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Microsoft Surface Keynote

by The Verge • 1,406,023 views

Microsoft unveils its new Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets at its June 18th event in Los Angeles. More from The Verge: Subscribe: Check...

It's sad looking back at this and see what mistakes they made and what they could of done right from the start.  Microsoft needs to understand consumers first.
Apple= Simplicity Android=customization Microsoft=Choice
I forgot how bad this actually was... Microsoft has improved A LOT with this kind of stuff in the past 2 years. 
"It is incredibly and strong" 13:00  
This guy is uncomfortably awkward
M$ : "Screw Steve Jobs' "gentle migration." Let's just include plenty of tutorials before the end-user can start using their PCs with Windows 8." /sarcasm
13:40 shows rhey haven't practiced Apple have a specil routeen that they teach the computers and presenters so it's impossible for anything to go wrong
They bragged about patents roughly 5 minutes in. That's straight up disgusting Microsoft, dick move
wait they didn't actually cut the part where the useless brick lagged?
13:39 ooops! epic fail (oh wait! runs and get another tablet!) HAHA
Wow. That was awkward
Mac user passed by here
The camera guy is all up in their faces.
I am working on a video project with my Surface RT (aptly named "Surface Reimagined" for now). The video will include a list of innovative "out of the box" ideas you can use your Surface tablet for!
Alan Pope Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago (edited)
Found myself re-watching the Microsoft Surface Keynote after reading +Paul Thurrott article on Windows 8. I forgot how painful that keynote was to watch!.  Microsoft Surface Keynote
+Peter Adams I would give you more +'s if it would let me.
I would like to get it to install arch so bad on it!
SERGIO NUNO GONCALVES Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Curti cada segundo
So because you know an obscure piece of knowledge... that makes you smarter than me? You must be REALLY REALLY stupid. Can you try toning down the stupidity? It's hard for me to resist commenting on how stupid you are when it's so easy...
Where can I get to buy one and how much is it?
@29:45 OMG White and blue Surface!! (Look in the back)
They never showed the internal software capabilities of the device. I don't care about the technology. I only care about what I can do with it.
Flexible yeah and that's how we ended with viruses.
i agree, it is a horrible presentation of some good product. what a shame... Apple REALLY knows how to handle a good keynote event, present the product, and engage the audience. This is sleep-inducing..
So everyone who doesn't do thing the way you think they should be done is a "jackass"? And you don't need computing power to make Word Files, or even to watch 480p YouTube videos. A tablet can handle any of that.... the only thing a laptop can do that a tablet can't is gaming.
So they carry them like jackasses in hands all the time? Yeah some does that, but most doesn't everyone who is smart puts them in a bag and you don't see them carrying it, because its in a bag and you don't know they even have one. It doesn't need to be a special bag for tablet, but they do make bags for tablets, they make bags for everything, even my pocket pc has a bag. I would rather bring my desktop pc to work than a tablet, at least its up for the task!
YOUTUBE WAR! Dude are you actually serious? How am I dumb or uneducated? Just because I actually LIKE what Microsoft is doing at the moment?
"you fucking retard" should be "You fucking retard.". "wheres" should be "Where's". Question mark is missing after the word "correction". Space is missing after "correct" and "diarrhea". Comma is missing after the word "now". Period is missing after the word "nigga". "im" is missing capitalization and apostrophe.
Windows 8.1 is an update, like the service packs previously were (remember win xp SP3, and vista SP2), it simply was too big of an update to be a service pack, so they called it 8.1. so, essentially, all companies should just let all their products die because they are not perfect and hence they suck, is that what you're trying to say?
You're probably right seeing as the RT is hardly selling anyway.
Instead of RT, Microsoft should've designed a LITE version of Surface PRO. (running on Intel cloverfield for long battery life). Would've been less confusing.
Everyone who posts stupid comments on how Microsoft's Surface had a freeze up..Are you ignorant, or just oblivious to the number of times Steve Jobs had a device freeze up, or had to have one of his tech guys come out and help him? Glitches are pretty typical in unveiling. There's a reason, after all, these devices aren't on shelves when they present them. Only glitch I've seen Microsoft have that is legitimately worse than anything Apple's had is when the Windows 98 demo blue screened.
a tablet with a keyboard, why not just get a laptop which has more features.
windows is soooo desperet its rediculus
this thing is awesome, Finally something I can use to take notes in class. I had an iPad 3, used half a dozen different apps for notes, but nothing beats good ol' Word.
his line after the crash "surface works great for entertainment as well..." lol
Wow your brains must suck that was a reference to makeuseofgeekystuff post that was posted yesterday. While this has some truth its not meant to be taken THAT seriously. Looks like your brains are not superior to mine at all.
omg lol does the device crash at every keynote
im really bummed the screen doesn't change colors with the touch covers like the keynote says it does. I asked Microsoft surface support (messages) on fb, and they said it never made it into the final version. im mad, cuz that's sooooo cool!
price is a put off with these.
it's time for ballmer to fuck off.
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What is he doin on 13:43 haha lag
Hahahahaha he change the. Tablet at 14:30 because it sucks hahaha
