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Swedish House Mafia - One (The Prototype remix)

by QuantumDNB • 2,168,066 views

Buy Tickets to Quantum Club Night: Background image Courtesy of Im back! sorry for the...

Sounds like skirllex fucked a kangaroo... This sucks so bad...
4 year and I'm still listening 
you're 4 years old?
4 years later and I'm still into dubstep thanks to this remix
Finally I found it ;)
Found DL link myself ;P But thanks anyways man :)
@ivanblanton081 What about that one guy you missed?
get the cock out of your ear then maybe you'll be able to hear this song correctly
It drops harder than greek economy
Actually that dropped harder than congress' approval rating
or you can look he commented 2 months ago! when the feature wasnt available DUH?
that feature is like 2 weeks old and his comment is 2 months old
One for the money, Two for the show, Three, no one gives a f*** cuz ur song is hot bro!
@DashKiller1542 Don't you mean you?
@KevWillow7 Name sounds familiar, think it's you who pops up in my hotmail inbox every so often with a soundcloud release, good stuff mate.
Wow I remember when this had only 500 views for almost a month
Dupstep remixs make songs failor...
isn´t it kinda ignorant that the channel is "quantumDNB" and the picture is "quantum dubstep" `--
I like Approaching Nirvana's version better :3
@azza246 yeah thatll be me haha constantly sending stuff to people on soundcloud! :)
Stop that fcking polak shit and BTW kurwa is a bitch in english
normally i love dubstep but, this seems shittily made
@aq2k8 Sorry but this is not filthy you know nothing about filthy.
I wanted to click the download link but it says "File Removed for Violation." so true...
@maryjusz1992 Derka derk derk. DERKA DERKA DERK Herp derp derp herp ding dong derp herp :D
Roses are red Violets are blue The last time something dropped this hard It ended World War 2
@BeAsTm0dE10 I really hope you mean "marriage..."
Tulin tänne, koska eetu linkitti tän mulle facebookin chatissä.
When it started playing, house suddenly started vibrate. When i heard it fully, I started thinking it came from stargate. (sorry for my english)
and the next time songthing this amazing drops it will start WWIII
Found DL link myself :P But thanks for interest anyways man :)
@joshizposh1995 , or just ctrl + F :)
Truly amazing until the drop
was ok until around 1:35 or so, then it got retarded and the slow down at 2:58 a bad way. parts of this sound like re-hashed 80's video game background music. It all sounds it doesn't know what direction to go in so it tries everything in house , techno and dubsteb all at once...not really my taste. the original is infinitely better.
One does not simpely think this sucks!
@PSiGamerz UKF Dubstep is the most subscribed youtube music channel and frequently feature on the front page. Copying and pasting comments like what your doing will do absolutely nothing. Stop making it seem like Dubstep is the only good genre of music. People dont like it, get over it and move on. Listen to what you want and stop trying to convert people.
nowhere near as good as the original but its not bad
@joshizposh1995 you're right ... discussing on youtube is like paralympics, even if you win, you are still retarded... :(
Download Link does not work anymore :( Sux :( My life dosent make sense anymore ! ! !
Fuck yeah. I mean, grinding a girl is easy on this shit.. TRY IT
@joshizposh1995 Youtube should just show the comment wich they replied to, this would make it way easyer...
370 people are fucked up in the head
Now that's were I'm talking about, awesome song dude!
@heyitsastar I know right! I mean name is in the title of the video for godsake!!
Poland is everywhere. Fuck the Germans as a Pole give you his paw up
both top comments should be in english!
there's not a single comment about the music on the front page, you guys gotta be retarded. Anyway, this isn't the best remix for this song.
No, no, no you can't remix the perfect song.
dude, I think I listen much longer to dubstep than you do and shut the fuck up and enjoy the music. It's nice to know that it has more views and it's getting more popular, but I think you can't understand that.
or you copy the name go to all coments press strg+f and paste the name ..
me: hey mum, ill be out for a bit. mum: ok, but where are you going? me: i'm going to kill 372 people. if the cops co... mum: you are killing 372 people on your own??? me: no mum, with about 9000 other people.
I am awesome thumbs up if you read it right
full bodied dub step , great for mornings :)
That drop took way too long to happen
@halie168 hell yeah me too!!! now i just have to find where to download it! :D
hey guys, ive just released a FREE Christmas EP full of Dubstep and Moombahton make sure you check it out on my youtube! :) (im the guy who made this remix btw, i'm not just someone trolling a video!)
just remembered this song when it had about 2k views :)
Oh my godddddd this version is bloody awesome!!!
wow muy buen remix remix remix sacaron weno muchos lo hacen con esta cacion dado que se presta para muchos estilos ademas que esta cancion es como un remix electro
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