Sport Science - Episode 5 - Out of Control - Bad Calls

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Jim Evans, John Brenkus, Base Productions Inside look at the difficulties of being an umpire. BASE Productions

i'd hate to be an ump....they hear it, from fans, players and coaches.
Lol at you turkeys badmouthing Jim Evans. He officiated in seven AL championship series, three All Star games and four World Series. What have you ever done with your shitty little lives? Yeah that's what I thought.
This was great, if only to watch John Brenkus repeatedly hit on the head with a baseball.
The guy was being a dick to represent how players, coaches and fans act. he wanted to make him feel under pressure. That was the whole point.
He called a lot of balls strikes and vice versa
alright guys. here's how umpiring works. where the ball crosses the plate is probably the least important part. the most important parts are: (1) where the catcher catches the pitch. (2) where the pitch is suppose to end up. (3) what the count is. (1) if a catcher doesn't frame the ball and try to persuade him, the umpire isn't going to give him the call on a close pitch. catchers have to persuade the umpire to give them close pitches by framing. framing is probably the most important part. (2) umpires will not give calls to pitchers who miss their spots. if a catcher sets up outside for a fastball and the pitcher misses the spot and throws inside, even if the ball catches the corner, he won't call it a strike, because the pitcher made a mistake so he's not going to reward him for it. (3) hitter's count vs pitcher's count. on a hitter's count: the umpire will give close calls to the pitcher to make it fair to both side. the hitter is already ahead and they have to help make the at bat even to both sides. on a pitcher's count: on a count like a 2-2, the umpire will not give the pitcher the low inside corner. but the umpire will give the pitcher the low outside corner. this is meant to keep the game fair because pitches low inside are the hardest to see for the batter and most hitters don't have the ability to see it soon enough and they end up taking the pitch. umpiring is all about making the game fair and the system we have in place now is perfect as it is. professional umpires are all trained exceptionally well and enjoy their jobs. and i have some of the most respect for umpires because there is this secret art of fairness that they've mastered.
+Peter Van Loon +tRiEtHANDTHeKiDD By framing, he means making strikes look more like strikes.  Here are a few examples.   1. A hard fastball that is darting down at the knees.  If the pitch knicks the bottom of the knee, but the catcher catches the ball with a downward motion, and his momentum takes his glove into the dirt,  that will be called a ball. In this situation, both dugouts see the catchers glove moving into the dirt, making it look low.   2. Same pitch, but the catcher turns his glove upside down to catch the ball.  This will also be called a ball, because according to both benches, the ball was too low for the catcher to field cleanly.   3.Same pitch, but the catcher is able to position his glove as if it was a pitch at the belt, and he "sticks" the pitch (meaning his glove does not move downwards after the ball is caught, that will be called a strike because it "looks" like a strike to everybody watching the pitch.  As an umpire, if any of the first 2 examples occur in a game, I immediately tell my catcher that if he can "stick that pitch" I will give it to the pitcher.  They usually adjust accordingly, which makes for more strikes and for the game to move along more smoothly. A lot of people think this method is unfair and was created by umpires, but this could not be further from the truth.  Most new umpires will call all 3 pitches strikes regardless of where it is caught or how it is "framed", but coaches will give the umpire an earfull from the dugouts when they call the first 2 examples strikes.  With more experience, the umpire will begin to know "what the COACHES" think look like strikes, meaning the UMPIRES are forced to adjust to the COACHES view of what a strike should look like.
+Greg Francavilla thank you for explaining what framing is even tho everyone who seems to be commenting has the general idea........kinda just typed 44 lines for the fuck of it, didnt ya?
Well, the faggot ref should keep his cock-gobbler shut since this is the guy's first time behind the plate. Pretty sure that wasn't umpire boot camp. 
He's showing what it is like to be an umpire douche. 
01:33 -- "we want you to give me a crash course in being an umpire." Boot camp, crash course, that's exactly what this was about.
No wonder he was a former umpire
doesn't the umpire look like adolf hitler
The people calling Jim Evans a 'dick' or whatever crack me up.  Jim Evans is one of the most highly regarded umpires in MLB.  And until just recently, he trained almost every single umpire in MLB.  He'll be nominated to the hall of fame. 
