FCKING DOUBLE DARE ..
I sound mad? You can't even hear me. Maybe I *seem* mad, but I'm not :)
Did he say no get out the way nigga?
You're the one who was freaking out about Kevin Hart "cheating." Calm YOURSELF.
I honestly don't really give a damn if you said something racist because unlike popular belief, i am not affected by what any random has to say as "an insult" to me over the internet. I don't consider myself lucky either.
O:20 kevin hart says get out the way nigga
damn nigger can i still say nigger if i'm not nigger myself?
Yeah... and Kevin used 5 dribbles on the way back. What's ur point?
you can tell kevin hart is fast because hes short so chill out
i rekon usain bolt may of one if he didn't hang on the rim, but it was a cool race
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