Film Clip: Pixar's 'The Blue Umbrella'

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Pixar's newest short film, "The Blue Umbrella," is due out in June. Amidst the rain in a singing city, two umbrellas - one blue, one not - fall eternally in love. Courtesy Pixar Animation Studios....

plzzzz give me link for download
Pixar can make any two inanimate objects fall in love.
the water and umbrellas look ridiculously real. 
It's not as good as paperman in my opinion, but it's still adorable. 
Everyone have been like "oh this is the best pixar short clip ever!" And I thought something more would happend between them umbrellas
This is not a full version.
just waiting for this to be uploaded to youtube.. saw it already but I want to see it again
You can find it on putlocker.com i watched it yesterday. Where can i find more animated movies like this one?
+LemonScissors  Eh. YouTube is the only place I would know to look
Like, really? Cuuuuuute :3
Just for this clip, I am gonna rate it 10/10 and this short movie is WAY better than monsters university so it felt like I paid to watch this movie instead
I love this short film because of the animation and the music :) it's not pixar's best, obviously, (it didn't get nominated for an oscar), but it's still ridiculously cute. And, I thought, way better than the feature presentation (monsters university).
Claudio Mendoza Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
The Blue Umbrella [2013] En medio de la lluvia en una ciudad cantante, dos paraguas - uno azul, otro no - se enamoran eternamente.  .
Nita Tacchino Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
♥ Anything More To say ♥ ♥
Jerome Locson Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Saw this last week when I went to watch #MonsterUniv movie... Cute short movie. =)
libros P. Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
este es el corto que sale ahora antes de una peli, the blue umbrella.
Buddha Buck Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
As with all Pixar movies, there was a short preceding MU -- The Blue Umbrella, which featured what was effectively faces on umbrellas.   While the story was cute, one of the major purposes of the shorts is to show off new technology.  Either the photorealistic effects have gotten much, much better than I was expecting, or this was a combination of live-action and CGI.  The faces on the umbrellas were clearly animated, but the umbrellas themselves, the people holding them, the background buildings, roads, etc all looked real. No human faces were ever visible, and the showing of the rest of humans was minimized, but the architecture was superb.  The one clue that it may be CGI was that everything had a face -- the buildings, the mail boxes, the storm drains, the drain pipes, etc. And all the faces moved, and not just in ways you would expect mail boxes, storm drains, etc to move.  It was very well done. I was only distracted by wondering if they took photographs and modified them, or was it computer models rendered photorealistically.  According to Wikipedia, it's CGI, but what amazing CGI. There were a few scenes in Monsters University which also felt like there was photorealistic rendering, and there it felt out of place because the whole movie was cartoony.  Here, it feels more like a cartoony overlay on real life. I've attached a 30-second clip from the 6-minute short, so you can see what I mean.
This short from Pixar is sooooo cute!! <3
According to the The Wall Street Journal, Pixar's short film, THE BLUE UMBRELLA, breaks new ground for Pixar, using special effects techniques that the company hadn’t used previously used to create a photorealistic animation style.  And there will be news, for those in NY who haven't seen it yet...
Cássia Alves Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
O guarda-chuva azul. Novo curta de animação da Pixar. Simplesmente lindo! <3
Tyna Kachnic Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
So simple and cute. I love this short from Pixar, The Blue Umbrella.
Nate Tseng Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
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Alina Mendez Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
i watched monsters university and this was the short movie and i though it was really cute.
Angie Morea Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
¡Me pareció tan bonito! ♥_♥
El corto lo mostraron, cuando fuimos a ver Monster University y la voz se me anudó y todo.
Vltra Tempus Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
En serio, la primera vez que vi la pelicula completa fue hermoso. simplemente hermoso.
KaTa Le Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
you mean this short film... this isnt a trailer top comnent idiot -_-
No it's not a trailer. It's a short animation. The movie Brave had a short animation before it as well.
Shipping is when you want to characters/people to be in a relationship
Hey guys I just uploaded the 720p Full Video here. Enjoy! /watch?v=hP8w5PECgNM
I saw this before monster's university and actually preferred it to the main film
It wad awesome how the other things help the blue umbrella
Porque no lo pasan entero al corto??? Lo amoooooo
Who else thought the red umbrella was Asian at first? :P
Wished I wasn't late to my screening of Monsters U.
this is not the full version
This short film is genius... I watched this waiting for MU.
it takes 22 hours to render each frame of this video...
The Blue Umbrella Suite (feat. Sarah Jaffe) Enjoy!.
Me: Watches video... ------- *buys two umbrellas* Woohoo!
So basically your repeating what I said. They just changed humans to umbrellas and the emotion is love in both. I am disappointed with Pixar nonetheless.
i cried at the cinema because it was so heart warming.
I remember seeing this in theaters before the monsters uni. started. the feels ♥
Still a better love story than twilight
Not really, although the premise is similar, Paperman is more about human emotion, while The Blue Umbrella focuses more on the emotions of inanimate things.
they are umbrellas and it's still a better love story than twilight ;D
Awwwwww:3 Wish love would be so easy...
And in the 1300's, shipping meant a voyage. Adults. Look, please accept that words and their meanings change.
I remember when they showed this at the theater and everyone was completely enthralled by it
I saw this when I went to go see monsters university, at first i was like wtf i want to watch MU, but afterwards it was well cute
I cried when the blue umbrella lying on the floor...
we saw it before monsters university because its pizsar thay all ways make a short for all ther movies.
I watched this before watching monsters universery and now my sister laughs when she sees an umbrella I don't get how that's funny
Where can I find the full version of this?
I did see it and they showed the full one but idk where to find it on youtube :(
and umbrellas have never been cuter.
when i was watching this in the cinema m and my friends were just 'how the hell is this animated?!" they must have spent YEARS animating this
I can't lie. This full film broke me in the theater.
You can buy working Jedi umbrellas at all good outlets.
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