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Let's Build: A Kingdom #8 Lord's District

by YOGSCAST Sjin • 382,112 views

Part 8 of Let's Build: A Kingdom, this episode we hit the richer residential area of our city and provide our nobles with all the comforts they require. Music by Texture pack:...

i built every thing  manually and it took five friking years!
You need to build an adventure map. Srsly.
Why is there always a sheep in the hole sjin is making?
he maby want to keep it all as sheep as possible :D?
maybe start building houses with Tudor building ideas  
Sjin has got 2 MC accounts. Filming on one computer, building on the other.
No, it's another player using a camera mod(Can't remember what's it called). I've seen the shadow of a player in previous episodes.
Depends on where you are. Sometimes there is no direct inheritor of the kingdom, so they have to choose from a branch family or something.
That area would flood really easily
He is most likely using a mod to let him do that. There are a few out there for download. Camera Studio Mod is one of them.
But it's scary because you can see a mysterious shadow. Maybe Herobrine? Or Israphel? Or maybe Notch himself watching over the world...
i think it is the camera studio mod, which is a free mod avialable to download
he has a laptop at his desk that is signed into a different account and he moves it every so often and it records for him
i think this build is good ive taken insperastion
lol I was just waiting for him to kill the sheep that was trapped inside the walls
Love the ship's name! (and everything else of course :)
Wait, so what did he do for the regular ones then?
how did you come up with all the different designs for the buildings?
and to prove it look at 03:25 you will see a shadow of him if you look closely enough
Watching sjin making these castle while i'm making my dirt huts
He gives the World Download once he finishes the world
Hey if you say " I've benn sjin" it makes me think " who else would you be"
What texture pack is that and gives you the dynamic light ex. All those shadows
actually i think its lb rpg realism, it looks more video-gamey
Make sure you add sewers. If a bad storm hits, the Lord's District will be the first place to flood.
3:18 perhaps an apple(iPad, iPod, etc...)
I think he should have used wood fences, the park should have a lighter atmosphere.
I fall asleep to this, and Sjin's voice soothes me in my dreams. :D
Hmm it might be just me but I do think SJin "Likes" the colour red......
I wish that I could build like Sjin!
though, strategically, its a smart choice, even bandit knows the rich reside in the upper ground, so they head there first when pillaging a village, or a kingdom, ignoring the poor/ lower level (earth wise) area, therefore protecting the rich. even though this may sound a bit cruel, sacrificing the poor for the rich, it is the mind-set of the old days. whether or not this was implemented is unknown to me, but (i think) would have been a smart idea.
sit down under a tree with an apple... reminded me of a guy called Isaac...
i don't understand why the lords' district started at a lower level, though. seems like it would be easily flooded, and that the upper storeys would be overly vulernable to agile thieves.
i think he just has a really insensitive keyboard and just pays a slave to press the button now and again.
he is useing crackstone bricks but his texture pack looks like dark stone bricks
I know it's sad that the lamb is now buried under stone
does anyone know if he's using photo realism or RPG realism because they're both on the link to the texturepack. Also in addition, what resolution does he use?
Hes just got another player using a screen recording program, hes also using the camera studio mod, its easily done with programs like Camtasia, or stuff like that.
If the rich die first, it leaves more money to rebuild....
Yeah it looks like it was sucked into a void hole lol
If you remember there are four types of Stone Brick, Regular, Mossy, Cracked, and the ones that are in little blocks. I presume the dark ones are the latter ones.
What Texture Pack Are You Using. Is it Ovo's Rustic Pack?
You can see his shadow in this episode aswell
sjin Is really good at building but how slow is the camera going if its moving that slow but its in super-fast forward
lol so whenever it rains, ya made sure the Lord's district is the very first place to flood :D
how would they enjoy the sun under A TREE
I really think that sjin likes YELLOW not red
in creative, if plunk down a double slab, then middle click it, you can place double slabs without having to place two slabs per block.
WOW sjin your a true architect this build is truly an impressive one.
Ah but this is a fancy kingdom, not so common kingdom :D
you should have kept the xxx house, covered it, built the rich district over it, and have a hidden passage within the rich district to go there, for a good time, the poor go to the tavern....
they did use mods without permission, you cannot argue that. illegality is another issue
The windows of the first house built in this episode bugged me because he didn't make them symmetrical even though they could have been symmetrical.
They have, actually. From time to time in history. look up elective monarchy on Wikipedia.
The mod itself doesn't record, so someone else has to do that
Not really ambiguous, If you don't have permission you're not allowed to use it. I know it's not as big a deal as some people are making it sound but they cannot really claim to be in right nor do they try
He's using another account for the cinematic camera views. With the shaders mod he's using, your able to see the shadow.
will this map be available to download? its awesome :D
Yes, the mod makes a 'dummy cameraman' that apparently also has a shadow.
What's the song called with the women singing?
A new king needs to be elected?
Camera Studio displays the camera as a copy of your minecraft player, indicating a look of someone flying around key points recording you. Thus, creating a shadow that looks like a player. :D
God Sjin you are the most awesome minecrft builder i have ever seen!
Is he saying terrorist buildings?
@Arachi123 you mean Regular,Mossy,Cracked and Smoothed
Is anyone else tird of that Thomas American Dream Ad?
sometimes you see a shadow as if a player is recording tho...
every one can build like sjin it just takes some creativity thats all and some practise
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