House Budget Trailer: America Deserves A Better Path

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House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin previews next week's FY2013 budget proposal. You know, I was here -- in Congress -- in 2008 when we had the economic crisis. It was a terrible...

Ryan and his Republicans STARTED the Great Recession!  Obama's ass wasn't even in the White House when it began... please, people, read a fucking book already sheesh!
ill give u one more chance, yet again...there is nothing called obamacare i know fox fills ur head with garbage, so really try..try hard lol
jTNTBROSj wasn't necessarily saying that conservatism is a bad thing. He was speaking in terms of the political spectrum. The truth is, both extremes (far-left and far-right) would be bad for any society if given free reign. Most of the people who oppose Obama either refuse to give him credit for (or are too ignorant to understand) his policies, which have been a mix of liberal and conservative ideas. For example, the healthcare mandate was first conceived by the Heritage Foundation.
Part of Ryan's genius budget is reducing pension benefits to railroad workers to be on par with those who receive social security. He's completely ignoring the fact that railroad workers contribute double and sometimes triple into their own pension system compared to that which is contributed by those covered by social security.
Bush != Every Republican. The tea party started because of Bush's bailouts! Maybe you were too young to remember that.
What have you done for your country lately besides acting all high and mighty on YouTube?
Amen my friend he is a truly great man who is a truly brace soul.
Uhh? So the 750,000 jobs we were losing month after month during Bush's last term weren't unemployment? Please, shut-THE-fuck-up-you-delirious-piece-of-shit-hypocrite!
Fuck off and die you republican piece of shit. No more tax breaks for moving our jobs to other countries, yeah that's right. Repubs support giving money to the rich to move jobs overseas. Remember when Obama tried to change that and the repubs in Congress shot that down and said Obama was anti-business. Why should anyone get a tax break for eliminating american jobs. I'd make the rich cocksuckers live in the third world country they relocate to and they would not get a penny. GOP=Traitors!
It took 30 yrs for Republicans to systematically KILL THE AMERICAN DREAM. Who can trust a party whose #1 STATED GOAL is to deny Obama a second term? The GOP has given us 2 MONEY LAUNDRYING WARS on the national credit card, EPIC ECONOMIC COLLAPSE,THE TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMIC FALLACY,REVENUE DEPLETING BUSH TAX CUTS, THE WRATH OF ALL NATIONS, THE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA,etc,etc. ......Now PAUL RYAN, REPUBLICAN HIPSTER DOFUS, has made it his life's mission to DENY US MEDICARE!..................ENOUGH!
Have you read the plan? You do realize that nothing goes into effect for anyone over 55. The new plan...which we need, as medicare will soon be bankrupt...does not take away any care at all. It is the same care as the politicians have in DC, giving Americans a choice of whether they prefer private or public insurance. If you have not read the bill, you need to shut the F up. You are just spreading more hate and fear and have no fats whatsoever to base it on. READ THE BILL.
In 2008 Bush Jr was the president. Millions of people lost their jobs, trillions of dollars in wealth gone! The crisis caught the GOP by surprise because they refused to do anything in the leadup to it! Let us ask you a question now. That president & congressman who saw it happening and decided to do nothing about it are both you & Bush Jr! What do we think of that person - nothing! The GOP have gone on TV saying after the 2008 loss, they decided to block everything from Obama for a shot in 2012
as heywoodjublome1 said the democrats controled the house and senate. Then "750,000 jobs we were losing month after month during Bush's last term" wouldn't exclusively be Bush's fault i guess?
You are full of shit, FACT! The national deficit stood at $10.626 trillion on the very last day of George Bush's second term. FACT! the current national deficit stands at 15.9 trillion dollars. FACT! 10.626 trillion minus 15.9 trillion = 5.3 trillion dollars. FACT! you can't fucking count. FACT! I'm not surprised because you are a Republican piece O shit! FACT!
This is what the budget cut for taxes: "eliminate income taxes on capital gains, dividends, and interest; and abolish the corporate income tax, estate tax, and Alternative Minimum Tax." that means that the richest (Corporations) would pay less taxes, how the hell are we going to get rid of debt when we are taking in less? We need to take in a little bit more from those who can afford it and spend less. It's not rocket science.
Lets blame all our problems on the previous president, okay?
I was exactly where I hope you were -disapproving of the spending. Also, Bush is not the biggest spender any more.
