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by grav3yardgirl • 172,561 views

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Comment if you're watching this in 2015 xD
No (This is a joke) P.s. I'm watching this in 2019 yes I am a UNICORN WHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA
can you do one for bound flats 
Do you ever just look at your old videos? Lol
I'm watching in 2015 cool dude
Why don't you just remove the strap and bring it to a more comfortable spot.
That was what I was thinking too
I am watching it on 2015 and go creepers
Her eyes are perfect <3
Simon, is that you? How's Alvin and Theodore?! :'D
Your baby toe is trying to escape!!  Jeffrey Campbell is awesome, but he also made some flats that my baby toes escaped from .......  perhaps he has a very long baby toe and simply does not understand.  He is still AweSOME
Omg when you jumped and said danger I almost died lol, you are so funny and awesome you make my day :)
simple fix for baby toe wear sheer nude tights or skin tone ones will solve that baby toe problem
I don't know, maybe you could show glue another black strap where you think the strap should be and add some studs to match the shoe, but it's up to you. I love creepers lol!
Super glue the strap back a lil bit I would fk $200 I'd make it work lol
IT WONT WORK!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡
Lol it's not my fault u decided to cut supexpencive shoes try sewing it it might be noticeable but only by u n don't say u can't I bet there is a little give by the padding for the foot u will need a thimable were there is a will there is a way and if I spent that much on foot were I'd mk it work lol obviously Jeffery Campbell fastned the strip there some how u can also take it to some one who fixes shoes explaine that u want the strap moved back a little bit and they can fix it
foarte frumoasä  si sandalele
I loves when Bunny "animates" her voice !!
Sometimes I wish I could wear heels.. But I have children size feet and my ankle cracks every time I try walking in them :/
Your ankle CRACKS?! Oh my god I hope you mean 'crack' as in the sound knuckles make when you crack them because if your ankles FRACTURE when you wear heels, you need to get that checked out omfg
Yeh no, like a knuckle.. But they grind to
Give it back, pinkie toes must not be sacrificed!
I love the shoes... But I feel like that's just one strap, and you could maybe bring them to some professional something or another to get that adjusted. If you can do that, then definitely keep them. Because those are damn sexy.
your analogy of the shoes to a hot guy sounded like a song x)
U should get a bigger pair
No the toe strap is missed placed
Gorgeous heels, wish I could wear stuff like that!
I ordered a pair of these and sent them back the same day. Horrible
Ahh I would wear a 5 I want those gator stomper XD all opinions taken the pinky toe thing might be a no for me
It seems that she has some kind of trouble with every pair of shoes she orders. Poor Bunny
Keep them just because their so cool.  Their a piece of art.  and or wear tattoo nylons to keep the toes together.
If anything i would get The creepers instead.
You should just do a giveaway with the shoes
Maybe wear them with tights I'm sure that will keep the baby toe in place (=^v°=)
I do think the shoes look amazing, but I know I would hate the strap - I've had shoes with iffy toe straps in the past and I ended up with nasty blisters on my pinky toe. Not worth it. If they can be altered professionally they'd be worth hanging on to, but otherwise say bye bye! What did you do in the end, keep or get rid?
BUNNY! You should do a Jeffery Canmpbell giveaway! I'd LOVE to try to win something! ;3
Whatts her instagram??
If you're any good with shoes you could move the strap to fit your foot, i know i have a lot of friends who have done things like that and it's worked really well or you could take it to a person who is good with shoes.
Oh wow the shoe is gorgeous
she seems very clam not a bad thing just saying
Hi sole creepers! That way you still get the height and comfort, These just don't look worth the trouble girl :(
...literally half an inch would be perfection!!!!
i just wanna say that your style is awsome !!!!!! and i love your look !!!!!
I wonder if you could have taken them to a shoe repairer to fix strap
I hope you didnt keep those...they're cute but that pinky toe action aint where its at
It was really helpfull thank you thank you thank you !
I think you should follow your heart and if you want to keep them then do.if I was you and my pinky toe was hanging out I would probably return them
wow those are really cute. most the shoes u get would be considered out of the "norm", tho i will say you wear all of your shoes like they were an extension of your body they always are spectacular on you i know i could not pull it off but anyway. most of the shoes you get arent really something id choose but these are pretty hot what a sham i would def return other wise they will just sit in your closet, i have stuff like that.
What colour and brands your lipstick? it's amazing on you!
You could go to a tailor or whatever those guys are called who fix shoes and get them to move the strap, I don' think it would be that expensive.
Those are my favorite shoes I've seen on you so far... it sucks that they didn't work out
Danger! I think I'll do it a second time. Extra Danger! Lol
It's weird how much you've changed in the space of a year!
yes it is! lol she has an outfit of the day video featuring the dress =0)
It's a shame that your pinky was being murdered :/ they looked lovely on you
I dont unterstand are they true to size or not ? (sorry im german)
Theyre the sex. But if theyre uncomfortable get em fixed or send them back!!
what is the eyeshadow you are wearing in this video bunny?
Just walk in them around your house. If you have a treadmill at your house, just walk on that while your watching TV. That's what I do when I get a new pair. It gets you used to wearing them and breaks them in.
Those are cool shoes but not worth keeping if pinky toe mangling/breakage imminent. If you did keep them and you want to wear them without toe damage tape pinky toe to 4th toe with black pvc or vinyl tape (dancer trick). Keeps your toe from falling out and actually improves your balance.
shopwasteland . com That's why you always google things
That is the weirdest strap placement ever!!
I have these and i wanna wear them to prom but i dont have much experience wearing heels. How can i perfect my walk in these?
They look sooooo pretty on you:O It's a shame that the toe part is so messed up..
don't watch the video bitch what the sam heck is your problem
"theres no room for the baby toe" ahhhhhhhhh hahahahaha so funny
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