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Soldier Surprises Girlfriend During Beauty Pageant, Then Proposes

by Ring On The Finger • 1,841,510 views - Videos of Marriage Proposals Sent in by Lovebirds Across the World A special moment at the Miss Miami USA Pageant as contestant Lia Anter had an amazing surprise....her...

To all the people who put in the negative comments, if you live in American and don't like it. I have a few words for you. GET OUT!!!!!!! I will be the first to donate money for your plane ticket to ANYWHERE but here. To those of you not from America, please return all of the foreign aid which you used. If we freed your country from Nazism or Imperial Japan during WW2 or from North Korea and the Chinese during the Korean war a am sorry that you are too stupid to appreciate the sacrifice of others. Right or wrong millions now live in freedom to make their own mistakes because of the men and women who wear our nations uniform.  In short, if you don't like it, FU!!!!!! 
I'm a Malaysians but i totally respect American soldiers even though we have our own soldier that been fight for a long time to give Malaysia freedom and i also respect American soldiers because they give their family a big suprise in any way they can i hope that one  day when i grew up i could live in America sorry my bad english
Geeh whizz.... that was a bit of a rant, but I live in Ireland, and I have always fancied a holiday in America. Would you pay my flight to come over?? Please please please;-)
He just left Iraq, after killing millions of innocent people there, and destroying other millions of houses, Damn I feel sick of how people think and feel in the wrong way!!
i can't help but think you have never even stepped foot in the middle east, that you're just an ignorant prick who gets all of their info from the media. because if you consider terrorists as innocent people then you yourself need serious help. unless you've been there and seen it for yourself, shut the fuck up. besides the U.S. isn't the only country over there fighting
You truly are the definition of a fucking idiot. Go and find yourself a nice big truck to jump in front of and get smashed
She homed in on that ring! Haha!
Isn't that the truth😂😂
And then there's me sitting at home eating cheese puffs
Really, human are strange I am sorrow about those who have been killed or missed.
He is a soldier people need to respect him.
1 million iraqi deaths just to value this guy before his beloved girlfriend ang give some emotions to the zombified public. this world is a big mess
+ShepherdofFire What country are you from? I willing to bet my ass unless your from shit hole of a country yours has done worse. Most of the battles and wars the U.S. have been in were due to us responding to calls for help from other countries.
Inappropriate time and place.
I knew I should have joined the Army........
I think she's more in love with the ring.
is it a big rock is it a big rock
is it a big rock??? LMAO
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WOW... I'm speechless! It was like  ascene from a movie :D Lucky girl. Wish you the best
I was hoping some crazed gunman would run on stage and gun her down while the boyfriend watches in shock and horror.
"Electric Strawberry". 25th Inf.
The official term is Tropic Lightning.
wait, so did she win??
Did anyone else hear that fatso saying "is it a big rock? is it a big rock? let us see the rock!" BAHAHAHAH
David Došla Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Aww.. That remember me when I meet this guy at MDA camp and his Dad was a solider...
congratulations sergeant
I'm being serious, Where are you from? Your spelling is terrible,and your grammar is awful.
I wish i was a marine and come home to my girlfriend or wife
that night...was a good night for him ;)
It's unfair to other women...but I think she absolutely the most beautiful one that day!!
"this is a big rock! this is a big rock! this is a big rock! i have to show them the rock!" Is all she cares about the size of the damn ring? Selfish bitch.
girls: clapping and being in awesome dresses :)
announcer is a dumb fuck......that bitch jealous as fuck you can tell.
Word.. well.. she LOVES him :) Equally hard to find.
Is it a big rock? How about congrats instead!
This is like my 17th video of this.
Is it a big rock? Is it a big rock? You have to show your rock. We all know that she really meant another word that rhymes with rock.
I read through some of the posts however I feel this is a decent youtube video. My younger brother wants to become astonishing with ladies. He came to understand a shit load from a web page called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The strategies for attracting chicks at clubs from Master Attraction got him his very first fucks in 3 years. I was bothered though coz I heard them all. Nasty.
Who gives a shit about the ring? No, the size of the diamond doesn't show how much you love her. Surprise! If my girlfriend says she needs a $10,000 ring I am going to buy a plastic ring out of a gumball machine. The ring is a symbol of commitment, the joining of hands for eternity, not how big the diamond is -_-
"this is the ex boyfriend who just left Iraq" huh??????? ex boyfriend???
move your onions cant stop cryinng or smileing ahh help
I still wonder how many chicks in the back were wondering,"Does this mean she's gonna win because that shit is unfair!"
If you have to buy a big rock to get married, shes not the one.
she basically called him fat haha jk jk
Hahahahahaha those girls are like fuck!!! This bitch won it all
"Is it a big rock?" (3 times) "You have to show your rock!" - Geez lady!!! *facepalm*
Oh hunny you're not supposed to take the ring lol he's supposed to put it on you!!
Am I the only one who thinks she has the face if Anna Kendrick?
He just got home from iraq lady...he didn't just leave it.
If your talking about the marine.And if you live in the usa,then yea he is in your country.
We're soldiers, born with balls of steel, he's one lucky dude.
making a comment on the size of the 'rock' is no more silly than the fact the woman is on a beauty contest...
Somebody is gonna get laid tonight! O'right!
my........ god he is SMOOOOOOOOOTH!!
I know I will get get called on my comma mistake.
Exactly. Trying to steal the limelight by acting "cute". What an idiot. She needed to shut the hell up and let them have their moment.
ONIONS, focking onions everywhere !!!!!!
Our ancestors did not need diamond rings to get married, or laid, neither do i
? This would be considered corny in europe or We just don`t do this stuff. Why would anyone cheer for this??
i bet someone got laid that night
that bitch loves her some rocks got damn go smoke some lady
=======D --- --- ---- ---- >--[-o
Dumb cow, "Is it a big rock, is it a big rock? Gotta show us the rock". STFU!! (o_o)
such a cute proposal :) congrats soldier hoorah electric strawberry!
the host lady seemed to be taking credit for the whole thing at the end. All the credit goes to the soldier for earning his way back home.
bet we will remember this moment and think.....what it really means to go 2-44 in Call of Duty MW3....44 men who wont be able to do this to their families....just think.....just think...
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