A Budget will not fix the problem until you get rid of the problem. KILL THE FED. The FED Prints money. This causes inflation. Then we pay the FED to print our money Plus, interest on the money. This is a ponzi scheme. Cutting Welfare and Medicare will not fix the problem. KILL THE FED.
What fantasy world do you live in where there is nothing called "Obamacare"? Please tell me. If there is indeed nothing called "Obamacare", then why does google return 8.78 million results when you search for it? Dumbass.
That is right, you're part of what created this disaster.
lol, and here you are voting for the same party that made "95%" of the same moves AGAIN? Who's the fucking retard, retard? YOU ARE!
History lesson: Republican leadership and republican policies caused the economy to collapse. We're no longer collapsing under a Democratic president. Hopefully this clears up your confusion. Obama/Biden 2012.
"in power"??? The Dems had control of the House and Senate since January 3rd, 2007, the economy soured in Septemeber of 2008, and the Democrats had control of congress from Jan. of 2007 until Jan of 2011....check your facts next time
I dare you to name one program or policy implemented by republicans that has fundamentally changed the course of this country and changed the lives for the good of all Americans over the past 30 years. You can't because it's always been a Democrat. Progressive minded people have dragged you neanderthal republicans kicking and screaming through history. We look to the future, you cling to your guns and bronze age fairy tale book in the back woods. Democrats change the world, you destroy it.
Damn he's hot. This vid is nice to watch with the sound muted so that the barrage of mindless dribble seeping from his misinformed hole aren't a damper on his gorgeousness. Love you Congressman Ryan...........MUAH! lol
Thank you for your opinion. Do you have any facts to back it up? LIsten to Ryan's interview with Chris Matthews - he takes on exactly what it will take to have reform (and yes it requires politicans who are not interested in re-election as much as fixing the country). How did Bush sabotage social security? Market economics and pure numbers of population growth showed bankruptcy decades ago mathematically. It's not a shock it will go bankrupt down the road.
"the top 10% own 70% of the wealth" There is no data to support that claim. How about the fact that the bottom 40% households pay NO income taxes at all; in fact most of them RECEIVE checks from the government? LMAO Now you claim the stimulus created 3 million jobs?? They claimed unemployment wouldn't go above 8% and it stayed well over 9% for almost 2 years. It created at MOST 600k jobs. Obama increased the public debt by 23% of GDP in just ONE TERM; can't blame the GOP for that.
yes because Obama has gone from a 1 trillion deficit to 16 trillion in less than 4 years. Oh ya 4 more years of Obama would be great! NOT!!!!
Nice renege there you fucking spineless twat. You can't even manage to stand by your own assertions. At first you were practically burying your head up ol' Mitts ass and you abandoned him at the first instance of being called on your shit. You are one sad fuck aren't ya?
cont.. them, when they had the last olympics in china the olympic council was concerned over the air pollution, like i said do your home work, deregulation is bad, youre 21, u havent even lived a quarter of a century, go look up ecological disasters in america from 1920's to 2011, & see why we have regulations, then get back to me, like i said youre a naive youngster & dont know the history of what u espouse to, if there werent regulations guess what we'd still have lead in gas, no clean air...
As an Australian observing USA matters, it seems many have come to realise Obama isn't the "Hope" and "Change" he promised back in 2008. It looks like he is doing things that run completely counter to American fundamental values and thinking...Many aren't happy with the way the country has been led. Obama tries to cover his poor economic record by politically attacking his opposition through distractions...People are getting tired of it. (USA isn't recovering as it should under Obama.)
winner winner freakin finally.
Oh, so now the economy belongs to Congress? Guess the current mess isn't Obama's fault, but Boehner's.
The only reason people buy into socialism is due to envy.
Please explain to us how it is tilted just to benefit the 1%, because despite what you think, the 1% actually helps the 99% a lot more than you think.
@ryanmxn..and you are a fucking IDIOT..
The economy was rebounding from a recession and his tax hikes were hindering the normal post-recession growth of the economy. The boom of the 90's didnt come until we cut taxes. Republicans voted against his budget because they wanted to control SPENDING so we wouldn't have to raise the debt ceiling. Sound familiar?.. The Chinese currency manipulations have had no effect on our unemployment rates. Chinese subsidies of state industries need to be dealt with, but not by applying our own tariffs.
Sigh, Obama's not conservative at all and Ryan isn't conservative either despite his protestations. It's your MSNBC mindset that would say the extreme leftist Obama is "moderate" and needs to be "given credit" (or his policies are so great they go over our head) and the wishy-washy RINO Ryan far-right.
