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Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution w/Nova Ep.7 - THE AVERAGE PLAYER

by UberHaxorNova • 307,103 views

Leave a like to show some love :) DAMN THAT GORILLA Facebook: Follow Mah Twitter: Shirts:...

You guys are haters XD keep your troll mouths closed LOL
John lorenidus killed James
Do you know who Toby Turner is? First I was part of his audience, then on one of his vids, I saw a PewDiePie video as a suggestion on the side, loved it, so I became a bro, and then, around the time pewdie was moving or whatever I saw a vid of Nova's as a suggestion, and now I'm a subscriber of all three (: eheh
It's all because of me :< I shouldn't have typed this comment :/
lol best combo for star getting is leisure, star warning, and slow mo star
hey, I know you don't like whatever they posted, but look at it this way, SO WHAT? I don't care what you think about shows, nor do I care about their opinions.I just want to watch nova rage and and look at nice, funny comments about THE VIDEO.
i don't know whether to be happy about that, or utterly disappointed.
Why? :3 I ain't breaking the rules. Except that one rule about blue wool.
The more you hate the more bronies we get so Keep up the hating nigger!
what's black and white and red all over.... a unipanda exploding
Yo use the power up that make ls it so if you miss a star u dont lose ur.evolution like if u miss a star as panda u stay as panda insted of the 3 combo insted of 4
Arguments, arguments everywhere..
right as i went to post that same thing i saw ur comment lol
they should make a robot unicorn attack Nyan Cat version
In the name of (whoever the fuck he was)! -dies- And that is where my ass fell off from laughter.
If you use the combo continuer you can miss one but still get all 3/4 stars without starting over.
alllllwayyss, I wana- FUCK!! FUCK!! FUCK!! when I start singing I just, like, screw up!! 5:23 ahhh, you're awesome Nova(:
finally someone gets it! some vids i say my opinion and all i get is "You suck, your such a troll, F*** off ,if you dont like it dont watch it, ect."
Novas stephano is blullululululululul use it more nova
hey in your fucking face i got to dragon lolololololololololololol
@bargie1023 why the hell are using that word? What's wrong with you.
Ive never heard this song before in my life and after i watched the last video i have had it in my head, i was in work yesterday singing it the shit out of it!!?? what the fuck is it? lol
What does the portal power up even do?
i remember i played this game and got to dragon but i didn't use leisurely so it was fast as FUCK
Original Version: Nova: Aaaalwaaays, I wanna- *gets reverted* F#%*! F#%*! F#%*!!! My Version: Nova: Aaaalwaaays, I wanna- *gets reverted* F#%* YOU! See what I did there?
Come on in that vaginalorditus GODDAMNIT FUCK *BAM* LOL! 7:11 - 7:14
Just admit it, you're a brony, no point in hiding it, only a closet brony would come up with that comment.
I watch the vids just for the song! XD
♪ Always I wanna be with you and make believe with you and live in ♪ harmony harmony ♫ XD
I wrote that 1 Month ago. Sadly, I don't think you noticed the three hundred billion comments that I wrote about that.
what has this got to do with robot unicorns attack evolution!!!
I didn't say I hated bronies. All I said is that, "SPONGEBOB IS BETTER THAN MLP" BITCH!
Oh man, I was playing this while skyping and the lag was sooo great, I got to the Dragon twice but it took me like 5 minutes to get to it though x'D
I beat u I got saber tooth tiger already in 3 gos and dragon in 5.
yeah well, you will obviously always have more points on a gorilla than how much you had on a wolf. XD
My friend and i compete at this game, we are both over 100,000, he is beating me though.
I saw all spongebob episodes. Since the very first. Don't remember the name, but I know it was when spongebob got a job. So I have seen all the episodes and you don't know what you are talking about. MLP fanboy!
He's not gay and thumbs up if you have a score over 1,000,000!
im no brony, although i do have a small knowledge of MLP-- i just realized that there's a character named rainbow dash (i think), and i this game completely is relevant with that character. idk lol.
Ha... John laranitus..fuck spellingg.
I'm referring to shut the fuck up, don't even type when you're blinded by your ignorance. Seriously, learn your terms kid.
The best powerups are leisurely, combo continuer, and the horn one (to save you once)...
If your on the one on Adult Swim, the animal after rhino is a dragon. I got there... Then died... I can't get back!!!!
Stay on facebook use the potion that cost 60k in game currency gives you unlimited uses for 1 day you get that back in like 10 min
I missed a couple o episodes ... why is the unicorn black now?
I've noticed there is a flame war on every single one of these videos, why are all the haters just flocking to these videos. Why can't haters and trolls grow up and learn to respect each others opinions, this is the Internet, where opinions run galore so why can't you guys just deal with it instead of being whiny children
"Always i wanna be with y- FUCK FUCK FUCK" XD That was funny
Or it could just be a tattoo, and not a reference to a recently rebooted franchise. No animosity, it's just not necessary to make blatant references to MLP when you know that people are going to start an internet shitstorm.
"always i wanna be with you and ill belive in you and live in h- whAT THE FUCK?" lmao XD
the link was supposed to go to squidward suicide, just look it up, and wildgrinders is a cartoon about skating, it was made by rob!
love the way he says wolf, "the wooof" :3
You should have sticked to the non-facebook version :( Pleeaase~~ But it's a lot of fun to watch you commenting your games xD Laughed a lot! ^^ b
i love that it says "You died, just like your dreams." XDDD
who knows? all i know was that squidward suicide was to scare you to death and make you never watch spongebob ever again.
If it makes you feel any better....the dragon breaths fire
Oh yeah ? I laughed so hard that I died . I am a zombie now and im gonna kill you becouse you fucking lier.
Not if you're on the gay facebook version. Miss one star, back to Unicorn for you Mr.Guy.
I'll cuss if it will make you believe Spongebob is better than MLP.
Screw you. So if i have Asperger's and like to use TEXT TALK means that i'm a Brony? WhatEVER.
Open your blblbl! It means open your *****
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