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Fus Ro Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(minecraft)

by TheOnlyFender • 3,435 views

If you guys haven't noticed,this was a joke but i really was recording at 3 am on chirtmas day and the family was asleep so i couldn't scream. This happened and i gave up lol

haha it's great this is still getting views so long from it's upload date show my other vids this much love xD
The creepers hahaaha. "AOH MAH GAWD... NO!"
lol. This reaches 2,000 Views..well i'll probably do nothing but funny ass video xD
thumbs up if you tried to press respawn.
thumbs up if you freaked out at the first attack
Omg I had the sound up when it went fus ro duh it scared the shit out of me
was that sappose to scare me cause i had no volume ?
so alot of people are saying it's loud..... that was the point :P
i fucking fell of my chair and threw my headphones and broke them and my chair... fuck you theonly feeder you bitch.. skyrim i love you
sorry cant hear you ... try again
always great to hear from the people who can not spell :3
Good thing I read the comments first.
I was wearing headphones at a high volume.
i had my head phones full blast!! lol it scared the crap out of me!
Omg I never saw this one of ur vids b4 i didn't know you made this lol good job fender keepup the nice FAILS! XD
why u no have texture pack in DESCRIPTION
@Xxpwnmaster i didn't expect people to ask lol but it is spax purebdcraft 128x i believe
you scared the fuck out of me at 12AM. Fuck you. Fuck Skyrim. I love you.
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