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'WALL-E' review by Michael Phillips

by Chicago Tribune • 102,085 views

An animated space adventure featuring WALL-E, the last robot on Earth.

"it's not perfect"? What do you mean it's not perfect?! God damn movie critics always trying to sound smarter then the rest of humanity. This movie is flawless!
It amazes me more and more of how so many "Educated" people can be so severely duped into loving a movie because it is aesthetically fantastic. Watch the movie again, and this time pay attention to the plot a little bit more, and see what it is telling both kids and adults. Admire it for its artistic value, and creativity, but mark it for what it is. Regardless of your political affiliation, this movie is pure and simply propaganda.
I saw this movie today it fuckin kicked ass. 4/4 stars.
It's NOT perfect? How could it have been better?
I think it's sad for the people reading this comment who haven't watched this movie yet. ;_;
its actually really good so go crawl back into your anti-jew sphicter and its also got a really good meaning so shut the F@&* UP
this movie was so good 1000000000000000000000000000000000000/10 wall-e is so cool
wall-e rules!!! 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999!!!!
To all of you saying "5 stars, not 4!", a movie rating is only out of 4 stars, so it would be impossible for it to get a 5. He gave it a perfect rating, so stop complaining.
Wall-e was awesome! It's amazing how pixar can keep coming up with original, entertaining movies!
I saw more emotion coming from those two robots than I have from most actors in romantic movie scenes (they certainly out-acted anakin and padme from star wars)... fantasic job by the animators!!!
Actually, I hate to burst your bubble, but Wall-E is NOT a childrens movie. It's rated G, but it is a movie for all ages, not just for children. The emotions run deeper then most kids can comprehend, which makes it so beautiful.
this fucker tell all the movie
A computer-generated kids movie about robots also just happens to be one of the greatest love stories ever told. Who knew?
i kind of liked how the contact sort of sparked Wall-e's memory. The sad ending would have been great as well, but the ending they went with was definately more child-friendly. Plus I think it sort of captured the idea of hope that the movie seemed to be going for.
Vamos assistir Wall e gente.Este é simplesmente a melhor animação de todos os tempos .Genial e perfeito. Imperdível.100000...
yeah there is but u understand it by just the actions and eyes so trust me you want to see it
@legocontrollerjr It isn't shit, I just personally didn't like it, unfortunately.
It was rubbish i left the cinema early ahha waste of money.
There is much truth to what you are saying, however I believe you are missing a fundamental truth about the very idea of storytelling. From the most primitive tribal cultures to the modern world of today, every storyteller has used their stories to convey a feeling and/or a message that they feel is worth conveying. What matters is how you yourself interpret those feelings and ideas. You may watch this film and see it as critical of humanity and technology, but I see the other side of it:
imo best "american made" disney animated movie. better than toy story 3.
Dude, you're retarded. Some people like the movie, some don't. Calm the fuck down.
it's a smart animation. you can say it's an eye opener of what could happen due to an advance in technology.
It would be interesting to see Wall-E not remember and just go on his way, but the current ending IS better. Do you really want to leave the movie theater feeling like you could kill yourself? I don't think so. And yes, the sad ending would be like the Lion King all over again, where the dad dies and the children cry. I know my sister did when she saw it. Ran out saying 'You can't kill the daddy! You can't!!'
im 13 this movie is really cute and funny. a good break from watching die hard or transformers and action movies. im a guy and im not gay. my favorite animated movie ever.
I like how it showed what could become of people with the advance of their technology coupled with their own laziness. "We have a jogging track?"
awesome animated movie, I like it
@1533Montaigne was hast du den für ein problem ich fand den film gut ich denke du hast so ein hass auf die amerikaner das du alle us filme haßt schaue dir dochmal deutsche filme an langweilig und öde
wall-e is the best movie ever!!! 10/5
I agree Has anyone seen Michael Phillips and Michael Phelps in the same place? Coincidence? I think NOT!
i heard they actually used some live action in this film, cool!
i never seen a good ass movie like dis one dis is da shit !!
...produce an emotional rather than rational response to the information presented. The desired result is a change of the cognitive narrative of the subject in the target audience to further a political agenda.
"Not perfect"? Best. Movie. EVER! Prove me wrong, people.
This film is also supportive of technology, after all, the main character is a product of the technological age. I believe the underlying message of this film is to remind everyone that there is beauty in even the smallest things in life, and to show that we must never be too distracted by our gadgets and gizmos that we forget what truly makes life worth living: the human spirit. If we do not take care of ourselves and our home, we lose that which makes life worth living. Is that a bad moral?
Lol that was disappointing, I seriously thought the title read "'WALL-E' review by Michael Phelps"
Yep its absolutly a masterpiece! Its sooooooooooooooooooo great!!! Don't no what the max. rate could have been I would have given it without hesitation anything else would be wrong!
Funny, I thought the first part of the movie was the best. Seeing how Wall-e spent all that time alone with his little quirks like the way he collected stuff and his pet really makes you fall in love with him. It was all good though. It's basically a love story so if you don't like that then you're not going to like the movie.
Wall-e made me cry...... Enough said.
I love Eve,its my favorite character.
It probably will, just because it's a Batman film... I mean, my sister says it's THE best Batman film yet, but the problem is, is that it's too violent for kids 13 and under.
