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Angry Birds Space | Ep. 5 | Hit That TNT! (HD)

by ChimneySwift11 • 179,221 views

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chim the red lights r for if u want 2 play red light green light with dah piggys
i hate how you just CAN'T accept it if you don't get at least 2 stars. you don't need the stars for anything special. at least i think. anyway great job on the videos. :)
you said that you wont start all over but you dif
This angry birds game is 1 of few that I don't have. :D
chimney rlly sucks good thing he makes up for it with his commentary
Why is the next video private?
because they upload faster when they are private, and he has to put annotations in, and stuff like that...
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why dont u play tf2 anymore chimney?
Lol gotta love angry birds SPACE '_.
dont unsub,chimney already said it that this was not going to be a perfect game always having 3 stars...hes just playing it for fun!and he will upload other stuff later!
Did he promise? Did he swear and bow to God that he wouldn't focus on getting the stairs? Then stop complaining. He probably forgot he said that. And its ONE FUCKING VIDEO. If you don't like how HE plays the game that HE is playing, then simply don't watch HIS video. It's not up to you to decide what he does or doesn't do. And I can't believe how stupid you're being thinking that it wasn't an accident. If you're gonna complain about how Chimney makes HIS videos, its better for you to just stfu.
is the purple bird a reference to star trek?
Did anyone realise that at the corner of the big tower the blocks were shot up, then came down perfectly in a different order at 00:46?
i you like the angry birds space im like it do you
Hear Chimney and look at the pig at 6:16
lol i beat this game in 3 days :D
hello youtube how is your day?
he probuley did too these vids are spaced out because it takes a while to upload sometimes
i agree but there were some pretty stupid moments in this video :)
The purple birds need to go to jail cuz the want to 'break the law'
ChimmySwift11 it is sooo good no more 3 stars now i no rage :)
The pig was in a saucer at 04:06
you should always hit the tnt on evry TNT levelZ
I am English. I think you will find that English people have almost the exact same accent as Americans. Also, around 1% of England speak a little posh. So to those who keep saying that all English people are posh. Go and get a life. Thank you for your co-operation.
a good swifter doesnt call people retarded just because they want to try to help out even if it wont make a differance
the red light are red stone chimney think
dont like it? go watch a pro gameplay or just dont watch the video if you dont like it... DUR
on cold cuts there's a freezeing bird
The lazor bird is just like the yellow one; They're both vulnerable to the stone, dont smash into it. Smash into the wood.
when you where on pig bang level 23 you've could go to the edge where the little piggy is you should slingshot the laser bird or whatever to go the TNT click on it and you'll be done.Or you can just click it on the blocks next to the TNT.
I installed this game on my htc like 10 minutes ago
i want more enderswifttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Stop yelling, just because he is a competitive person and he wants to get 3 stars, its not his fault. So stop wining and deal with that he repeats levels.>:l (Not trying to be mean)
the point is to leave them alone and do what they want because they are not hurting you by trying to help even though it wont help
@charmmuffin wow failed comment
nooooo never press replay untill everything stops moving because somthing can happen at any time he could have the first 3 times he missed the one in space but what he didnt see is right befor he pressed replay the third bird was gonna hit a bolder
no, im 100th. when i saw the video, it says 99 views. i was 100th.
So much for just beating the level
well, it's his game, his pc, he bought the game with HIS money, if you want to speed through the levels so bad, JUST GET THE GAME URSELF
geez guys calm down! its just a video of a game you dont have to watch! have you even ever played this game? its really hard not to re-do levels!
so it can be hd and so it doesnt look like 240p
Noooo, its doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different outcome. :)
Anyone else realize that Swifter is a vacuum/mop/broom company?
lol in 6:36 he was playing pool with the birds
Actually it's not Recalaw bird its Lazer bird
Chim, can you just move on to the next level once you beat it? Don't try to keep getting three stars.
22 people never got the chance of playing Angry Birds..... HAHA
He said in the first episode he would probably not be good at it
I'm sick of everyone either bashing chim or bashing eachother, just stop this madness and enjoy the funny video!
i started laughing when the little ball at 3:41 came and killed the pig it was a little bit funny xD
stop get all three stupied stars
i thought you said no 3 stars
wtf, you don't do what you promise, nooot cool
dude it cool just complete the level then when u beat the game come back and get all 3 stars on all the levels. cool?
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