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Top 10 Things at E3 2012

by Machinima • 142,299 views Click here to watch E3 2012 - Steve and Larson's Old School Pac Man Challenge Ten FTW: Top 10 Things at E3 2012 With only an hour to produce and episode,...

Nintendo,Nintendo,Nintendo,Nintendo, Nintendo,Nintendo, Nintendo,Nintendo, Nintendo, oh and Nintendo!
#8 was their interpretation of the most harrowing decision in mass effect: To or to not have gay sex involving food.
I respect COD. While i do not like the game, that doesnt mean i have to sh*t on people that like it.
#4, I thought it was harley from EMT
Someone at machinima has a better beard than Larson?
here look at this h t t p : / / p b s k i d s . o r g / arthur/games/factsopinions/factsopinions.html
0:40 she looks like Sasha Grey :)
Except Activision milks their franchises, not lies about them like EA does.
does everyone but one guy have a beard?
1:58 Larson sneaks a peek. If you catch my drift.
Is # 2 really part of a video? If some can someone send me a link
at 2:04 damb look at that hottie damb like 4 real that car is nice
Sorry guys, I don't like chocolate explosions...
1:04 i pissed my self LAUGHING. SO GAY!!!!!!!!
CHOCOLATE EXPLOSION! That should be a meme XD
This was funny! Very well done.
hey, i agree their purpose is to entertain but i only watch thier top 10 ftw to see what they chose not for they humour which in my opinoin is shit, anyway do you find them funny?
Sorry that English isnt my first Language ,and also that i made i mistake, but HUMANS do make mistakes.
course the hot slut likes corndogs...
Whats the name of the song at the end? plz anser :P
hitman hitman hitman hitman hitman hitman hitman HITMAN!!
This fucking Guinness ad gets old quick
you guys get worse and worse. seriously.
(1) Then what are their jobs? are they professional reviewers? do they describe content objectively? I have not seen this in any of their work. It appears to me their only purpose is to entertain is it not? and how do they achieve this if not with humour? Then if they receive money from this are they not comedians?
Why does my brother like to shove Twizzlers up our cats butt?
Not what I expected... Not what I expected at all...
top ten flash games or browser games ftw! please thumbs up if you want to see it
I hate when I'm watching YouTube videos on my iPhone while taking a poop, and water splashes up on my cheeks.
That doesn't mean that they have the right to ruin the games. Now, I' not a total purist of Dead Space, so I don't care that it's more action than horror, but I know a LOT of people WILL have a problem with it.
i have a perfectly valid statement, they arent comedians because they arent funny, anyway i wasnt talking to you but the other dude so byebye
Coming from someone who can't even spell "please".
free shit....... I almost died laughing at that part
mine is never before seen game footage
Best episode ever!!!! do more like this please
also what the he'll happened in 8
Whoever gave people the idea that disliking all of these guy's videos was hipnshit already got the attention he was desperate for. So people, stop being hipsters, it's in the past.
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Oh god...chocolate explosion will haunte for the rest or my life
Anybody know what that song is at the end?
wait you confused me lol, look all i think about this is that they do top ten things in gaming, i wouldnt mind if they made the odd non funny joke here and there but they always do it and its really annoying to me, and im sure their job title is not comedian and therefore they arent comedians
These are kinda getting lamer with each episode
Not exactly. I read an article about it, and it seems that this installment will be different from the previous installments. Unlike previous installments, this one will have branching paths in the story, and how you do in this specific new mode will determine where your story goes. This also affects gameplay.
you assholes. as if i don't already feel like i'm wasting my time. sh*t.
they're gonna burn them at the stake for all that shit haha
Well if you read the first part of it then it says "Yeah COD is the same every year and no one gives a crap about that" and if you dont know black ops 2 is COD so know do you get it? I didnt forget black ops 2 since everybody that has played COD knows its just going to be the same fucking thing over and over and over again. They always say its going to be different its going to be more awesom BUT NO its just the same fucking shit over and over again.
Just wasted 4 mins of my life watching this =/
wow you got really hurt for a comment that one person made about saying they are funny look enough is enough if you find them funny then fine and if i dont well then im entiteld to say that
Imagine how much E3 sucked this year if your favorite part is a shit filled toilet
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