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How to be Gangster

by nigahiga • 41,543,697 views

A dvd that teaches you how to be a true gangster Songs Used: Soulja Boy - Crank Dat Colbie Caillat - Bubbly Flo Rida - Low Rihanna - Unfaithful MIMS - This is why I'm hot Bubba Sparxxx - Heat it up...

Like if your watching this in 2015
Who else came here from the new Sean's room video 😂👏
i did too. i came here to see if there were any coments form when this first came out................................................there wasn' t
Like this if your watching in 2014! :D
Actually no, I'm watching this in 3978 B.C. on my iStone
I'm watching in 2015
Like if you actually know how to properly use "your" and "you're"!
OMG!! IT ACTUALY WORKS 1.hold brethe for 5 min. 2.die
+Cha- Cing you must be (not smart) I'm trying to be nice.. XD he was meant to spell "breath" in the first place.. who says "Hold breathe for" instantly 
who is watching this in 2067
Man, this comment is ancient! I didn't know they had commenting technology in 2067, but what do I know, it's 2735.
+Poppy Hendricks did my mixtape drop yet? its 2015 now and I think my mix tape got delayed to 3026 B.C
Like if you're watching this in 2015! :D
Sean looks so cute haha
Don't like this if you're watching in 2014 Don't even think about it.
I like to live dangerous sometimes
This started YouTube
+Kymaani Heketoa ooooooooooooooooooo PRU MOFO SUCH PRO MUCH KILL
No, the guy at the zoo started Youtube
Like if you're watching in 2014
sorry I might cry
Like if your watching in 2014!!!
I mean, we only have 4 numbers 
Who's watching this after Ryan and Sean's newest video about then reacting to old videos?
i was only 4 years old when you made this, ryan and sean.
I was six when this came out. I remember watching this video a lot back then.
I don't feel quite old yet but dang... I was nine when they made this video....
Such video quality
all of this is a joke. this entire comment thread is a joke.
doesnt mean its not funny lmao.
Aishwarya Ghosh Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
a lot of swearing when you mean swear in every sentence
+Aishwarya Ghosh Do you mean, "Nothing, 'the rest' is funny"
I watched this a long time ago and now i know get what a cameltoe is lol. I thought it was literally a camels toe then i was like why the fuck you grab your balls.
Well i usually uncheck the box next to "Also share on Google+" but i forgot to that time
Like this if ur a bro of pewdiepie!!
lmao fucking faggot
did anyone else come from his reaction video?
Like if you are watching in 2015!!!
Like if your watching this on Monday 26th January 2099
Like if you liked this video Subscribe to m if watching in 2015 XD
First video I've watched of ryan, I was 9/10 yrs old
Nigahiga and sean reacting to there old videos Anyone??
First video i have ever seen of  nigahiga...
like if you're watching this in 2573
8 years ago XD OH jesus
How come they let this vid back on?
Like if you're watching in 2007
Like if you're watching this in 2006
Like if you're watching this in 2032! Btw I time travelled to 2032 and came back to 2015 to comment. In 2016 youtube got shutdown and all the youtubers moved to having their own TV channel.
I swear if I see one comment with "like if your watching in 2015" I'm gonna smash my own face against my keybojdiwbxkxndksnxnxodnnh
They really didn't change much in terms of their style! Look at them saying their names, demonstrating poses etc It's amazing how they can still retain their characters after 8 years 0_0
Like if you're watching this in 2016 
Hey If anyone got time, can you tell me the names of all the songs that Ryan sings during the "Knows how to rap part"?
It's in the description
Like if you've come back to enjoy the old memories of nigahiga.
I wonder if Justin Bieber got his advice from this video.
Coming back to his video with a whole new perspective still makes me laugh. 
Like if you are watching this in your mom
Like if u might watch this in 2016
The people who go like if watching in whatever year.. please stop.. its the most annoying shit ever now
Like if you will be watching this in 2016!
Like if You're watching this in 2015 😏😏
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa like video Love love love your video
og shit right here
Still funny even in 2015. Should bring the "how to" videos back!<3
Watching this in 2015 for memorable purposes
Like if ur watching this in 2015
Like if you're watching in 2015 ^_^
I remember actually watching this video in 2007 and thinking it was the best video ever. Oh how you have evolved lol :')
Like if [insert some original funny joke here]
Like if you're watching in 2015!
Like if you watched this in 2007
Anyone else actually try the handshake with their sibling/friend?
Holy shit man it's been like 8 years since I have watched this xD
Like if you're not watching this video
OH mmaaannn this used to be soooo hilarious to me lol. I didn't even know what loitering meant at the time
Who else came here cuz of Ryan and Sean watching their old videos
Like if you're watching in 2015!
Like if you remember watching in 2007!!
Like if you're watching in 2015!!!
like if you watched this 5 years ago.
I love this!! Omg I remember all these
Like if you are watching in 2003!!
like if your still watching this in 2015
This is a youtube classic.
Who is watching in 2015
Like if your watching this is 2015!
Like if you don't give one flying fuck
i was 3 when you made this
lol they are all old songs
Your not even funny bro
Thank you Shaun's room
ryan hyiga is a suck. up against john mcdonald thats what john mcdonald says everyone knows john mcdonald is the best and most famous youtuber i subbed him as soon as i discovered him and u all should too he's my favorite youtuber and needs more subs so everyone go check him out hes the best john mcdonald go his channel
Shoutouts are lame... And ur John McDonald
Sparsh Desai Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
Remember this? :D
Like if you're watching in 4015!
omg thats sean?! he looks so different...
You guys were hilarious
Sorry didn't mean to type were you guys ARE hilarious
Thats right Jacob, cause its AWESOME in every Year. And gread greatings from Germany.
Who's Watching In 2015?!!!!!?????!?
3:14 what the song? And if anyone says Darude sandstorm I'll report them
darude sandstorm and check the description
this was the first video i saw on youtube
Like if ur watching this in 2010!
like if you're watching in 2020
OMFG I remember watching this video all time in 1st grade with my sister I'm in 7th grade now & I STILL watch you ✊💓
+Elizabeth Laguer i saw this shit when it came out over and over dude re watching every thing
Your suck at trolling
Hey they r stupid city kids deal with it I am not saying they r now I am saying they were kk bich
Does he money off this?
Seriously though, that isn't even a sentence.
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