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Fully Flacid: Matt Militano

by SLAPskateboardmag • 133,125 views

Matt Militano's full part from the Fully Flacid video. To purchase the full length Fully Flacid video click here:

Glad it worked for you +morad laccident  . I usually do it in my daily routine sched since it only take 6mins to act on it. My penis grew longer and thicker in an inch every 2wks. it increased my girth too.
The line at 2:11 is off the hook gnarly!
One of my favorite parts FOR SUREEE
If we could have a country with an east and a west coast together called America that would be so cool
You don't get why people are liking that comment. Go watch One in a Million 2012... Actually don't. It sucks.
haha i just wanted to see if you'd reply to my comment
00:07 i wanna frontside shuv it like that
what i see here is a guy trying to sell me expensive butter that i can't afford..
one in a million is hella corrupt
aye this dude puked on my bed once and i love him
The song is : Tame Impala - Flow.
cleaner spots, not necessarily better tho and also a larger skate scene
Wrong, I live on the west coast and it rains 200+ days a year. Only Cali has the good weather. Washington & Oregon are fucked.
the funny part, most of these tricks are in lines! Watch other skate vid's , we all know they are usually single tricks.
wow. that was actually really amazing skateboarding
my penis.....its fully flacid :/
Dufuck was he thinking? Psh.. I'm just gonna destroy this here hubba.
i would say midwest, but we all know thats not true... weast coast paha ;p
If only I could stay flacid while watching this video.
philly most likely he's from pennsylvania so probably the big citys
without the west coast, no skateboarding on the east coast
Kept replaying the fs Smith 3 shv out it was so clean
ur so dumb we have great skate spots and a great skate scene
thank you i got nothing! and neither did anyone else
Was that part at 2:10 nc state?
It a song called flow by tame impala
He has such a sick style and he skated some AZ spots
i can skate like this... on skate3
2:13...listen to the 'snap' on ze rail
What does this have to do with Christianity at all whatsoever?
i bet that kid will wanna skate for the rest of his life 0:27
The only thing the west coast has on the east is better weather...
At 2:12 i had to take out a pencil and paper to figure out how that happened
Sick as fuck,Jake Dooley already nollie heeled into the navy yard gap
haha it says "full length Fully Flacid "
00:51 his shoelaces are fucking untied. WTF. kid could skate in bowling shoes ffs.
something by tame impala i forget the song name though
back blunt to back nose was sick !!
2:56 is not possible, great part Matt!!
I think he reminds me of a tech Chris Milic
Dis guy is tooo gooooood haha dope trick selection
wtf, how does this have dislikes?
this guy is from fairmans skate shop and he is so awesome.
wheres 1:01 i know its philly but no idea where
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