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"TNT" - A Minecraft Parody of Taio Cruz's Dynamite - Crafted Using Note Blocks

by CaptainSparklez • 93,462,161 views

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Anyone remember the good days before eight years old took over Minecraft? And when Notch ACTUALLY made useful updates? Or the time when Sky actually cared? Or when Vanoss was at 1Mil And Sky was at 3Mil? Anyone remember when Tf2 wasn't invaded by fucktards. I hope all of you do cuz ANY popular games now a days is gonna dunfuck... So have a happy day! CUZ Eight-year-olds are going to fuck any other "cool games" left...
+ThePlayingSingaporean TPS Pixel graphics  aren't considered bad graphics.
I remember.... I remember :'( Everything was so much better back then.
Thumbs up if you're watching this in 2015 Bishes :D
Like, if you are watching this in 2015
I would've liked if that was a grammatically correct sentence.  
+XphraGamer lol no computers back then but you could have time traveled lol  
Remember the good days before eight year old's took over Minecraft? Remember when cobblestone had more contrast and Grass looked more bright neon. And when the land actually looked good. When the mountains would go so high that the trees would reach the limit and cut in half. Remember when PaulSaursJr. built that hot tub or did minecraft dad? Well i remember because I don't know about you guys but i found out a way to play the old update on xbox. Just simply delete the update in the system storage. I wish people would still make old version servers. If you don't know what i mean by "old", then you don't need to read this.
Minecraft was better a few years ago. It's still a pretty good game tho.
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2:12 Horse in background. :0 ...There were no horses back then. o_o
good old times, Minecraft 1.7.2 Beta was last good one.
60 FPS video uploaded in 2011 :O I thought YouTube converts all 60 FPS videos to 30.
+CrizerPL Xjjfjfhhdhbfndbhdhdhdhdjfhdfhdhdjdbfhudjdudhgfbdfhdidhdbddhhfjdhdhfjfjfifjfbfbfhfhfjidhfhthhd
This is how I discovered minecraft, the first video I've ever seen! So many memories :)
That moment when most kids are more mature than some adults.. Example : 6 YEAR OLD TROLLED IN MINECRAFT! A teenager harassing a random kid. Seriously. And some teens love to grief, too. What kind of impression are we leaving on the little 8 year olds? You guys are older people, be more mature. If you want to have a little fun, play with friends or something. Don't show the 8 year old's that it's okay to troll. It's not okay.
I think it depends on how u spend ur time playing this game. U go on a server full of immature kids, or u invite ur mates over and have fun on lan. Its really our choice. If were gonna rant we might as well make the smart move first
I remember when the bow in minecraft was a fckin Machine Gun!!!!!
People who say minecraft sucks now or Jeb sucks..... are you people even aware of the fact that Bill Gates bought minecraft this year? Also, if you hare it so much, just don't play. Dun try to ruin it for other peebles. And also nice parody <---- person who's 3 years late
Captainsparklez said MLG PRO before it was cool
4 Years later....
who kills a pig with a shovel?
steve creeper killed
Holy shit... it's been 4 years?
Like if you are watching this in 6.3.2015. at 11:15 paris time.
lol it is a horse at 2:10 I was thinking horse coming with 1.6.4
Btw i glitched the like button on this comment so it doesnt work if u press it
8.000.000 подписчиков аухеть
Teebag is goat and now his sulpher's mine.
wait...wait wait wait wait is it 60fps??????? It was uploaded 4 years ago!!!!! HOW?
watch this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I used to listen this a LOT when this cane out, I didn't know the lyrics, or what they meant (except the basic idea) and now i listened this after a long time and oh man, the lyrics are great! Of course the song is otherwise great too, but i just didn't realise how good the lyrics were
best minecraft song ever. it make me remember old Minecraft versions. :D
did anyone else see the bird
Ok, the category for this video is incorrect. It's supposed to be Music, not Gaming. (Reply to me, and tell me if I'm correct)
I loved that video. I watched it like 10 times  that's how much I loved it.
Wait this is from 2011 and I saw a horse when the trees burn and some explosions that's weird
It was an Animal Mod... One of the Most famous back then
Srdjan Stanic Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
onda se nosite u p***u materinu  :D
did you know that some of the grass blockes are different???!!!