We are the government. Of by and for the people, remember that? It's unfortunate that our politicians separate "The Government" as if it were it's own monolithic entity. That may be how it appears as a result of bad laws, passed by the representatives of the people, but it is none the less the responsibility of the people. Who by the way seem more interested in the Kardashians and American Idol than good policy more often than not. It's unfortunate that societal apathy has led us down this path.
I would give my left nut to see Ryan debate with Warren Buffet on any issue regarding American deficits. Too bad the media would never allow it...
This guy is as far right wing as you can get. Honestly Barack hasnt done the best but considering when he got into office we were in a recession and the stock market was in very bad shape. Then Barack turned it around and fixed. That says something. So definitly vote Barack.
Few will understand this but now is NOT the time to draw down the deficit. The job at hand should be creating jobs.
ok let me give u the facts about paul, 1st off he's a racist, 2nd he wants to regulate youre bedroom as in sodomy laws, 3rd he wants to deregulate everything, banks & we know how worked out, look at 08, pollution controls, air, water, land, hes anti abortion as he wants states to do his dirty work, AKA states rights to violate the constitution, as with gay rights, he believes in creationism not evolution & hes a doctor, i do like his militay & drug policies but thats it, hes a religious freak...
Actually, Republicans were in the minority in the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate. Dems took control of both in the 2006 mid term elections, and Dems still control the U.S. Senate. None of the fiscal policies that reached the President's desk from 2006 to 2008 were passed without a Democrat House and Dem Senate approving it.
Ryan order two big wars on credit. Ryan gove huge tax cuts to the supper rich without any way to pay for them. Ryan supported Bush/Chaney despite incredible desception. Shame on you! Instead or working we get lies. President obama will go down in history as one of the great presidents, because the opposition is so blind and inept. I am sincerely sorry to be so harsh, but this is really upsetting fakeness in the face of critical national, international, and environmental challenges. Disgusting.
I've worked for the railroad for 17 years as a conductor and engineer. Taxpayer money is not used to fund our pensions. You are on point on this subject. I know the repubs have no intention of paying us back the difference that we have paid into Tier1 and Tier2 compared to what we would have paid into social security. This is railroad workers money and comes from a solvent source and yet Ryan lies about the facts and tells the country that railroaders are costing the country 2 billion a year
That's what they say to get their foot in the door, then they start making more and more cuts because Romney hood and his p90x pool boy Paul Ryan want to dismantle anything having to do with Government. They don't even believe in government, so why are they in it? They want to raid Social security so they can profit it from it. Not for the benefit of the citizens. A vote for Romney is a vote for shackles.
I dont really know who this YOBOMA guy is your talking about but maybe while your getting a dictionary and fixing your caps lock button you can do a little research! Unemployment during the great depression under Hover and FDR was 18-25% :D
yet again u are unable to form a cohesive response lol... there is nothing called "obamacare" go ahead now, attempt to respond....
He said DEFICIT. In his comment... Not national debt. You understand that when you have a deficit. You have to borrow more money right? Bush Added to the national debt by creating the deficit. He created the deficit to give to give tax breaks to the Rich. The same people who financed his campaign. LOL then the pathetic attempts at connecting Obama to Bush. Romney hood is Bush 2.0. Not Obama. haha.
Get your fucking head checked. The Ryan budget would not make any changes for people 55+.
Paul Ryan's acting is worthy of a bad porn film...
If you look at extreme right wing, yes. But PR is not far right wing. He's common sense libertarian economist with a conservative social value. I find Obama's policies not congruent with our founding principles, documents, nor processes - and yes, I understand and have read a vast majority of his policies and arguments. For example, healthcare mandate was only upheld through some crafty SC opinion writing by JR. Probably will be rescinded in 2014 when the act cannot withstand anti-injunction
Since Reagan, the GOP has known that 2 things had to happen to ensure it's survival.. To DECRIMINALIZE the illicit acts of all REPUBLICANS & their CORPORATE BACKERS, the supreme court had to be STACKED with ROGUE JUDGES. To have unlimited sources of cash for a well organized DISINFORMATION MEDIA MACHINE skilled in the REPETITIVE ART OF LIES & HALF TRUTHS, Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission had to happen. THE BIG QUESTION NOW IS..HOW MUCH MORE OF THIS BS WILL AMERICANS TAKE?
