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by 9493 room • 22,398 views ((((((((((( PLEASE DO NOT EDIT, DO NOT RE-UPLOAD)))))))))))))

this is all we wanted! THEIR GLARED AT EACH OTHER IN THE END! I love that! there something deep whenever they did that!
I realized something... I focused on their eyes, and I... cracked up. XD Kyungsoo doesn't blink that much, while Jongin IS always blinking. LOL I thought he does blink alot whenever he's interviewed, but now I see this, and Jongin's eyes just cannot stay still. KaiSoo though <33 Thanks for the fancam, and the angsty backsong :'3
And at the end they met eyes and smiled the sweetest they could give to each other. =D
they are so perfect for each other, just looking at them next to each other, you know they are 100% compatible
baby dont cry!! omg when is sm releasing this song?!
노래에 두멤버에 !!! 은혜로운 영상이네요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
I'm crying right now ~ GOD ~ I love KaiSoo so much ~
Omg , You're so awesome >.< !! I love Kaisoo !!
lol kyungsoo yah what was that 0:49
Love all your video clips about KAI very much !! KAI & DO are both sweet babies !!Thanks for sharing !
You just have to make everything KaiSoo and EVERYTHING HURTS. WHY THIS SONG WHY ASDF ;AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA; OTL they're smiling and you just have to choose a sad song. really.
best video i've ever seen :x
i think its the song... BABY DONT KEURAAAAAIIIIII.....
Kaisoo the best T________T Love kyungsoo and jongin smile <3
it loooks like they're looking at each other >♥<
geez! this is so beautiful, they both are so perfect. i don't know what else to say, i love them alot<33
Everyone has has their own ship, go find your lukai because nobody cares. You'll just start a shipwar so stop it.
ang butter, you're Kai x D.O. shipper!!!!! LOVE IT :D
I feel like pushing their heads together.."just kiss!!"
agree~~ im KaiSoo shipper.Because of D.O, i like Kai too. and i see, D.O fansite and Kai fansite follow each other. i can sense KaiSoo there.
I replaying it to try and focus on D.O's half for a change, but I can't! KAI!! I LOVE YOU!!! So perfect and when he stares into the camera... *dies*
ang butter >>> you're the best.
i can't... i just keep crying... T.T
why so heartbreakinggg... T____________T
A perfection in one video *~* too bad they couldn't really stand together >< Because of Kyungsoo, I like Kai. I think it's vice versa bcs a lot of people like Kyungsoo bcs of Kai too LOL they're really handsome <3
I wanna know what you use program for this video? Do you have how to this? Maybe I make my video like you. thank you for read it.
Why is KaiSoo always so angsty? lol
No no no ♥LuKai is the cutest shipper♥
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