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Fails of the Weak - Volume 01 - Halo 4 - (Funny Halo Bloopers and Screw Ups!)

by Rooster Teeth • 4,216,372 views

Jack and Geoff kick off a new series of Halo: Reach videos. The FAILS OF THE WEAK! Each week we'll post 10 or so fails and you get to sit there in your comfy chair and laugh and laugh. Oh boy the...

I remember watching this video on the day it was released. Those were good days my friend.
RIP halo fails...
it says halo 4, halo 4 wasn't released until 2012...ILLUMINATI 
These were the days, back before people bitching 25/8 about Jack.
Why would people bitch about Jack?
Like this if your getting the master chief collection on Monday!
i can see that your also getting hyped for the master chief collection
I remember watching this 4 years ago
Nostalgia attack! Everybody take cover!
These videos don't last, today, anywhere near as long as they use to.
Oh I remember this. First YouTube video I ever watched
I'm trying to figure out when I started watching AH... I know it was just before this series started when I subscribed but still... Must be a good 5 or so years ago. Crazy..
Just rewatching every episode again. Good old times tears
I came back to watch all 200 fails of the weak, these always made my Fridays better, Congratulations Jack and Geoff.
Jesus fuck FotW is old. Do more halo ones D:<
I agree Pinkie...
hey u said halo 4 not halo reach, GET OT RIGHT
Thumbs up or comment if anyone else is rewatching these to see good fails again
+Cameron Caves I have to say, I did not expect this many people went back to watch old fails!
Ah man, when FOTW was actually funny.
Me and my friend used to watch these and crack up all the time.
why does this say halo 4 but halo: reach in the description?
i was playing campaign on legendary and on the mission pillar of autumn i used a drop shield, it was close to being destroyed so i quickly moved to the other side of the wall where the shield was still showing to heal myself and when the shield ran out of time it glitched and flung me off the cliff
This was the first roosterteeth video I ever saw, and I have seen literally every video since
you are my favorite YouTube channel. hi jack and Geoff. I watch Achievement Hunter everyday and always send likes.
I remember watching the first few episodes on Halo Waypoint. It was hilarious lol.
When fails of the week was good
I love your videos even though I'm 10 years old but I love your videos and sometimes I have fails on Halo reach!!!
This was my series I watched from rooster teeth. I still remember all these fails lol.
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It's hard to believe that fails of the weak started 4 years ago, like it does not feel like it's been that long.
This was the first Rooster Teeth video I ever saw. Man, it's been a while. 
That last clip is still the greatest Halo win of all time. Who agrees with me?
Oh my gosh! SO it turns out, that I watched this video back when it came out, didn't know Rooster Teeth. Never saw R v. B, Let's Play, Podcasts, or RWBY. Loved it. Forgot it. Found Rooster Teeth AGAIN thanks to my ex leaving his jump drive that had a bunch of Gavin Quotes on it, got up to date on all of the Let's Plays, Podcasts, just started watching Rwby. Needed a laugh, looked up fails, saw this on the list, oh my gosh, it's Rooster teeth, this'll be good Was not disappointed XD Made my week
This reminds me of when they cared about halo fails.
Ah, the good old days.
And thus a legacy was born
XD I love Jack's sound effects 1:48
Happy 4 year birthday, Fails of the Weak!
man I don't have a hard drive but I have fails
Is not having a hard drive your fail?
Re - watching after after watching fails #208 .-. 4 years already? ??
Something's wrong with this playlist... What ever video is playing is put at the very end, meaning it wont play them in order.
It says halo 4 for me weird
Hahah, I remember when I used to always watch these! XD
I had a fall.I charged the covudent pestol and shot the banchee and the banchee wint down to the water
e-e Turn on Captions and at about 1:08 we have funny things.
Funny how they called reach 4 because they thought it was the first. Shlong boy laquan in the house boy
This came out 4 years ago. Wow!
God this takes me back...
Why did they rename the videos to Halo 4? This video came out 2 years before Halo 4 and it's Halo Reach!
+MikeMacBrady it might have been an accident when they went to rename the halo 4 fails from halo reach to halo 4 they might have accidently changed them all to halo 4
+bryce brazee That might be true. But I'm pretty sure they would have changed it back by now.
Geoff spent a little too much time with Barbara before this.
i cant believe ive been subscribed since this video was uploaded...
My first achievement hunter video God, I was 10, it was the day after they uploaded it, I am 14 now and still watching.
Geoff was making more puns in this episode than Barbara
Yeah, I'm actually posting a playlist of all the volumes starting with one.
Bout to watch every episode again <3
Technically it's like the sixth game
Lol, why does it say Halo 4?
Why does the title of the video say halo 4?!?
How come i watch this expecting halo 4 fails when i see past halo reach fails. (The title shows halo 4)
What would a scorpion and a ghost make? A scrost
I swear when ppl say that its fails of the week instead of weak i want to slap them.
The last one I was destroying the wraith a few years ago its been so long since I've seen this
I like the assassination here they completely ignored 1:03
It's going to be 4 years this September 27th.... Wow
algunos delos fails son de otro canal ladron
#2 is weird because once a plasma grenade hits the ground it is armed to blow up three seconds afterwards
the last fail could totally be in red vs blue
Remember when we used to have good fails like these? Pepperidge farm does.
I was in the ending! Elite officer!
It brings back the memories
Sam Kilogarnen Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
if ur having a rough day watch this video of people messing up on halo enjoy :-)
The days where Geoff actually laughed for real.
I miss this Geoff than the new Geoff
To be fair, Goeff is still immensely funny.
What do you mean? how has he changed?
title is messed up...
this started on my 9th birthday
I did the same thing with the eneny revenant, but he got big air. Lol
That was probably the best one!!!!!!
Not so smart on this one LOL!
My friend and i were in the last one i killed the wrath
Wow that's so cool, i swear to god i remember this because i was in the video, i was the one that died in the end.
That is pretty cool. however, I can list the people that were actually in my clip if you'd like? :D
How did the person get evade in campaign?!
Ahh, the good ol' days, when this show wasn't a dull dried out piece of shit that's not worth my time
Anyone Notice That It Says Halo 4 And Not Reach Lol :p
WHAT map was the first 1
devon kerr Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
it says halo4 this is reach
Oh ha-ha, this isn't Halo 4!
anyone excited for season 12 of red vs blue it is coming out in about 3 days I know this is off topic but still I am very excited so I am watching fails of the week to fill in the emptiness while I wait that plus I love fails of the week and I haven't watched them all
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