They shoulda redone this episode after Jim Joyce blew Galarrga's perfect game.
that's like my hockey coach haha
That sound effect is out of control.
Umpires need to be dicks because they deal with dickheads who don't know the rules, or umpiring mechanics.  That goes for coaches, players and especially the uneducated fans.  Anyone who says this job is easy is not an umpire or hasn't umpired above the little league level.
It's seriously not that hard
You are seriously retarded.
Looks like Hitler didn't die after all
I watch almost every Jays game and its not so much that he argues good calls (he does) but that he flips out on almost every strikeout. I'll be honest, so does Bautista and a lot of good Jays players...theyre my favourite team but theyre spazzes.
How about we get rid of umpires and let our high-tech cameras do the calls?
Major League umpires make well over six figures. Us guys working our way up here in the minors make well below six figures.
Going to umpire school in a month:D
yea it may be tough but thats why they are also the best at what they do
that umpire was an asshole.... its just sports science theres no need to yell at him. like fuck off
This is why nobody likes umps their dicks
He's yelling at John Brenkus because that's what he went through and all umpires went through...Every pitch somebody was yelling at him...He's not being a jerk he's just giving John the full experience of being a home plate umpire...
a 90 mph fastball is .44 seconds. a 95 mph fastball is .39 seconds
I wish high school umpires were that good xD.
do you play baseball? even if you are not an ump, hitters and pitchers(even more) would know it better than John would
A soccer ball does not go as fast as a baseball, the ball in the majors goes like 180 mph so how bout you do your homework next time. Most pitchers pitch close to that and the baseball doesn't slow down when it's hit.,
Not only that, they wont fire you . . . they cant afford to get rid of umpires. They simply drop your rating and you have to start all over again.
@gjfwang he was giving him a taste of what managers would do to a rookie umpire if said umpire was not confident trust me
A 90 mph pitch leaving the pitchers hand will take .44 seconds to reach the catchers mitt. A 95 mile per hour pitch takes .34 seconds to reach homeplate For a hitter though, it means that you only see the ball .2 seconds because the study is done in the measurement length between the pitcher's realse point and the catchers mitt. By the time it crosses homeplate and gets to the catchers mitt the batter wont see it any more.
did you see the pitches he was arguing about? 6 inches off the plate...
I think you're totally wrong. He was brought there to establish what it's like to be a major league umpire so he showed all the things that make it a tough job. If they would've had months or years of time to practice I'm sure he wouldn't have been like that. He was just showing the quick version of the job.
Its obvious John Brenkus hasn't played baseball before.
@baseballstar6784 The fact that umpires "make a decesion that is happeniing reaally fast" doesn't refute the argument that they're the most vilified. If anything, it lends credence to the argument, since they have a chance to miss a bunch of those calls. You think players and fans say, "He missed that call, but since it's a close play with fast action, it's okay"? More likely, it's "Get some glasses!" "Why is he getting paid to do this?" And all team sports are probably hard to ref, period.
It was pretty clear where all those pitches were, how john brenkus called that one a strike when it was about a foot outside is beyond me
that episode said it was a 90 mph not a 95 mph ball
@Mordeci819 I took the 5 week course from jim and he is an awesome teacher and he gets you prepared for what you will see when you call games espically in high school and younger where "Little Jimmy" is gonna be a major league star one day.
Also the batter might never even pick up the ball fast enough to have .2 seconds to see the ball and read it. Because baseball hitters have litterally see the ball from exactly the realese point, read what type of pitch it is, track it, and also grasp the pitches speed, because you don't want to swing to early or too late, it takes the right amount of timing to get the baseball on the right part of the bat. Reading of the pitch, and the seeing of the ball from the releasepoint is very hard
Honestly a referee in football probaly has the stressfullest job
brett lawrie should watch this lol
''since u broke me down , can u build me back up ? just give me a hug '' lolololo
@TeccaN9nja But this is not the right attitude displayed by those coaches and players. If anything else they look like sore losers and really bad sportsman. If I am a player I will fully support any decision made by the umpire. There are 2 sports that seem to pay careful attention is paid to etiquette towards players but mostly to the umpire (its a tough job) rugby and cricket. I have seen players question the umpire but not following and harassing him. This is coming from a fan of soccer.
dude you shouldnt blow those calls. lol they pitch like 45 mph
whens the baseball at its fast point...from release or gains speed the slows down? I need an aswer....
