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Minecraft: Adventures with Nova & Kootra Ep.17 (Multiplayer Survival)

by UberHaxorNova • 285,327 views

Remember to Like!!! ANOTHER MINECRAFT VIDEO TODAY!! Here is our new map. Spoon cant record on weekends, but Kootra was on so we...

3:18 the idea for the first legendary treehouse is born
I can't belive this is considered - Tree Fortress Episode 1!
i fucking miss this terrible mic quality, old nova, old minecraft, old minecraft was so much more interesting because i didnt have minecraft until 2012 and thats when i found James, my entertainer.
God damn dude, i know what you mean, i miss it all, i miss them playing with Max and they've all changed so much, it feels like the family isn't even a family anymore...
I've been against them making The Creatures more of a business (office and stuff) since they first stated the idea and that's all why (things you guys listed).
The nostalgia and memories of the old creature adventures , boy it was a good time .
And years later nova got his wish... He got to swim with whales at the Quad Mountains.
At 3:39 I realized that they used to be Minecraft n00bs. Koots-"How do I make a bench?"
I remember watching his whole minecraft playlist all throughout summer. 2015!!! 
2014 and this is still funny!
"...we also made a treehouse."
"should we make a treehouse?" and so it begins.
Well put good sir. Well put.
January 15 is the day of the tree house legacy
hes not even cookie monster yet :)
james is like 24 now, and this was 3 years ago, why is his voice so different? its not just the bad mic quality
Little did they know what this little platform would start
The kracken is in orespawn did kootra invent orespawn?
What's the texture pack he's using?
Wow this is really old!
yet so much nostalgia 
This was uploaded on mah birthday!!!
This was the god old days back with the old, and original not to mention the best tree house and those crazy spoon moments.
this brings me back
"How do you make an axe again?"
i remember first seeing the first episode with spoon and then this came along and i watched the whole minecraft series from you guys all the way to like 180
nova sounds like a little boy :)
the same time they started uploading minecraft i stopped playing minecraft around this update when they added lapiz, squid and wolfs. i played alpha too much
The memories.....................
@UberHaxorNova Holy shit dude I just got minecraft on the xbox and I put in the seed TROLOLOLOLOL give or take a few OL's and it spawned me in THE FUCKING TREEHOUSE MAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS SO FUCKING AWESOME im replicating the treehouse in it thumbs this up if the seed works for you to!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D
This is how it all started... Cookie Monster and Indiana Jones Sitting in a tree looking in the water for squids and talkin over Skype.
If that update hadn't fucked up the world we wouldn't have this tree house series..... TIME RIFT
IN THE BEGINNING Kootra created the wooden platform
i think it was 5 OL's im not joking the map was almost an exact replica of the treehouse map
USE BONE MEAL NOW!!!!! just joking lol
It took me forever to find the old treehouse playthrough. FinnaLy found it
so this is the first treehouse series. I watched the reborn, and wanted to see the orginal. Success!
Omg, a normal calm convesation on youtube praise the lord i have faith in humanity again
It's weird them talk about stuff they want when modders implemented all of that like drawbridges, dolphins and anything that the creators haven't done.
9:46 marks the first block of the original treehouse. I doubt either of them could predict what a massive legacy that block would eventually become
i just watched the newest episodes of treehouse reborn and this returns
And thus the words wer spoken "hey wana make a tree house" these words spoken on this day started so much
GRATS for not seeing how it was not top comment when I WROTE THAT
tags: inn your butthole ... smack frag nuke combo case hero this is deff not call off duty ... 360 hd and whatnot condom dog... kootra smells like fish... WTF??
3:33 Did kootras brown days start there?
Why hasn't there been a black and yellow chicken parody? Why the hell NOT?!?
Nova, the guy that kills sheep with their own wool.
wow nova actually collected his workbench back then dont remember seeing that happen xD and you wont see him do that nearly at all in these newer episodes
No man, you are BRO! Even though there in really early minecraft when emeralds didn't exsist.
Coterie Craft! My fav Texture Pack!
they made whales, dolphins, now we wait for krackens.
from i remember, you needed shears for the sheep on 1.7.3, and you could plant sugar cane on sand, walk through sugar canes, etc. It could be new additions to it (though i dont know why they'd be added)
I'm confused about the texture pack. Is this default, 'cause I don't remember it like this...
it was better with nova and sp00n
They added the new ore... That blue shit lol
nova did not have near 200,000 subs when he started that
And so begins the mighty tale of The Treehouse, that lives in legends to this day, and forever to come.
at 2:45 kootra said there should make dolphine but he dosen't know in asgard adventures he got killed by one
XD you can hear Nova's old computer :3
3:14 - With that sentence, a thing of beauty was born that lasts to this day.
do you not know about the creature treehouse? your missing out
The episode that started it all
When i found out this map was the same as the new treehouse i seriously pooped in my pants i never saw it coming:L
why do i cry wen i watch the old one MEMORIES YEA
Ah, I love how Kootra says "Yaaay!". Watching the whole series for the first time. Gah.
They didn't know this but making this new map caused a reaction with time and started... TREE HOUSE ADVENTURES!!
l4d and tf2? u might as well combine them. use tf2 classes to kill zombies. yep that sounds like fun. and i want spoon back on the game :( meow
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