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Dual With Jewel Episode 1 | OpTic Predator & Jewel | Dualtage 1

by M40A3 Predator • 285,007 views

10,000 Ratings&favs please? :) & as always, Thanks for watching!!! OpTic Jewel: Follow me!!/M40A3Predator Jewel:...

You'd think Jewel would figure out that the clan tag was splitting her feeds
Please start making videos again :( :( :( :( :( 
Optic Preds fan based are too easily amused lmfao
love this really do miss your mw2 episodes though they were so fun to watch thumbs up if you agree :)<3
steady aim on a sniper is like automatic on a car.
@jellydee123 She uses 2 weeks or 1 month on here montages and she plays to much and this clips are ireapzz standers and she speeds up clips on kills and and and and i can keep this up :D
I didn't realize Jewel was soo good ^_^
@prYzR17 optic nadeshot, pred and Dtreats* :)
1st , Jewel is a girl. 2nd , Predator... Just forget about playing him.
This song is nearly as good as the video
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG im in a dualtage!!!!!!!! 0:26 - 0:29 -XxMaTtYbOi26xX That my other youyube account. I can't believe it took me this long to find out.
id shit on both you kids.. hit me up if you got the balls.. FxG TopGun... im on xbl
Pred and Jewel should have a baby. It would be a GOD at quickscoping
@CaRbONPREFiiXCome on kid, learn to read it says *DUAL* Tage.
@ColorfulLoKo watch his other videos then tell me if its luck
god dammm jewel YOUR fricken AMAZING fuck them boys up
Boyfriend and Girlfriend? Jewels and Predator?
Not hating but at 1:00 is it just Me or is it only Pred & Jewel on a team I mean it seems legit but....I like optic but this, is it fake this clip at 1:00
i saw rage tekky and i was in a lobby with tekky this morning we were quick scoping together. he was pretty cool
Ps3 would smash xbox players???!!! Ps3 can't even get their fucking thin sticks right and half the time their online is down
Lol after a year and a half, still no 10000 rates. No hate, but just saying
@MrTravisf22 You obviously don't realize you can thumbs comments on this video...
optic jewel is better than you
@Halodominator12 ROFL are you stupid? Why would pred upload a video on his channel if it wasn't him...Why are people so stupid..
ur gay u fucking fget go get a life instead of trolling people u peace of shit
Pred and Jewel should date thumbs up if u agree
people who troll on call of duty are no life fags who get hurt in real life when they talk shit so they do it on a game when they know nothing can happen. Thumbs up if you wanna stab a troll repeatively them lil faggots :D. P.S predator nice montage
@trurealest optic isnt a fucking clan anymore theyn fell apart there terrible!!!!
So I'm not the only one that crouches and shoots at the same time, jewel does it to c:, just wish i was more noticed :/ aw.. Time will tell when its my time to shine :)
@xparanormal1 Look at the date of this video. Seriously! Look at it! And then watch his M40A3Predator YouTube Account got Hacked video.
optic jewel add me on xbox live chimoo33
Pred and Jual vs. America... right now, i'm not sure who would win..
i still think mw2 is better than mw3 but all people are playing mw3 so i do it to
you have awesome taste in music man
Hay id like to say that ur snipeing is pretty boaus i dont know if i could do that probley not a chance anyways i thank you and the youtubes for these videos so i dont have to do this myself XD laterz
From now on , i think OpTic Jewel should game against all the FaZe gay clan members.
so much argument over clans on a game.... what does a clan ammount to irl.. -_-!!!??? -rhetorical question-
TO ALL ASKING Song: Lost Autumn - Anthem for the Weak Thumbs so people will stop asking?
Wtf at 0:46 eveyone is going at her wtf this shit is bolshit that's why I hate montages its all either planned or players just go up to predator , jewel or the faze clan fucking gay
@hunter miller IReapZz Is A Girl You Dumb Fuck.
I agree why dislike for Jewel. when its obvious that they both put a lot of effort into this episode???
@BioKillax69 u know whats funny u prob said that just to get him on ur fl
not even gonna lie Predator's Shots = Garbage , yet i am gonna judge that shit you cant snipe worth a fuck! YOur Fat!
i find it funny how jewel is taller than predator (:
i love this band. Lucky pred used these before i found out about them or i would have used them i love this CHORUSSSS!!!!!
@RohanThaZohan Jewel crouches when she shoots though...
my clips are the same level as these one's, but only gets 400 views =(
Crafted is better than any of those Js Crafted Then Kross Then Heist
pred i've got a question. what is the best button layout for quickscoping?
go look up the proof dumbass, he stole that pic.
pretty sure they did more 'Dual' things <3 Predator <3
@123Elpadron thats pretty much saying ur a follower , dont do sumthing just beacuase other people are do it because YOU want to if u dont wanna play mw3 and rather play mw2 go ahead dosent matter wat everyone else it doing
seriously Are these your best clips??? You should see Some of ireapzz's Montages.
Well i mean,ANYONE can qs and do all this you say? STEADY AIM!!
Tyler your clearly talking to a girl that way and its kinda true everyone goes up to her cuz shes in optic and tyler your a fanboy ill 1v1 u anytime and imma girl ill beat u on xbox
@zZ0uDiE0sCOpE0Zz oh really bet you cant add me when servers are back up tyop13 message me subject 1v1. :)
@jellydee123 as soon as i posted the comment i notice i was wrong sorry 8(
1v1? gt is intense kaption im pretty good. ohh and the chances of them taking that offer are absolutely 0. Everyone in optic and faze gets messages like this every minute
@TehQuickScop you are right but still i like boobies :)
man look at his reflexes. dat dude a beast!!!!!
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