Paul Ryan went to school on social security money because he lost a parent, then he wants to kill off social security and close the same door he came through. We are a socialist republic. As evidenced through our military, post office, center for disease control, health department, CIA, FBI. All socialist. all functioning pieces of society. You must be a fox viewer. Maybe you should switch to coloring books? try to stay in the lines k?
Where did you hear they're confirmed by the Senate? That's why Obama has so many czars, unelected people who make regulations and answer only to Obama. It's not up to Congress to decide who is an isn't qualified to make those decisions, it should be up to the patient's doctor, not someone, elected or not, sitting in Washington who is concerned only about the cost. Yes, I agree that Medicare and Medicaid costs should be reformed, but it needs to start with getting serious about stopping fraud
Paul Ryan: Rich man's tool and budgetary fool.
You'd like to think so but in truth I've worked harder in a day than you have in a year bitch. What your little stick-up-the-ass thinks about me matters not, you are probably some cooped up house wife that gets fucked by your lameass husband whom probably has a smaller dick than a child. For "fun" you probably go to church and lip some conservative boring as shit christian music that would put the rest of America to fucking sleep. Your Hitler/Satan ticket is going lose so get used to Socialism
The debt crisis was created by the Democrats when they changed the rules that made banks loan mortgage money to people who could not prove their income and people who could not afford it. Good Old Barney Frank.
Maybe its because he isn't acting. He's the only politican I know who willing to lay actual budget detailed all by himself. Something almost every other politican is afraid of doing because of the all the attacks.
America does deserve a better path.... not the Obama/Bidem path... that has failed america's economy. A restored america Romney/Ryan 2012
Yes, Ryan is 'The Rich, Rich Man's Best Friend'. Nothing Ryan plans is regarding 'the least of us'...or even the Middle Class. Listen carefully...don't let America be tricked again!
Democrats change the world, but not for the better. Giving people who don't do shit is not a good thing, it rewards failure and punishes those who work their asses off to support themselves and their family.
We must solve the debt crisis... by cutting taxes. Also, I guess Ryan thinks negative real interest rates are a sign of a coming debt crisis. I'm not so sure.
Well our incumbent can't even explain the problem. I'll take that any day. Furthermore, I would rather someone get out of my business, stop spending my money, and turn their back on me and leave me in peace to achieve on my own win or fail.
oh god what are you talking about? Bush was president, but Congress was Democratically controlled since 2006 fucking idiot. How can you possibly have three likes honestly? I am not trying to defend Republicans they played a huge role in the collapse to but the fact that your incorrect statement can be propelled to the top comment section is scary.
bologna, hes stated he wants to eliminate civil rights legislaltion from the 60's, as does his son rand, his news letter contained racist material thats a fact, & your wrong u said it he wants states to make thier own laws, which is his secret agenda to eliminate womens rights & gay rights which is unconstitutional, wake up, as for deregulation have u seen pics of china latley, go look at pics from 30yrs ago & today of major industrialized parts of china, no more clean air, water, land, cont...
When did I ever say Mitt Romney? Oh right, never. Fuck off and die retard. Obama WILL lose 2012 and America will be back on the right track.
I hope I can believe you ; it sounds nice. However, it's hard to do so because the proposal is so vague. It is even harder when I check my memories. How can make sure you guys are not lying again? How can I make sure you are not frightening us to achieve your own goals as you guys had proven us before? Unless I have a clear answer to all these questions, I can't believe you.
u do know that the gop & republican presidents are responsible for about $14 trillion of this debt, reagan took it from $900 billion to $3.2 trillion, bush sr took it to $4.4 trillion clinton $5.7 trillion subtract $300 billion surplus so its $5.4 trillion, then youre lover bush retard jr, $9.5 trillion+, so lets recap republitards debt compared to dems SINCE 1980 $13.7 trillion republican debt & counting as in tax cuts, drug progam, wars, interest as we speak, dems about $2 trillion since 1980.
First, each member of IPAB has to be confirmed by the Senate, so your elected members help decide who's on that board. Second, If they don't have any medical expertise, blame congress for confirming someone with no medical expertise and the president for recommending them. Third, the panel makes RECOMMENDATIONS, all of which can be overruled by CONGRESS. And finally, you don't think that when it comes to medicare and medicaid, gov't funded treatment that we should look at costs?
What does the term right wing mean to you? Spending less than or equal to what our revenue is? Not promising more than you can give? Freedom of opportunity and from restriction on your business? Subscribing to our country's founding principles as enumerated and enlisted in our founding documents?
