Parrots Rescued from Smugglers

by uzoouk • 8,284 views

This is the story of 200 African Grey Parrots, who were rescued before they fell into the hands of smugglers. They will be released into the Kibale National Forest in Uganda. Click to subscribe for...

We saved an African grey from people who couldnt afford to take care of her, but sadley she got very sik and passed...... So i am going to like this to deticate this to Coco my loving parrot. :)
@tyrannoboy123 haha at least it will keep away the smugglers!
smuglers ? but you want a paroot like that as a pet.. i dont understand people :|
@uzoouk do u have any videos about wolves, I am a huge wolf lover and would love to work with them when I'm older, or any other type of animal :)
1:11 pooping parrot good awesome cute vid thanks for uploading!
did any body see the shit falling in the back ground haha1:12mark
Cool way to rehab and release.
i actually want one of these parrots! :) But I'd only buy them from a breeder
Auwh, Rio doesn't seem so bad now.
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