Chun-Li Trick: Hazanshu FADC Ultra Focus Bait

by skatanmilla • 2,725 views

Input is: hcb+hk x fadc, ultra Be sure to delay for a while after you input the half-circle before you press hk or else you won't have enough charge to go.

THANK YOU Skatan. For a while, I was thinking that the recovery frames from the FADC Hasan Shu would still allow me to get punished by Ryu's FA. I'll look into this a bit more and test it on other shotos during casuals
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I don't know how useful this'd be in a match though. To get it out as fast as possible your execution has to be really tight, in this clip I'm not doing it as fast as you can. This isn't something I'd go for in a serious match. I recommend just doing the fadc backwards then sweeping him or far mp x ex legs as punishment, it's easier and doesn't need to be set up, it can be done reactively.
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