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Handsome Baby

by angela • 651,114 views

Sometimes, you compliment a baby's looks. Written by: Angela Trimbur Starring: Angela Trimbur, Natasha Leggero, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, June Diane Raphael Directed by: Jeff Seibenick

So what if it was a load of guys doing this over a baby girl. The tables would turn, wouldn't it?
I think this is fucked up. I mean, it's basically some weird sketch about pedophilia being funny. But I just felt super uncomfortable watching this. And I dont think, the people who find this hilarious, would feel the same, if a guy did the same sketch. Talk about equality/hypocrisy. (I am a woman, btw.)
Insight-the reason it's uncomfortable for a lot of guys is that' it's a bit too close to home for their liking. Plenty of guys I've known looking at teenage/underage girls out and about or in images have said things about how hot/cute they were and what they'd like to do to/with them if they were legal or when they were grown up a bit more. This skit just turns things on their head and takes it to the extremes by making it women looking at baby boy photos. Also it's not a stretch to represent the husband as a baby. Some men haven't grown up, throwing tantrums when they don't get their own way or taking out work frustrations on their wives when they return home. Also shows woman making excuses for the bad 'baby' behaviour of the husband to friends (& family). This skit has depth :)
Insight: I think you're over-analyzing the video far more than the makers intended. hang out with some WEIRD guys. Perhaps it would help cure your sexism a little bit if you stopped hanging out with such a degenerate crowd.
With women it's apparently okay until they actually do something. With men you can't even look at a little girl normally without labels. Disturbingly true...
Wtf did I just watch really is this supposed to be funny this is sick if this were men doing this we would be locked up for this crap ...
LOL. I just gotta say for people with dark humor this was funny as fuck.
This was really fucking weird.
That was really disturbing and gross :/
If it were men doing this, they'd be in trouble. This was ridiculous and disgusting!
WTF I just liked when the baby slapped her and everybody acted like it was major abuse. But seriously whats the worse he could do? Drool on her??!! Lollolololololooo!
this is fucked up....
WTF! HAHAHAHA! But damn she is hot... and Natasha Leggero, damn!
THE WAITRESSS FROM "sunny in Philadelphia"
That moment when the baby walks in wearing a suit I was like because it wasn't weird enough
what the fuck did i just watched?
we need more... Potato.
That... was... BRILLIANT XD
Well that was plenty disturbing...
fuckn pedophiles! natasha leggero tho 
Woman doing this, funny. Men...creepy and sick. Woman can get away with this. Kind of.
Haha. Yeah this is funny until you think about a bunch of men gushing and getting erections over a picture of a five month old baby girl. Double standard people.
That moment when the baby walks in wearing a suit I was like because it wasn't weird enough
Hey sister how as you going?? a hug from Brazil, when you will got a trip to visit me??? heuehueheuehuheu
wat did i just watch???
OMY!  this was hilarious!   =^..^=
The fucked up part is that this is still up after a year and a half, but imagine the gender-swapped version... it would be down in ten seconds, and everyone involved would be in jail, or dead.
yep women get away with allot of shit
Wow did you see that baby he slapped her
Well, i still like it, but this is quite disturbing
that was kind of disturbing
Ew they all sound so horny,well done tho XD
Angela your videos are weird as fuck but i'm glad somebody is making weird shit like this on the net.
I was uncomfortable watching this /: no offense meant at all But I felt awkward...
Best on the web. Irony, baby!!!!
LoL they all went speechless after that baby slaps her. In a real life scenario i hope the police is called ;D. This was quite funny.
This was so fucked up. Easily the funniest thing I've seen in a damn long time. Love it.
I swear she needs more subscribers, the view and subscriber count don't match. D:
Man, love the kid!! so funny!!
This is so unconfortable O.O I couldnt make it pass the 1:14 minutes mark..
seriously wtf?!
Am I in that weird part of youtube again? HAHAHAHAHA I laugh so much at this, nice vid!
Is that the waitress from Sunny in Philly?
Cute little guy in his suite btw when he stumbled in I thought well someone took a detour coming home well he did almost fall twice hey baby go to sleep u drunk
a little strange ending, but overall funny
jajajajaja all they are cute girls 
I'm almost positive the one girl in the video is "The Waitress" from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
She is. I wonder if we will ever know her name...
If a man were to say anything remotely like this theyd be jailed and called and child rapist, but we all know that women are superior and equality is no longer good enough for them.
Alright then. Let's just say, guys are more open about their perverted thoughts than women. Does that sound about right to you? Why are there studies that prove that men think about sex far more often than women? Is a sexual crave different from perverted thoughts? Am I not speaking the truth when I say that men desire sex more than women? Ergo, they think about it more? 
+Junior no i dont thin so men think about it more because women dont need to because they get it more if men  got as much sex as women they too would probably think about diferent things ! 
This was so bizarre - fantastic
this is so wrong but is so funny
That fucked me up a little
It's the waitress! 
Now, imagine if it was a bunch of guys sitting around looking at pictures of little girls. People wouldn't think it was funny then. Double standards whatttttt. 
ANGELA keep up the vids!!!
John Doe Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
Pedophilia and sexual degeneracy. I smell a Jew.
lmao this is probably the funniest things ive watched all night
Si was watching Epic Rap Battles... somebody please walk me out of this madness!
But guys dont think of babies as being "adorable" or "cute". Only women do, so it is funny
i dont think i have any moral standards to what can be funny, it's just this isn't kinda, funny?
ROFLMAO!!!!!!! The pimp slaps, my ribs hurt!!!
One of the funniest videos I've seen good job!! :)
If that was a guy... Well let's just say someone would be arrested
Hello Angela. I know you don't know me, but i have been watching your vids for some time now. And ive come to the realization that I want you to be my wife. Im usually not a jumper but with you, i know that that will be a great decision. I know you don't know me but i am a good person. I teach pre k and i know how to treat a woman. I live in Syracuse, Ny but I will relocate just for you. I hope that you will see what im saying and please email me. I would be honored to answer anything.
From roadie to actress she really is funny, beautiful, and talented
Double standard. If those women where grown men, and that was a baby girl, I guantee this would be considered child porn
I would probably find that more funnier than this.
I have a dog with bad breathe, so I watched this video to the end.
Not ish, just straight up pedophilia :/ Also, i wonder what would have happen if this was with guys instead...
I find it funny how everyone's commenting about pedophilia, but spouse abuse, THAT gets a free pass...
WTF ? funny but men could never make this type of vid without being called PEDO's
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