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Day Two-Three of Khaotic Kon (Team Four Star Panel)

by SkullBoySnafu • 38,887 views

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Hey bro (Portugal/Naota guy) Oh wait, we share a channel Something tells me it's dis-guy-uh but I don't know.
god that girl with the pink hair is so damn hot
Why are there so many nerds? ;ss
You've probably already got the answer, but if you go to your channel's page, there should be a notice about uploading videos longer then 15 minutes. If you click it, they'll ask you for your cellphone number and they'll send you a code to input. Do that and your set.
"I'm recording this guys phone, Whats wrong with me" Bahahaha..... That was funny!
hey to answer your question: after about 60 videos I had my videos enabled up to 15 minutes plus was probably lower then 60 though. anyway hope that helps a little
What was the picture!!!?? I wanna know!
This was the best birthday present ever, I have my signatures hanging on my wall <3 I want to see them agaaaiiiinn XC
Thanks for sharing! I loved the part when Taka sang I'm sexy and I know it in Nappa's voice!
its pronounced dis ge pre gaaaa!
I was at Aki-con and Taka was there and I asked him a disturbingly hilarious question "If Nappa had sex how would he do it and what would he sound like?" Made the entire room laugh thee ass off... Sad thing is i'm not really social when it comes to being in a huge room with people and talking out loud, so i'm proud of my self for doing that cause that was awesome! :D
i was there but i had to leave early before the pannel started :(
You don't happen to have the part of the panel where Taka gets the baguette?
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Can't hear most of hwat is being said, especially the panel. I appreciate the attempt, but please invest in a better mic.
i want the girl with pink hair in the front row!
man if i was there i would ask them to say NERDS!!
*I meant they, them... >_> Was so caught up i forgot i wasnt commenting to them...
Does anyone know if Lani met Chris Sabat? And if so did anyone record it?
3:48 I'm the girl with the red scarf on her head.
i wish i could have gone to this :( thank you for posting this!
LOL You were sitting behind my friend Luis (red cap) for the entire panel...
Did anyone ask if their going to re-do EVERY episode of DBZ? And every movie too? Or what?
I like team four star but those dudes in the crowd are just screaming like if they are gods or something.WoW he likes the same stuff as I SO COOL Its kinda lame how people tend to be fanboys
He was making a teamfourstar joke, not being a dick.
the pink girl dont show anything so you can pass this vid
Team Four Star favorited this video!
hahaha three lolz at the darth vader
how many women does he have to pay for sex aloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot
Like this if TFS's like brought you here.
anybody else unable to take your eyes of the yoko cosplay haha ;)
that was great, the most important moment when team four star was goin to show a clip and this guy completely ruined it. Nice Job
watching these things makes me so uncomfortable... like sitting in anime club when my ex used to force me... -_-
I hope you know every guy watching this is oogling you
I assume the girl with the red hair is cosplaying Yoko. WHERE'S THE ASSAULT RIFLE?
sir, i hate you. you just had to cut it off right before the episode started didn't you? Toy'in with my emotions.
it could have been great if there were subtitles or good audio quallity.
Yoko cosplay...FAP FAP FAP FAP (MEGUSTA)
Oh. Eh, since you had a perfect match of the anime, I'ma sub you =]
look at that fat bitch up front
Guys Where's Bleedman and tell him if he is a Real Pinoy
dos kaiser say ok Lyoko at aeound 2:46 as in Code lyoko
ok team four star is a fucking big thing now then they are not that funny
This video was recorded with a potato.
DX WHY WHY WHYYY... Could you not have come to Metrocon instead of Khaotic!!! It kills me that you guys were only a 20 min drive from my house and I had to work all damn weekend of Khaotic Con because I decided to only request off for Metro... DX why could I have not found out sooner you were going! Or called in sick!. ...Stupid Circle K! >_<
that chick cosplaying as yoko was fucking HOT
i had to sit there and turn my volume up and down cuz of the screaming
00:30 YOKO LITTNER red hair girl really hot and stuff! MUST TRACK DOWN AND FIND!
I wish I did, that was really funny, I was only able to upload this much to youtube :< I'd surf around for more footage, other people had cameras. Sorry my footage is so crappy.
You may be more nerdy for replying to my comment... What a youtube scrandom.
i will only like this one because of the "portugal" hat
my rifle is on the ground cus i didnt want it in peoples way :P IM the yoko
"Something-something-something, random voice from the show-WHUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!1" RIP headphone users :(
so SkullBoySnafu how does it feel to have teamfourstar favorite your video
my eardrum! (full volume with earphone.)
i thought it was funny in the 18+ plus where sum1 asked the tfs members the question fetishes and takahata101 bolted out the room
Too bad you yelled like an excited little girl you cant hear what they said that was show stopping.
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