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Machinae Supremacy - Reanimator

by Zimest • 24,466 views

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Yes it is, and Empire is the song from the final boss fight.
For some reason i think of Resident Evil (when it was good) listening to this song.
The intro reminds me a bit of Resident Evil. ;)
lmao at 2:59 i was reading stuff on a forum when I suddenly heard 'watashiwa' and thought 'oh crap, must be one of my other YT anime tabs'
This song is a masterpiece. Such a long buildup to that stupidly powerful crescendo, it's just awesome.
Its part of MaSu's style. That and the sound-integration chip sound make them who they are.
@Trevor1182 Thats how i found the song on a hr giger complication
sounds different then the other reanimator thats up... i like it :)
i like their shadowy songs like this one; slow and mysterious
MaSu really like remixing songs from their Jets 'N' Guns album. Ain't this Future Machine?
The sun, fades beyond the water, as we bring on the night.
Rainy mood dosent make every song on youtube better. I'm so sick of seeing this.
I believe it is... but why let a good beat go to waste?
awesome!! Machine Supremacy is pure awesomeness!! :D
write on google rainy mood, play this song and click on the link=perfect combination
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