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Cadillac CTS-V World Challenge Rips Up Detroit GP - /SHAKEDOWN

by /DRIVE • 25,490 views

Leo Parente and ShakeDown visit the Cadillac Racing SCCA World Challenge team as they take on the Detroit GP. CTS-V did its own work on the Belle Isle track ripping up the world-class competition...

I would like to drive on this team. I autocross raced a stock 1970 Eldorado back in 1987 and blew away all of the camaros and Mustangs (also beat 3 out of 4 of runs of an 85' Corvette). I have years of unsanctioned racing experience in the Eldorado. I currently have a 2002 Eldorado ESC that I am going to autocross race soon. It has been 26 years since an official SCCA race in an Eldo, and I am looking forward to it. 
Just the white fur on the microphone looks like a dead cat fur. I didn't know it was really a dead cat, kudos for the fur. Good show nonetheless, and you do it completely professionally.
3:05 why the fuck is he nodding
4:35, we all know how the larger front grill openings feed more air to the engine on the CTS-V
how do u fit " more than" four people in a CTS -V? lol
I have a feeling Honda will win...
Well, it's just one body part. With your comment seems, ALL of you can annoy me. But, did you make it through the whole vid and get anything from it? Or were you just staring at my mouth [awkward!]?
Interesting. I'm not sure I want to "Like" this as it's entirely a sales gimmick - so we're being told what we want to hear. The problem being that, #1, we already know how NASCAR raped the idea of a stock car and racing and, #2, 80% OEM via weight is a number that sounds good until I really think about it... What would satisfy and -really- bring in the fans... 90%, 95%? Templates (yes)? I still think the larger old-school fan-base is out there for a stock car class that is true to its word.
Any room in the Drive production budget, for Leo to get to Bathurst October 4-7 this year?
Sorry for the rude comment sir, my brother used my account without my permission. To be honest with you, I admire your work.
It was the fastest 4 door sedan in the world last time I looked. Im not sure i see your point?
That looks like a tube chassis with a FRP body. From a side angle, the distance from the top of the wheel arch to the top is the hood is different, same thing in the rear. The body and chassis would have to be different just to change that much. What parts do the race cars actually share with the production cars? Just listening to the car shift I can tell the transmission is completely different. This car can't be 80% production.
My impression of this video: "Hey, can you tell me about the Cadillac?" "Whell... Cadillac, cadillac caddy cadillac. And cadillac Cadillac caddy caddy Cadillac." "So how is this different from the Cadillac road car?" "It's a Cadillac race car. Cadillac." I mean, really? This is So out of character from everything else in the Shakedown series. I get that they pay your bills or whatever, but aren't the CTS-V ads before EVERY Drive video enough? No?
u'd have more views if ya showed more of the car an' less-a the announcers.
How come very little action video of the S60 racecar?
LOL, It is really hard to take this episode seriously with you holding that white fluffy mike! =) I'm going to have to watch this again just to get over the fact that the interveiw mike looks kind of like my duster.
Killer video fellas! Now THESE are race cars! I love these types of race cars, and holy freakin cow.., 80% of this Caddy is production (freakin unreal).
Man...this guy has an awkwardly annoying mouth!!
The mic looks like a Swiffer duster.
Similarities between Cadillac Racing CTS-V and production CTS-V: Cadillac Badge Wheel Base Being in a Wind Tunnel Badassness.
I can't wait for Cadillac to win LeMans.
I think that was one of your best shows. You kept the acronyms to a minimum.
The American's still had to go to Europe to produce a car that handles well.
That sound... The CTS-V makes a beautiful rumble.
Does johnny oconnell still race the factory corvettes?
Pun intended. 'Rips up Detroit GP'
You saw the guy that stuffed his cat and made the ex-pet into a RC hover-helicopter? That mic is my neighbor's dead cat. What's your point?
Trust me. I had the ad in mind when I asked the question. And guess what happened next? My 'gift' to you all......
Good vid, but I would have liked to have seen some of the Volvo footage. There is a pretty dedicated (but small) tuning scene that really likes to take inspiration from STCC, WTCC, and WC race cars.
Love the fact they got camaro and Cadillac racing, because it shows you can make a muscle car turn as good as any other countrys car manufacture
I would love to see this in ALMS rather than World Challenge, but GM would probably find that redundant. Still, I think this car deserves to race in a more prestigious series
The World Challenge GP consists of Cadillac, Ford, Honda, Acura, Mazda, Porsche and Volvo. Only two of those manufacturers are American.
I don't know if it was just me but that kinda felt like a commercial. I say kinda because it was actually informative instead of gimmicks and stunts. Fact driven informative and well shot, that's why i love Drive! Keep up the god work guys.
LOL i said the same thing my first time on set! That's to help minimize wind noise XD
its just so ugly. nothing makes me desire it.
Good work Leo, but why only 10 seconds of your in car ride-along footage? It would be great to see and hear that action and you could still have your commentary in the background.
My father purchased the cts-v wagon for my mother because of this episode. This was after driving the e65 amg wagon.
The next CTS-V should be closer to the race car. Although with the CTS moving up size to give the ATS more room, I hope the ATS-V is more like the race car, in that case.
Leo, please stop that. Why are you always yelling at me.
