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Building Megaobjects in Minecraft

by halnicholas • 12,573,548 views

This is the beginning framework of the Enterprise - D in Minecraft ----- I didn't think this would go viral so quickly! It's not even done and on top of that, the Minecraft servers are down so I...

Your everything nerd Your voice Your virginity And the fact that you spend hours on Minecraft building a star trek ship! Damn!
+armed halo I've seen worst. I'm just saying. I don't really want to start anything. Sorry I said anything.
+harley hammond I'm not a mean person I don't want to start nothing!
"This thing is fucking enormous." I lul. You rock, dude.
Dude, don't listen to the people taking stabs at you calling you a virgin and what not because they'd never be able to do something as awesome as this.
What I don't get is why "virgin" is an insult. I guess it's just one of those childish high school insults that survived, when hormones were a priority?
Too much nerd for me, seriously though this is fucking awesome you did, but its a little too much for me or 1 player to even do the simple fact you did this blows my mind on how and I don't even want to think about how long it tuck you to do. . .fuck man with a project this big you might want to being in as many people as you can my guess over 9000 cause that shit looks impossible. But don't think I'm making fun of you, its just an overload for nerd material for me. I thought I was a nerd for making a 20x20x40 block house lol.
I'm a virgin and I'm a nerd and I'm fat but I am also wicked smart so (in layman terms) fuck y'all bitches!!
The virginity is strong with this one!
that made me haha
Says the idiot virgin that makes a Star Wars reference.
Minecraft makes me wonder whether the universe is slowly turning inside out and miecraft is bascally something that will grow and engulf the world. Then become the world. Then the working computer inside minecraft will be able to run minecraft. My head needs a break from this.
A GAME ?   You people are asleep, wake up.  Jesus Christ is calling you. We are at the end of the age of grace, and you need to be ready in Christ.   Don't be left behind or you might end up some where too warm for humans.  Don't take that chance.  Jesus Christ is the way.
God is not real. Period. No proof, no evidence. Evidence that he isnt? MANY. Heres two i WANT YOU TO DEBUNK: If there is one god. then why is there greek gods, allah, buddha, and other 240 DIFFERENT BIG RELIGIONS today? also, if you looove the bible so much, that means that you agree with slavery. in the old testament, they thing slavery is good.
+Pete Detrick i know right, religion is like a threat to be in their religion. "be christian or die in hell"
Where are you at with the completion of this?
too much time on his hands
Really get a life bro trying to preach to us about fuckin God nigga and that's an awesome ship
And I can't even make a decent house smh
how in the fuck did you lay the frame work so accuratley
The things im seeing in the comments her is shocking!! No man deserves to be treated like that!! And why watch the video if you don't like it he's a growing man trying to get on with his life like the rest of us why can't you do the same I bet you can't do anything as awesome as this!! End of story
Your super cool man
You should build the executor, all 19 kms of it
dude how long take you to build that because is cool Dude 
U are my idol, screw everybody who is hating, say you in a documentary.
They are providing free premium Minecraft accounts No bullshit! I just now submitted the form & got on. Go now! Who knows just how long this offer will last?
Who's to say he's not rich and has children he might not be a 'nerd'
Minecraft classic is gone, goodbye!
I watched this up until the f bomb was dropped, I don't need to hear foul language in a minecraft video dude
+Yeah- Rekt This is hilarious, you keep not only 'feeding the trolls' but you're also providing a flat argument yourself. You've yet to bring up a single viable point about swearing being bad that applies to anyone but you, so fuck you, you cunt. Oh did I offend you? Oh well. It is literally just a word. Also, what do you mean 'even if you're an atheist' as if it's a bad think to think rationally and critically about a bronze age religion?
