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Ulaan Baatar - Ulan Bator

by Francesco Dendi • 33,570 views

A short presentation of Ulaan Baatar, the capital city of great Mongolia.

people there do not look attractive
Strange ladies that like to investigate holes! :D
maybe your such a tard not able to distinguish the various sentences i 've written
@turuu214 Yes, I loved it. Getting there on a journey from Europe, it was like entering Asia! I ',d like to get back in Ulan Baatar!
Nothing special about Mongolia
i love'd it there; i was there a couple of days before i want to go back in summertime :) i hope i can make that with the money. :( ... i love it there! and - i lived in a ger like you showed on 2:45 with a great family :)
having genghis khan as your forefather isnt much of a resume for putting freedom and liberty as a national slogan.
looks like a dreary, communistic, bland city...but it must be tough being sandwiched between 2 behemoth countries like Russia and China. Perhaps one day, Mongolia's patience will pay off
It si not expensive. The only expensive thing is the travel to go there. I went there by train, by car and by bus and I saved a lot of money by travelling along with peolple of the place... It is not dangerous at all. If you are in good health you don't find any problem. Then the sightseeing is wonderful: I like wide open spaces and deserts so I was plenty of energy because of those places
Of course he was, I haven't would and would never disagree with that. There is however an inherent benefit of using the personage of histories #1 genocidal maniac as a national treasure. That is a deep phycological impact on its southern neighbor, China.
it looks like a very quiet place, nice
have couple of questions, is mongolia dangerous? how much can a trip cost aorund? and how was the sightseeing?
@bimbalek777: Bimbalek Ive been to Detroit at Uni for a semester. UB is much better than detroit. UB is going through growing pains since independance from Russia. Detroit is dying out. Beautiful country :) Hoping to visit someday
@workatthefarm - well, there are a lot of places in the world that make Ulan Bator look like paradise.
denditube did u enjoy ulaan baatar?
@BOGZASV8MA Sorry that is not really true. I studied history. His grandson Bat-Khan when he invaded Russia there were many Russian soldiers died in the battles. That was war.
Ya but it does do well conveying a "don't fuck with us" message.
Looks like Detroit these days.....
... Im beginning to wonder if your a bot. Thats 3 times you've made the same reply.
Instead of the stupid government sitting in their mansions not thinking about the residents that take a shit in holes!! That country should be more developed! Instead the government doesn't want to update the country to 2011
genghis khan murdered millions of european type caucasians that use to live in central asia
1:50 I'll have some Flippy cereal.
i love'd it there; i was there a couple of days before i want to go back in summertime :) i hope i can make that with the money. :( ... i love it there!
not to mention being in league with genocial maniacs like HITLER AND STALIN and all of the serial killers combined.
Again conveys a nice "Don't fuck with Mongolia" message I mean China could rick roll the shit out of it right now, why don't they? Reincarnation, Gengis Khan would come back and fuck them up.
sda ene olborrch uxex gj bsan amitan xiisen ymuu baingiin delguur ntr-eer xeseed bxiin
everything is so foreign and interesting isn't it?!
@denditube it IS Asia. im from Mongolia i love UB the best city in the world for me even tho it sucks compared to other great cities around the world. it's the best city for me
Does it look like your the poorest east european country named Romania?
@pillarsofserpents - Dakar, Senegal is not the prettiest city. but my point really wasn't to out-do your statement. It was to curb the negativity.
me ci è voluto fino a 7:48 per scoprire che eravate italiani
hehehe dud you are so funny. Is life in Hungaria and Poland, Bulgaria worse than in Romania? Lol.. you are a such shameless moron!!!! i see a lots of romanian thieves and prostitutes on the street of the UK. People from your country really pollute Europe everywhere. Think of your own problems. Do not stick your stinky mouth in our beautiful country.
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