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Go dung- Lil Rick Soca whine

by Classiq Dancist • 1,796,020 views

Instagram: Kartel_Daughta Just bussing a lil whine in the house

Why are black women trannies. Does that race even have females
Im not sure. Ask your mother and let me know what she says .
This is the best one👍👏
I thought this dance was really great 💕 and I felt like she didn't have to change anything. Honestly I was reading the comments below on what people had to say about her dance and their was so much rude comments on how her video shown in the place had trash and was a mess🐸☕️ But honestly who gives a f**k because it's how @classiqdancist wanted to be. Any if you didn't wanted to shoot a video like that we'll then you want to be perfect and get good reviews
Yaaassss.!!! I like it ❤❤❤❤❤
1. Her timing is completely off (movement vs the beat/rhythm of the song does not match) 2. She is not following the instructions...  if you listen, the song says to go down; so why is she doing other stuff at that given time? 3. She is nasty...I mean there is a bag of Trash in her living room! Sad...
+Giselle Dover whelp.. there goes another buck.. Nothing on the internet will ever hurt me hun lol it is mere entertainment.  and why the worldddddd would  i disable the reply if i get paid to respond to your cyber insults lmao. i never said i wanted you to stop lmao your forgetting the part to share and refer umm hello phone bill is due remember?????????? P.S add me on the gram^^ 
+Giselle Dover I know this is very old, but firstly, her timing is not off. And secondly, even though the songs say go down, you do not have to each and every time. trust me i would know. Also, why did you find it necessary to be so rude? Some people have a lot of excess time on their hands -_-
Mis Guyana the flipping uk sucks
not sure if u still fuck with this but you doing ya thing  they really live to hate come back and bless di world wit ya moves
thank you i def appreciate it! as far as a come back..ehhh I'm working on it lol I'm too old now loll 
+Classiq Dancist Yuh neva too old for a good wukkin up,lol 
nice moves gyal!!!! :D
Ok I need lessons! :)
No listen to dem dutty gal ur certified caribbean hear dat mi gal
not bad but it wasn't impressive
ya'll know she can dance really well so stp hating!!!!
You can wine gyal ! 
thats real wining not dem damn twerking BS. Caribbean girls FTW
I thought she was deaf. I mean how can u still dance straight on the beat and not get off track when u can't hear. Is she really deaf to be honest. Any ways shes a good dancer for a wine thoo
please inform me as to what gave you any idea in the slightest as to why i would be deaf? and please for your sake have a very good explanation.......
I was just a little bit confused on what you had said at the end of the video, but now that i come back to it im so sorry i was mistaken wrongly on your video
you can dance shawty...we need to link up n buss some moves together!!
Nice routine but what are u actually dancing tuh? Yuh fance to different song dat play...
Aw that was goood! Lol I was like damn jamacians get down
great dance girl!! you definetly know how to move your body!!!
ur house is dutty it need to clean uhpp alot and yhuuu dance great lmaoooooooo syke nah
I wudnt dance on those hard wood floors tho lol my ass wudda slipped
That's fine, I have watched it about a million n one lol. Wish I cud move like that
dammit ...this girl knows how to dance n groove! :))) luv it
i just go with the flow really lol i just made another vid thats a bit slower maybe you can catch on from it. let me know what you think! thnks for watching :)
shyt she got it going on shee can definetly get it ;)
So you are writing this at 10am when you should be getting an education. In other words, you chose to be on my dick instead of being in school. Y?
just peeped your account.. you made one just to talk shit to every one . is that what your mother sent u to school for? out of all of things you could of been in this world. a doctor.. an artist.. you chose to be a cyber bitch? but why?
love da vid...sure can move DanceHalQueen.....Lukin 4wrd fa sme mre vids
lmao thank you i have a new vid up feel free to watch it
you are a GREAT dancer. gal dont let dem ppl make ya vex with dem stupid comments.
She wines just like my sisters; BMT
you guys should start a class dead serious i need to learn a free class tho lol
Yuh Wine Nuh Betta Dan Mines LOL
Youre pretty pretty good. I wish i was that good.. (: x
I well danceing to dis song and sayin to myself i could wine good. I look to de side ova sooo~> and say let me see how she could wine i click it I say to myself again I FEEL SHAMEEE! LOL but true i could wine eh a just sayin things to get thumbs up(If yall think this comment is not worth a thumbs up give it a thumbs up!)
show me how to do that part again you do on 35 before she wined up.
Ok well I know Lil Rick is from Barbados hun, but I guess I thought it was Soca? my bad
can i invite you for a drink tonight, queen?
Girl you betta WERRRRRRRRRRRK!!!! Yaaaas!
it dont Matter YUH KILLED IT!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS!
Lil Rick is from BARBADOS if you please! Machel is from trinidad
Her House isnt Dirty. Your a dump Low life who Thinks that ur making other people feel bad. When ur Not. Get a life Bro (n)
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