I said even if you don't have a religion referring to any religious ties to believing vulgarity is bad, because in almost every single faith on this planet believes that swearing is not appropriate and is never appropriate in any case, while atheists don't believe in the bible or any religious texts which would outline for religious leaders to say that swearing is not right. I'm not saying I am against or with any religion (or no religion) here, I am simply stating a fact about religious points of view's toward profanity. Swearing is bad for yourself, society, and the English language. Swearing to many, shows that one isn't mature enough to engage in a civil conversation. Swearing to many, can make many people (more than you think) uncomfortable, swearing is slowly gnawing away at this elaborate web of intricacy that which represents the English language. "Literally just a word", so by that I am assuming that words don't have an affect on people. If words didn't have any affect on people, there would be no holocaust, because Hitler would have had no persuasion whatsoever on any of the German people. Imagine yourself in a doctor's office and you just got told  "You have cancer". That one small, simple sentence has just changed your entire life, so I would like to ask, "what is your argument?", because you know what? Swearing is just a breeding ground taking a discussion and mutating it into an unstable argument where nothing will ever be won. So no, I am not feeding you and the rest of the "trolls" anymore, I have wasted enough of my time explaining some rudimentary principles to you primates. Over and out, spaghetti.
do you know that this video was on the story of Mojang the movie
first video of this game i watched
I think it's brilliant, ignore the dickheads slaging you off.
like if you watched this 3 years ago
the funny thing about all this, including from that ass hats comments...would be if this guy is in real life a 6 figure making engineer and this was done in his spare time
He no doubt will do something great. With this kind of efficacy and dedication. Smart kid.
Also your a stupid nood
I agree with buddy guy
Dude this is amazing I can't even imagine how long it took
My mind can't handle the awesomeness !!!!!
Last achievement unlocked: no life
This video raped the inside of my PC
Omg u are the best builder
mother of.... takes sun glasses off
If its not done already I would love to help with the rest of it.
@Paul Murphy you my friend, suck ass
teleportation mod? BEAM ME UP SCOTTY! 
it has been 4 years, but are you finished yet? or can we still help?
sam prucha Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
this made me go "WHOA-MG"
Brilliant! If this project is griefed or messed up by someone, I would just almost cry! This video was recorded on almost the first day minecraft was even made! Unbelievable! You have a BRILIENT mind of building such big and creative stuff and I don't know what else to fill in this sentence I'm making! All I can say is, keep up the good work and you will be a master builder!
he has WAY too much time on his hands!
It's the old minecraft demo. Long gone..
ohh mate u nerds make me laugh
What. The. Fuck. Are you doing with your life?? For fuck sake! Get laid you loser!
I think you better save that comment for yourself. Searching this up just to call him a nerd with no life when you're the one who needs to get one.
as if you don't have a hobby, this guy has done something pretty impressive in his free time and you managed to be an asshole about it
lol this is minecraft demo on the website HA!
THIS IS LIKE FOUR YEARS OLD.... The demo on the website is nothing like this and if you mean the classic version then that is just a free version of minecraft when it was in early alpha. Which is this. This isn't the demo this was like four years ago when someone was actually playing minecraft alpha.
This must have took so ling. Alot of blocks looks amazing
Lol so many people raging (3k)
 i Imagine this build on a power house 4k Gaming P.C. with shaders O_O
Ye u should add shaders
Just no... Okay youtube you need to disable comments on old videos... This is like a very well known minecraft video and you seriously just ask ye u should add shaders. It's alpha,,, There were literally no mods arounds at that time if any so dream on if you seriously thought there were HD shaders.
I want to help if you haven't finished this yet!!!!
"this thing is fu*k'ing enormus" LOLOL one of my favirote lines EVER from a youtube vid! In refrence to the scale of the USS Enterprise - D
I could help a little with the ship. min skype is Katten kurrrt (= 
will it actually work?
мне не нравится это видео такое слишком паранормальное
This thing is fucking enormous
How long did it take to seal your virginity?
+Poppy Metcalfe it was a joke, refrain yourself from going full retard.
me don"t favourite video
It's greifing time...
il help if you host it
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