Ya because this was old minecraft grass was darker
No he's using an addon in mcpatcher
Look at my YouTube channel
I shoot my Arrow's in the air sometimes sayin ayyyyo creepers kayyyo
There is a horse at 02:12 there were no horse when this was made... WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?
Aaaaaah... good explanation
Ehm... Thanks there was the Mo creaturs (sorry for spelling worng not form americka) 
Did anybody else notice the horse at about 2:12? It's the same exact model as the ones in 1.6... SPARKLEZ PREDICTED IT
I came to blow blow blow blow... didn't think of that one, did you Sparklez. xD
Oh look 2 birds in 3:04 :3,wait what?Why are there birds,I remembered they didn't have the More mobs mod on minecraft before...
Did you make this with 1.6 and up?
It's the mo creatures mod at 3:06 you can see a bird from mo creatures he had it installed when it first came out in 1.7
i love this video i love you capainsparklez
The best thing ever and it is cool
I'm so lost how is this on my chanel playlist
When I was younger i thought crap was a bad word XD
Did anyone see when he was making TNT gunpowder was sulphur?
Fire aspect and sharpness V enchantment will do it
Minicraft TUT ребят тут чо все англичани
Want to animate something for me contact me
Un like if u Will watch this on 2017
Your internet sucks balls
Was it REALLY made from note blocks?that would be hard.
i like it but it needs more tnt
He said swig instead of sip
I make texture packs sub and contact me through YouTube and we can make one togather :D
Is this animated I can't tell
at 2.38 you can hear captian sparkles voice 
check out revenge song if you dont belive me
Now he ruled the world in the FALLEN KINGDOM. But his son killed The Herobrine
+Noah cg3 just wanna point out that this song was the first one CS ever made... :p
+WhisperingBulbs I know I meant like he got more serious in revenge
Hey guys what's the real song
Dynamite by taio cruz
this is the video that made minecraft popular
I think RoosterTeeth had to do with it too.
this brings me back to old minecraft, so many fun times ;)
Yea with all the old sounds and the shadows !😆
um at 2:14 at the bottom i think i see a horse how is that possible this is when u can't pull back ur bow
There was the mo creatures mod and another mod
bow bow bow minecraft mine
dont kill the pig hes cute my little brother said
Hello welcome to YouTube, you must be new
this song is like dynamite byt diffreat
god you ar a 3 year old
Horse? Before Horse Update? Edit? I don't know someone please clarify for me...
It was a mod called mo creatures
Whoa 19 MILLION VIEWS!!!!!!!!!! GO CP AND TNT 
Its 91 million lol
wat version of the game is this
Hes cute and he sings very well
That was not him singing
+holo51man1 yeah and when the yogscast made shadow of israphel
Remember when this song was the shit...
It's from the mo creatures mod
TNT - A Minecraft Parody
Dude!ThisVid is da best
you Parody to candlelight!
candlelight is parody to tnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IN 3:07 THERE IS A bird????
+Isak Knutsen woot and when forge didnt even exist and we all used modloader ^_^
yudie jawa Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
nih buat kamu nih keeren
emang enak hehehehe
Kaylee Fisher Shared on Google+ · 13 hours ago
Captian sparkles is a Good singer
Someone TNTCD comments about you to you tomorrow morning tddtgd moofgh 💻📺📻💿📱📀💽💾📼☎📞📟📠📡🔊🔉🔈🔇🔔🔈🔇🔔🔕📢🎍💝🎒🎓🎆🎇🎐🎑🎃👻🎄🎅🎋🎉🎊🔮🎈🔮🎥🎥📷📹🚽🔧🔩🚪🔨🚬💴🚬💣🚽🔫🔪💊💊💰💰💴💵💷💶💳💸📲📧📥📤📤✉📩📨📯📫📪📑📬📭📮📦📝📄📃📑📊📈📉📜📅📋📅📆📇📁📂✂📌📎✒✏📏📐📕📗📘📙📓📔📒📚📖🔖📛🔬🔭📰🎨🎬🎤🎤🎼🎧🎼🎼🎵🎶🎶🎻🎻🎹🎺🎷🎸🎮👾🎮🃏🎴🀄🎲🎯🏈🏀⚽🎾⚾🎱🏉⛳🎳🚴🏁🏇🏆🏆🏂🏄🎣☕TNT
AbdulAziz AlFalah Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
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