I love the way Leo took the CTS-V racecar and tied it to the street car! This series "is" what racing full-bodied, production based cars is supposed to be! Nothing wrong with focusing on Cadillac either. This is America! I prefer Japanese cars primarily, but I like to see American automakers making good cars, and doing well. I'm glad to see that they have had a wake up call and are making good cars again. Hell, I may even buy one some day!
I'm sure that mic cover has many more uses than just cutting wind noise, right Leo?
So, you got to ride in both cars but chose to turn it into a Cadillac commercial.
There's no way this CTS-V beat those other cars while retaining 80% of it's stock parts and configs.
Production based racing is the best!
another gem guys, Drive continues to blow the doors off any other car programming around, in my opinion. Internet based our otherwise. Thank you. Now get your ass to a GRC event Leo, I think it's going to be the next big thing. Again, this is just my opinion. Keep it coming guys.
I hope Leo makes this kind of shakedown, when F1 arrives at the USA. My money is in a interview with Raikkonen x)
Too bad they make em in Mexico now; if the VIN number starts with a '3', I won't even look at it anymore...
WOW! This is what i want to see! High quality video, pro editing, this show is better than most on tv and probably a new reference for web based car shows!!! I dont know what the drive people did but they are in the right direction!!! M. Parente, you are now my new model for what i like to see in a host. Straight talk, no bs, an the type of passionate attitude that makes you interesting to watch! Thanks to the whole team for the great work!
Ugly ugly car, wish Americans would make their care pretty
You're right Leo, we love that stuff :)
A BMW, Mercedes and Audi rep watched this video...
I've seen what you do when you are not watching /DRIVE. You deserve the yelling. And if I ever catch you doing that while watching /DRIVE! Well.......
Everyone on that team has a different accent, I swear.
Whatever you do, don't start getting Botox. You're a natural beauty.
This kind of seemed too much like a cadillac commercial. I liked the video, and i would definitely buy a cts-v if i could afford one. But it was just too obvious. I wanna see leo drive more. I want him to test cars in response to chris harris testing cars. His insight to how cars perform would be a perfect compliment to chris' insight.
The unibody is a production piece pulled off the assembly line then strengthened + made safer with bracing + roll caging, the front suspension cradle is production-based, the block + heads are the same. Plus more than a few other electronics + operating systems. The 'safety' words are 'production-based' / 'production-derived'. Was told 80% is a weight reference. Yes, the gearbox is racing piece, the shift-without-lift production. These facts were for some reason not in the final edit.
OMG if I head another CTS-V commercial about how its a "super high performance vehicle," I'm going to go crazy.
The CTS-V commercial is finally relevant to the topic of the episode.
That depends on how good the car actually is as opposed to how good you think it isn't.
i like Cadillac's rear spoiler....
No, like our BMW trip to LimeRock + ALMS, we took advantage of our OEM connections [and in this case our /DRIVE partner] and got you an inside look at the winning team! Not OK with you?
There was a mandate that we could NOT photograph details of the racecar. The magic is there. So, yes there IS a way. What may have not been clear in the way this show edited out is when we sat down with Steve Cole from Pratt & Miller team + David Caldwell from Cadillac Engineering is both tech teams are collaborating on Components [tech transfer], Process [data-sharing], Goal-setting [performance parameters 4 race + road cars] AND Passion. Bottomline - it's getting done + getting 2 the roadcar.
Bleh you can do better Leo! I don't think you got a straight answer from anyone at Cadillac to any of the questions you asked. There wasn't any real tech in this production, seemed more like a GM promo video. The Cadillac and the Volvo in World Challenge are the 2 platforms most removed from their street car origins, at least from my understanding. ps: I own a CTS-V street car. ;) -mike
Ha! NBD. I was just bustin' back. No harm no foul, ever! But, tell that punk kid of yours, hands off your stuff.
Very good information. Conveyed in a good fashion! Loved to see the Detroit GP alive again. I've long left Detroit but now looking forward to the USF1 track in Austin, TX. Drive FTW.
I love how there is one sponsor for each section of the track.
how many people do you think got a ctsv just because of this episode? i think alot! hope gm payed leo some big coin to do that episode.
Why do you call things " world " when they only happen in murika
Easy, 2 persons in the front, 69 in the back = 71
Does anyone know if Leo drove with Randy Pobst in the Volvo?
Love those CTS-V's. Love that V8 sound
this is why racing is the best sport ever...I don't see other sports directly effecting some of our lives besides the fact that our kids can play them and we just bs about it....this is how it should be!!
the CTS-V coupe front fascia looks awesome. in fact everything forward of the A-pillars is just gorgeous. it's just too bad the rest of the car looks like crap. the fastback side profile just looks silly on a car with a beltline this high. the abrupt and upward-ramming rear of the car (esp the rear bumper) makes the fastback look even worse. and the blank and boring flanks of the car are unbefitting of its superb performance. just my 2c
Production based cars from all over the world. Obvious troll is obvious.
nice show ... Would have been interesting to see some more in-car footage and more footage of the Volvo. Shakedown ROCKS!
That CTS-V is just an ill car.
I love the CTS-V as well. It's a real head turner. I love that it's fast but still it still has that Cadillac presence. Hopefully they're working on an ATS-V as well.
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