Sportsmen for Obama

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You should be with us in 2012, join now: http://my.barackobama.com/sportsmen4bovid Barack Obama addresses gun rights and receives the endorsement of Ray Shoenke, Washington Redskin great and...

"The only way they're going to take my bazooka away is out of my cold dead hands." Charlton Heston Ok, grab it fast before he's resurrected.
Ya and what if a man gets his step daughter pregnant, you sure wouldnt want her to have the baby it could be bad for the marriage. And you wouldnt want the police involved either. Vote Obama.
Simply put...Obama is the man!!
Oh this and much much more. If McCain and Palin win, you know who will pay the price the most? Young girls who are victims of rape. Yeah, Palin has said that even if her youngest daughter is brutally raped and becomes pregnant as a result, she would force that poor child to have her baby. In addition, all rape victims will have to pay for their own rape kit that may help bring that scumbag rapist to justice. If you care about your young daughters at all, DO NOT allow McCain and Palin to win!
Since the govt declares an "EMERGENCY" every 30 seconds thats a good thing Apparently there was an "emergency" during the Clinton years.
Obama supported a law against the government confiscating guns in times of "emergency"? That's fantastic. One more reason to vote for him.
If people are worried about their guns being taken away, why doesn't anyone ask them why does America take away the rights of Americans who don't have the right skin color or speak a different language, or are not considered to have "normal" sex, or maybe believe in a different god? Why don't we talk about basic human rights? It's supposed to be ONE NATION, WITH LIBERTY & JUSTICE FOR ALL. It's not and if McCain is elected, you will see less rights and movement to the FAR RIGHT.
Thank you for posting this. My roomate thinks Obama will take his many guns away.
I wish it was, because guns kill, mame, injure, cripple Tens on Thousands of Americans each year. The whole conception of putting an explosive in a small casing, and attaching a projectile atop of it was to do as much damage to another man as possible. It is an inherent biological trait to want to kill other humans, and guns only expidite that. I wish all guns at least machine, and hand guns were banned in America to start.
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