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Trad,....dedicated to my youth, bro Jp Stingray, Doc watson, Johnny Cash, Kis Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, David. A Coe, Townes v. Zandt, blues bros & sis on youtube, all the folks I've met on...

who is the man WaYn i love this song mate and you certainly put your classic touch mate brilliant great peace and yes the 4 fingers will shine on this one .peace man .yogster.
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hi bro man i love this song,remember may many moons ago you learned me how to play this song. it seems so easy now but man got my fingers bleeding on it but i did managed,thanks again bro for that. its a song about a life, being on the road being somwhere,Mom will love it bro,thanks for uploading. JP
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Wow Bro Wayn perfect cover man one of the best covers of this great old song that I have ever heard great my friend thank you from Phil .
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I love this song one of my favorites! Great performance Wayn and thanks for posting it!! Greetzzz Fonz
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