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2011 was a good year, the videos were somehow funnier and ian a bit skinnier.
Everyone has bigger balls than Justin Beiber, even a newborn baby.
even girls have bigger balls than justin beiber
liek if u cri evrytem
Bored out of mind, so here are the failed attempt to write the lyrics to this remix. (not that anyone gives a shit) 1:06 Hey, look, listen!  YES Hey, look, listen! What? Hey, look, listen SHUT U-U-U-UP! I'll put that meat in you're mouth nya na me me meow ahh! I'll put that meat in you're mouth A-A-A-AAHHHHH!! BITCHH! I'll put that meat in you're mouth. H-h-h-h-h-hell no! I'll put that meat in you're mouth. uh uh uh uh uh uh, oh! I'll put that meat in you're mouth. WHAT?! meat in you're mouth w-what?! meat in you're mouth. O-o-o-o-h hell noo! Shut the f*ck-  Laaamme!!! GREAT! gun shot DOUCHE! AHH!! check it out. ahhh! pew pew, dude :), oh ah, hey! O-o-o-o-h my OVARIES!!! uh uh uh uh uh uh!! LETS GO! NOT GAY! What? (repeats throughout the song) uhhh.. ehh.. beeyotch! noo! uhh! WHAT?? oh.. woah.. Check out that pussy. uh oh! (what, what?) ohhh!! pfftt. checkmark sound  that's it uh ahhHh!!!! ahh! I'M PREGNANT! (what?what?what?!) OH hell no! fa-a-a-a-a-a-ke!! ahhh! f-a-a-a-a-ake!! woah... BITCH! come on! ahh! Bring it! oh haha haha!! bitch! next.. t-t-t-that's some deep sh*t bro.. (what stops) pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy. I have hair- nomnomnomnom ohhh!!! e-e-e-everywhere. Balls balls! It's in my underwear- hehe hahahah!!! And, ahhh!! screaming I don't care. BULL SH*T! its the L to th I to the N to the K, wears tights everyday- M-more like LinGAY! Got bigger balls than even J-J-Justin Bieber!!   And he aiun't gonna stop- this is gonna be the best adventure ever, ever, ever, mankey (ever, ever) mankey, mankey, mankey, mankey, mankey, mankey, m-mankey, screams AAHHH!!! m-mankey m-m-m- yeahh!!! ma-ma-ma-ma-m-m-m-m-mm SHUT THE F*CK UP!!! (fin) wow... that was interesting..
best remix and best year for smosh
Smosh in 2011 brings back so many memories........
Ian's 12 death sounds like he a zombie..
Watching in 2015!!!
+Near Sky The manga was released, but not the anime. How would you have your profile picture?
Like if you're watching in 2015
Still tha best remix! luuve it :)
For some reason, this is the only annual remix I like.
2011 montage in 2015. Wow Lol Lel Lal
Chek out the Smashbrothers cool song
where's the "fucking love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" button?
2011 was my favorite smosh year
Ian: 46    Anthony: 31
is it weird that i know the words-
Like if your watching in 2015!
nope, we wont give you likes bitch!