I want a Surface RT, but not Windows 8. They are two different things.
Mr Gates, can you make me a millionaire? I shall give it back when i am a multimillionaire.
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That's not why I said you were dumb and uneducated, but thank you for further proving my point.
Hm, wondering if the Surface Pro is still worth it. I love the functionality and all but the battery life might be a dealbreaker for me. If they include the keyboard with the purchase, then it's a yes.
Yep, I'm sure you do along with the 10 other people outside of Microsoft's employees that bought them. lol.
This is where I walk away from this argument *walks away*
The beginning of the end. RIP Surface, RIP.
I don't think RT can get viruses - unless said viruses are coded for ARM, which I doubt will happen.
At 14:42, when he says, "I'm happy to show this new Netflix application", it seems really robotic.
LOL, call me all the names you want but it doesn't change the fact that the Surface is unsuccessful. Nobody wants it. People are getting tired of Windows and want alternatives. Apple's got this one so just shut it.
Glitches at 14:10 are sad, but still this was a pre-release unit. The Surface RT now doesn't have theses glitches problems and actually they are now much better than they were in last October, thanks to the successive updates. Still, there's still missing some key apps, but the Windows Store is growing fast. I cannot go somewhere without my Surface RT now and my iPad is really sleeping a lot these days.
What? That makes no sense. WHY am I - according to you - dumb and uneducated?
That guy Panos Panay is THE worst presenter! Comes across as an arrogant robot, speaks in business BS, repeatedly refers to it as "product" & have very distraction off putting gestures. He needs to go to a course in presentation skills or watch a few Jony Ive ads to see how it's done.
Oh please stop being such a delusional MS fanboy. So the fuck what the iPad can't run Photoshop. Nobody but a fart-brained idiot would run Photoshop on a tablet. Yeah I can some dumbass trying to do color critical edits on 10" Surface Pro. GTFO. Surface Pro or RT, in reality either one will be used to surf the web and check emails while running Anti-Virus and you know it so stop your bullshit.
no argument there. You're totally right - MS has way too much resources to not have an awesome Chrome/FF competitor yet. The only thing i am missing in IE10 though are all the extensions/plugins i have in Chrome. At least MS knows that IE sucks. Ever saw the new commercial? Very funny: watch?v=lD9FAOPBiDk
Seriously back at cha. Apple wouldn't make the RT and that's why they don't. Get off your "I love Microsoft so much I need to apologize for them trip", it's about the operating system, what it represents for the consumer and how easy the consumer can interact with it. And please let's not go there about Brand Names, 10 years ago Apple's name wasn't taken seriously so shut it. You're just upset Microsoft is taking a dive and people are becoming disinterested in their crap.
at 15:50 when he showed the stand. the room was silent *chirp chirp chirp*. but when Apple announces something that should've been there all along everyone cheers. So odd. realistically, that kick stand is not that useful unless you want it at that exact level. would've been nice if it's adjustable.
LOL, name calling now? U MAD? You sound like a childish 12 year old stomping his feet. Sorry if it hurts you that Microsoft needs it's fanboying loyal customers like you to help con people into buying their loser of a tablet. LMAO, you're just so mad. What a little baby you are. Now, go drink your formula and clean out your Windows Registry so your PC can boot up.
When Apple says "it just works" they were correct the iPad came out after a few years of us getting used to iOS so when iPad became available it was like second nature. Windows 8 is way too new and different from what windows used to be. The interface takes getting used to. at $349 for RT, it's not a bad deal since it's got mircoSD slot. Kick stands is good but prevents users from using a full protective case
sry but this just seems like a bad fake of Apple's WWDC to me. The way the product is presented is boring, nobody is clapping or laughing.., this guy at 13:30 tries to show the new IE to the audience but it freezes so he quickly hides the tablet away. And why is this slideshow always flashing randomly...? However, I see Microsoft raising up against Apple - just take a look of the design of iOS 7 - looks like Windows 8? Looks like Microsoft is the leader in design now with Apple copying.
win this think on my lottery/giveaway/contest channel. seriously. thumbs up so ppl can see
all those guys in the back have macbooks :-P
Imagine a guy carrying a tablet everywhere you he goes, what do you call him? Tablet also can't do photoshop or about multimedia such as video editing, this all can be done on laptop and its much more confortable to use a keyboard than touchscreen.
It was not memorable, because tablets sucks in general. Too big for pocket and too powerless for laptop = totally useless device. The reason why it didn't get popular, was because people couldn't find an excuse to own one instead laptop. Reason why iPad got popular is not because people who buy need it, it is because it is Apple. iSheep buying everything that is from apple is nothing new.
It looks Awesome AND Gimmicky! I'm so fucking conflicted!
iOS in general is just a drawer for apps, nothing else.
you do realise Microsoft created the first Tablet...?
Something about this presentation reminds me of "Despicable Me". Hmmm.... "Light-bulb!"
because that's ridiculous, for one. if a product is bad, you take it and make it better, you don't throw it out and quit, that's just plain stupid.
Skip this one and get the pro version, that's a real tablet PC
64gb is about 1k here taxes in with keyboard, if you want a flashy color its even more.
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