I must of heard it wrong, did they say they we brought in Jim Evans or Satan?
An average 91 mph pitch reaches home plate in .44 seconds, slightly slower than what they simulated.
No offence to John in this but it wasn't that hard to tell if it was a ball or strike I was testing myself and I got it write every time.
not every team has letters in the middle like nyy,cubs have on their top left corners!!!!!
ohh yes they do get fired dude. if theyre not doing the job they lose their credentials and fired.
I'm still going to go apeshit on umps
They need to be otherwise they'd crack every time a manager came out to argue a call.
in other episodes they use 90mph as the speed of the ball. they use 95mph here just to make their point about the ball reaching home plate faster than someone can blink
That rule change in '88 bringing the top of the strikezone down sucks. Should be from the letters on the uniform to the bottom of the knee.
I'm about to be a little leage umpire, wish me luck
i can blink my eyes 2 times in a 95 mile per hour fastball........
@glinxz the release of the ball is when the ball is the fastest
And what about Lesson 3: "Calling strikes like Jim Joyce"
brett lawrie only freaked out because there was two terrible calls...
3:35 "You get in the proper angle, proper distance... You should be able to see the ball and call it.... Properly.
Theres more to sports officials than meets the eye. They go through a ton of bs all the time. Umpires are some that get hazed upon no matter what. Look at the one umpire that took away a perfect game last year i believe, he got death threats and the whole 9 yards. Players accept he did wrong, but no one felt as worst about it than himself.. most plays are bang, bang over and you got to make a call. Its difficult, and very stressful
@Schwat11 soccer is a cake walk compared to baseball. and umpiring in baseball is harder than soccer, when it comes to reaction time. unless youve played baseball or umpired it you dont know the split second decisions that need to be made.
finally, people understand our problems
This show was so much better before ESPN took it over.
Dumbass said baseball pitchers pitch 180 MPH my ass fastest is around 104
It's obviously always different depending on the pitch speed.
@baseballstar6784 i think all refs have to make split second decisions... obviously your opinion is pretty bias based on your youtube account name and also pretty ignorant. i dont know how many times ive been playing soccer and got pissed off at the ref for not seeing or calling something unjustly... and its not like the soccer ref is watching the ball... hes/shes watching every aspect of the game so dont compare you facts unless you know what you're talking about. isnt ignorance just wonderful
thats a 90 mph fastball. They said 95 mph in this video
"Hey Coach... I'm doing my best. If either of us were as good as we think we are, neither of us would be in a 5th grade game."
I'm a Washington Nationals fan 1 place yeah man
Well, if you put your mind to it, I'm sure you can convince the right people to change the traditional classic aspect of the game. In 2008, a survey was done with 200 top MLB players asking about letting a laser machine call balls and strikes, only 3 said it was a good idea. Of all the managers surveyed in the majors, none of them considered that it would be a good ideal. But im sure they games would be very fun having a robot yell out STRIKE.
@RedSandStudios Maybe they could limit the amount of replays allowed or somthing. If the call doesn't go in your favor you're out. Sometimes there's just so many bad calls too often. Like that pitcher who lost the perfect game.
Why not just get cameras instead of umipers? We have technology. Update ur shit baseball lol
Bill Miller should watch this: watch?v=HBj_uqfkKBI and skip to about 0:25 where you can clearly see the ball is 2 inches outside
umpiring isnt hard its easy
Umpiring is ABSOLUTELY the most difficult kind of officiating. The rules have so many intricacies, and a lot of them are not as rare as you would think... It's fast decisions with no instant replay to help you out, and it's often watching two things at once (the ball being caught and the runners foot touching the base, WHILE making sure the fielders foot is on the base as well)
i think catchers should wear some kinda helmet cam in the mlb.. idk about u guys but i think thatd be awesome!
lol the ex-umpire released all the frustration that was dished to him unto the show host
not saying i could dummy, but i'll bet there are guys in aaa that could do a better job.
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