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The Minecraft Project - Creeper Overload! | #223

by TheSyndicateProject ā€¢ 328,662 views

Hope you enjoy this episode ! Lets try and hit 13,337 Flavourites! Support the show by Flavouriting the video! (LIKE & Add To Favourites) Follower Me On Twitter:!/ProSyndicate...

yes tom, emma stone is definitely my celebrity crush too ;)
creepers be trollin'
"nahaaaaauuuOOOHH SHIT!" lmfao XD
My crush is ariana grande
Austin Carlile and Jordan Fish šŸ‘Œ
Meh... might as well add my opinion. Josh Hutcherson ^ ^
kate beckinsale she is so hot its sickning :P
(IK that is was made two years ago) If you were a celeb it would be YOU!
emma watson is my celeb crush
Mine is Emma stone too
what mod does he use to switch tools really fast?
Auto switcher I believe.
lol well he called it the switcher mod thats why i said switcher mod
Jennifer Larence/Emma Watson hands down
That's in the mutant skeleton mod
i dont know her real name but its KatnissĀ Everdeen from The Hunger Games *Ā Ā Ā  * Ā (o)
hahahaha he but boob instead of boom xD
Megan fox you guys are all lost
I fancy all good celebrities in my pants at the same time
emma.fucking.stone. also emma watson
Avril lavigne :3 or Michelle keegan
I love how he didn't realize that it says boob not boom
I have a celeb man crush and a female celeb crush. Matt Damon and Rhianna lol
Sanda Bullock....don't judge.
its a mod but they spawn on the land beside tunnel systems
Amber Heard and Emma Stone OOOFT!
Very obvious...Johnny Depp....also, Kate Beckinsale....she's a sexy lady. But Emma Stone is also a sexy beast!
my selederty crush it Techyomo! LOL
What is the sheep called :0:);)<3
Um I'm a noob so why does his pickaxe act like a sword?
This texture pack is dokucraft right?
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