You can look it up if you'd like. Just copy and paste the following quoted text into Google: "Empowering States to Innovate Act". The first link from whitehouse.gov is a blog by Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who explains it all in plain English.
Everyone knows Bush spent a lot you shit head, the point is that Obama has spent more money in 3 and 1/2 years than Bush did in 8. FACT.
Oh, forgive me for forgetting how capable the Democrats are when in power! If only at some point did the Democrats hold the White House and both the House and Senate with enough votes to pass whatever they wanted - then surely Democrats would have used their economic genius then to fix everything. Oh, they did have that? And they used that power to spend more, create more government programs, and then failed to pass a budget? So I guess that just means that all the Democrats are useless idiots.
Fixed my fucking ass you stupid lib, the only reason why the US economy is tanking is because jesus Obama has spent 6 trillion dollars in 4 years, which is more than Bush spent in 8.
Personal responsibility goes both ways. If a welfare recipient is drinking themselves to death, that's on them and treatment should be attempted. I'm talking about grandma who is in a wheelchair on dialysis and the blind man and the young child with diabetis, what happens to them under the Ryan Plan? Are they collateral damage? Is that exceptable to you?
No, YOU clearly don't understand. Don't speak to me in that condescending tone you piece of shit. I know what the Goddamn House and Senate are, so stop acting like you are a political science fucking major. As for unemployment, mix around, switch, change, invent all you want, the fact remains your Mr. Bush fucked up our economy, gave tax cuts to the filthy rich and got us into two massively expensive wars. Bush was losing 3-quarters of a million jobs a month. Obama inherited your failure's mess.
he only knows what BET and MSNBC want him to know, Democrats are the most uninformed voters. That is a fact. They vote only buy what the government will give them.
LOL doesn't know facts so he says to google search it
if you had even half a brain and did that search you would hvea seen the list of facts that ar far too long and detailed to list here in these restricted replies. Nice try though. Why do you hate America?
Wake the f*** up. And get a hold of yourself. Look what this president has done to this nation.
Paul Ryan is a despicable man. How in the world did he become a Congressman? You stupid white people voted him in, and he is going to destroy you and yours.
Look up the Independent Payment Advisory Board. 15 unelected bureaucrats with NO medical expertise at all. They're there to decide on a cost-analysis basis what treatment a patient gets OR is denied. You're the misinformed one!
"we may as well tax them the same" i dont think u want that just like i dont even want that. if they were taxed the same, they would pay much much less. the way it should be is that if usee a buissiness and think "that guy is making too much money" then nothing should stop u from starting ur own buissiness and selling the same product for a lower price. when buissinesses hav more money they can invest it in where they think is smart. that money does our economy more good than the gov
Then did Obama double the tax breaks for the rich... he has accrued nearly the same amount of debt, or more even, in 4 years that Bush did in 8. No matter how you spin it, Obama has outrageously extended our national financial crisis (not even including wrecking economic conditions - separate matter). Yes, Bush was a big spender, but Obama spends like he's on a spree. The number don't like - only way it looks good is if you try to compare percents which is an inarticulate and misleading stat.
Why do they delight in our suffering? Why do they enjoy watching us lose our homes, our businesses, our families disintegrate, the sick and disabled die in solitude? Why do they want to rip all dignity from us and step on our neck, spit in our face, send us to war and discard us when we're injured for them. What pleasure or reward is worth the suffering of their fellow man to cause such deception, hatred and contempt? Republicans are evil, no matter how pretty the face, or handsome the candidate
no all we need to do is go back to clinton era taxes, cut military in half, fair trade as in raising tarifs to the same levels about 20% that china & others charge us, we charge about 2.5% tarifs on imports, eliminate DHS & DEA & thier 1 million+ employees, legalize drugs, stop all oil, farm subsidies, that would pay off debt, cover all social programs, its just that simple, ryan is a douce bag, a corporatist, the gop is anti capitalism plain & simple....
go look up pauls news letter on indipendent sites, as with his anti civil rights stance, youtu.be /PvbJBHhqftc heres aonther vid that brings up his paper, & he states being in favor of jim crowe laws, youtu.be /IbyZlFMASSM the epa is a needed entity, so u liked it when deep horizen spilled 100's of millions of gallons of crude in the gulf because of bush & cheyne's backroom deal with BP to self regulate is this a correct assumption of your views on deregulation u espouse to take spaces out l
ur statement is so full of retarded.inbred fail lol hahaha, lol!!!
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