That is by far the best one
I'm watching in 2015 too
Find the 😤 😞😒😒😒😒😣😞😌😞😞😒😒😙😣😣😛😣😛😣😗😛😛😙😞😒😒😝😌😛😣😒😛😌😞😒😞😝😒😞😣😜😛😙😜😙☺😙😜😝😝😜😙😝😜😙😛😝😜😝😜😝😙😜☺😗☺😙😝😛😝😛😜😝😙😝😜😙😜😝😝😛😜😛😜☺😛😝😜😗😙😜😌😙😝😝😛❤💔💗💗❤💚💞❤💚💖💚💜💘💋💌👠🙎💔💚💞💔❤💔💘❤💋❤💘💍💗😝😜😌😜😙😜💔🙍🙇🙎😤😢😜😜😝😜😝😝😜😞😝😜😒😜😝💚💔💞💚❤💞💔💞💚💌💞❤💅🙎💅👰👒💅👰👰💑👰💇💅🙎👒👰🙎👰👰🙎💅👰🙎👰💅🙎💅👯🙎💅🙎👰👰🙎💅🙎💅👰🙎👰💅👰🙎👒💅🙎👒👰🙎💅👰🙎💅👯🙍👰🙎💅👰🙎👟👰👟🙎👒🙎👰💅👰💅👯🙎💅👯🙎👰💅🙎💅🙎👰👟👰🙎👒🙎👰🙎👟👟👰🙎💅🙎👯💅👯🙎💅🙎👯👟🙎👰👒🙎👯💅🙎👯💅🙎👯💅🙅👯👰🙆🙍💅👯🙎💅🙎👯💅👯🙎💅👯💅👰👡👒👡💅👒👀✌👌✊👂👌✊💨👎💨✊👎✊👂👌✊👂👌👊🙉😻👹🙈😻👹👺🙈🔥😽🙉👺🙈🙉😽🙉👺👺🙉😽🙉👺😻👹🙈👹😻👹👺🙉🙈🙉👺🙈😽😼👹💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🙈👺😼😻👹😻😽👹😻😻🙈👺😽🙉😻😼😻😸😽😐😟😆😦😬👺👎👌👎👌👊👌👈👊🙌✊🙌💌💍😢😝😐😴😬👮😐😕😯😯😐😲😕👳😐👷😯💂🙈🙈👺👺😽🙉😻👌👈👊👈👉👌👆👉👌👉👌👊👌👌👊✊👆👊👌👉👌👆👊👊👊🚶💪👉👇👆👌👊👌👊👎💨💨💨💨💨💨👆👆👌👇✊👀👀👅👅🙏👪👫👫💃🏃🚶💪👐👍👇🙀👰💅👰💇👰💅👒💅👰🙎🙎👰👒👰💅👊✊👌👐👊💘💌💚💞👟👟✊👃👅🐤🐼🐮🐗🐽🐑🐷🌴🌲🌞🌴🌵🌊⛅🍄🍄🍂🌹🌷🍂🍀🌷🍂🌹🌿🌹🌷🌿🌷🌹🍂🌷🍂🌷🍂🍀😝😜😒😝😜😙😜😛😞😝😛😗😀😒😝😰😜😞😣😜😙😗😊😗😊☺😒😉💗💌😊☺😗😊😀😗😀😗😀😗😊☺😊☺😙😊☺😙😊☺😙😊😊😝😜😣😜😣😝😢😐😴😵🎄🎁📼🎄🎁🎄📹🎅🍰🍪🏠🏡🇮🇹🎫🎫🚦🏮🚦🎫🏮🚥🏮🚥🎫🏮🎫🚥🏮🎫🚦🏮🎫🏮🚏🎫⛽🎫🚏⛽🚏🎫🚕🚖🚄🚖🚄🚆🚆🚄🚋🚞🚆🚞🚆🚃🏬🏤⛺⛪⛺⛪🏬🗼🚞🏤🌇⛺💒🏬
my favorite video was real voodoo doll
Watching in 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Got bigger balls than even Justin Bieber? Lol that's easy...
This one was the best remix ever ahhhh memories
2012 is not the end don,t worry
2:04 to 2:12 what was the lunchtime called?
this is in my opinion the best remix out of all of the remixes
This was always my fav remix for smosh
like if ur watching in 2015
There will never be a better remix than this one.
This is the best one out of them all
The part when u said he gat biger balls then justin biber is so funny:)
Best youtube channel ever
I like you guys so much
thats like not the future.
I will give you $onebillion
Back when smash was funny . . .
Ian Died 46 And Anthony Died 31 Times
I was fuckin surprised about all this shit
Worst remix. The other years remix is better.(dem eng i got)
Ian die 36 and 21 times
This is the best remix omg
2011 was smosh best year.
Smosh I have a question can you give us your address
Justin bieber hits puberty. Thats it.
What was the name of the video when they were battling and someone said POKEMON!!
What vid is 2:03 to 2:14? (Anthony singing of hair)
I think it's just one of their random vlogs, either lunchtime or mail time with smosh
the lunchtime 1st anniversary
Remember when 2012 was the future <:
smosh remix of 2014
At 2:24 what's that vid Calld!(:?
I think it's their parody of never say never (never say never 2)
Hi kyra its me Sophie how u doing x
This is my favorite remix that they've done so far.
Anybody know what episode was that on ians 28th death?
fun fact 2012 is the past
2:00 I guess IGGY AZALEA brought me here? Kind of?
Aww 2011 was such a great year!
what is a part when that guy said oh hell no
that video is called "TEENS IN THE WILD!"
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