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Christina Aguilera, Come on Over: cover by Andrea Lewis

by thosegirlsarewild • 19,905 views

Were you the little girl in the" five heartbeats"?
Hazle and cadet kellie<3 love you and your voice<3
wooow yur rlly goood i wish yu showed yur voice on degrassi yu and cassie steele amazing voices<3 and whaat ever happend to yur character hazel? allrighty:)
u sing justlike me remember to sing from your stomach
omggg im in love with ur voicee and you do more videos like this
Very pretty voice keep up the good work
you sing this better then the original singer smh yuh go hazelll
Andrea i love u man! u r so talented
Your voice is amazing.. but you really remind me of Hazel from Degrassi which was my absolute favorite show loll . Oh and your outfit is sooo cuteee ! (:
ur an awesome singer gurly!! keep it up xD
OH!!! I LOVE this song! THANKS for singing it Andrea!!!
OMG ! your voice is so good :) and you are stunning, btw are you a professional singer ?
Andrea = Most Beautiful Woman on YouTube, and possibly on TV if you include reruns of Degrassi when it was still good.
you have an amazinq voice keep it up and youre qorqeouss !!
you sing this better then the original singer smh yuh go hazelll
Beautiful voice Ms. Andrea! Can't wait till your project is released for the masses. Smooches, SK
I wish they just had a like button on
Good job Andrea!! I love your outfit here too :)
You have such a lovely voice Andrea! :)
GOO HEAD GIRLLL I HEARRR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yu sounded great
you have a ton of hair lol your voice is awesome.
My badd....just realized it was Tressa Thomas. Andrea looks very familiar, then.
WOW!! i didn't know u could sing like that BEAUTIFUL!!
@colleenator thats what i kept saying but people replied to me lyk nooo shes on degrassi and im lyk yh i know but shes on cadet kelly too wid lizzie mcguire...i mean hilary duff lol
I love it! Great job Andrea and Joel!
WOW! That was really good!! Gett'em girl!!
yooooooooo... yup thats all i got to say
very beautiful & Christina is a GREAT singer so I can't stand it when ppl cover her songs but I think you did an excellent job
is everybody from degrassi hiding their musical talents
omg shes from cadet kelly too!! lol i think that was it :P
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