yeah it does.. then eve began what wall e has done to her like in beginning all over again..
Propaganda is a concerted set of messages aimed at influencing the opinions or behaviors of large numbers of people. As opposed to impartially providing information, propaganda in its most basic sense presents information in order to influence its audience. Propaganda often presents facts selectively (thus lying by omission) to encourage a particular synthesis, or gives loaded messages in order to....
You mean FIVE stars, right?
wall-e was even better than finding nemo! wall-e's cute!
That's kind of the point of the movie. It's showing an exaggerated human evolution. (Not in a bad way) Wall-E (the robot) is supposed to be the last trace of anything humane, as portrayed by his liking of specific objects, the music, and especially love. Pixar does it again :D
Like it is possible to define Love, can you actually put in words what you really and fully feel? Can you? Wall-e Rocks!
JuSt saw thiz movie today i think thiz is the best movie yet i loved the movie, dont care what anybody said about this movie it was tight
this film has got to be one of the greatest of animation films made! if your an animation geek like me you'll realise what a breakthrough it really is, with the crazy crazy crazy amounts of detail! and the new live action style of filming with the brilliant natural camera-man like shots and the awesome play on focusing and light. not to mention the dust particles and the garbage, and all the mechanics of everything robotic! oh and the epic storyline and the huge personalities from wall e! 6stars
Perfect is opinion, however being a masterpiece is not.
As a Browncoat, a Fan of Joss Whedon's "Firefly" and "Serenity", I found a lot to love in WALL*E. The CGI effects are very similar to the ground-breaking way Firefly was filmed; The Hand-held Camera Effect, catching the shot late or slightly off-kilter, adjusting focus late (the shopping cart scene)... all Firefly/Serenity techniques. And the plot! "Earth that was could not sustain us, we were so messy" lol. And... "Have you ever BEEN with a warrior woman?" lol. All familiar to Firefly Fans. :o)
Ratotoulle was a good movie, I will admit, but the whole Linguini being a 'love-child' was a bit too mature, and just threw a stone in the smooth ride I was having. I still love that movie, though.
which is about 70% of Batman's viewer base. But I am totally going to see that movie. btw WALL-E is awesome.
Wall-E was a really good movie, but Toy Story and A Bug's Life are still the best Pixar films!
I'm 18 and I liked the movie, but i wouldn't rate it though, its not the same feeling to watch a movie than when you were a kid. So my judgement may be a little off
Charlie Chaplain's longest film was less than an hour long. WALL-E would be a good movie if it was shorter (like the magician short before the movie), but the cute romantic comedy shtick wore thin half-way through the movie.
I took my kids last night to see wall-E, and they aren't taumatized by the ending, it has a happy one by the way. They loved the movie. Good job Pixar.
Great movie. The musical score and visuals match perfectly. Very well executed and deeply moving. I was "whoa'd" by The Dark Knight. I was moved by this. 10/10
That's a very good explanation for any negative reviews this movie gets, in addition to the knee-jerk conservatives who seem to be looking for things to hate. I'm a right-wing conservative who wishes I could vote for Bush for a 3rd term and I loved WALL-E because it's a brilliant use of the cinematic artform starring lovable robotic characters who capture the most simple, profound aspects of human emotion in ingenious ways.
This is the best movie i've ever seen. Amazing, beautiful, good movie. Machines emotions, mimics and gesticulation make the heroes alive so you don't interpret them like it's a robots. It's alive creatures with the soul. This is a great movie. Thanks every man who did it! :)
That's Johnny 5's great-grandson! :p Seriously, it's a pity they're remaking both Short Circuit AND Robocop in 2010.
I've liked almost all computer animated fims I've seen, but I thought Wall-e was among the best. Wall-eeeee...Ev-aaaaa!
isn't that what i it,understand it and then comment back,u give it 4 1/2,i give it 5 and no need to swear
wow... way to give away the whole movie with your summary. I mean... all the suspense and mystery they spent the time to set up about what's gonna happen... you just destroyed....
i know they won't because its animated but Wall-e should definately get best picture. i haven't seen Dark Knight yet but i bet it can't beat Wall-e.
OMG!!!! This is one of the best movies in HISTORY! I loved it!
I fucking loved this movie i dont care what anyone said.
what an amazing film. definitely the best film pixar has yet to release. the animation was absolutely beautiful...
That's actually not true. Many film critics, if pressed, will admit what movie they deep down believe is absolutely perfect.
Hey! Hey Tscat! I bet you think you're smart by pretending to hate the movie! Hey guess what!!! You wanna know what? You're not.
Pixar has outdone themselves once again. I swear they could make a movie about a leaf and i would go and see it without a doubt in my mind that i am going to enjoy the movie XD I would give Wall-E 6/5 stars.
i love wall e. it is one of my top five favorite movies ever. the others are lion king, remember the titans, finding nemo, and toy story
Wall-E and Eve became one of my all-time favorite movie couples. That movie was amazing. Don't blame Stanton if the scenario for his robot made you all think he was trying to force environmental issues down your throat. It was just the setting for his robot, that's all. If he'd really wanted to push that, he'd have made the humans the villains.
@mar10ssj1 guys. when will you learn that there are only 4 stars. 4 stars is the highest, not 5.
The problem is, is that Wall-E is better then any film that will be created for years to come. Of course, if Pixar makes another film, that'll be a different story. But most films created are all about sex, and that isn't enjoyable. Not one bit.
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