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Let's Play Worms

by Rooster Teeth • 2,946,570 views

Geoff, Gavin, Ray, and Michael go to war in Worms for the Xbox Live Arcade. Naughty names are forbidden.

Ahh these were the good ol days when Ray gave a shit about his job, spoke during let's plays, enjoyed them, and didn't try to get out of them.f
It's weird, this is when I started watching them and I have noticed that too. Ray has gotten quiet and Geoff stoping drinking, its good for his health but nothing seems the same anymore.
He still gives a shit about his job and the reason he doesn't speak that much is he's getting bored with the games they play over and over like Gta Online and Minecraft. In real life after their done playing I heard he fucking hilarious,entertaining dude. People change and we can't stop it
Gavin: "I was all over that board, where were you Ray on that board?" Ray: "I was on the victory screen." Apply cold water to the burned area
man, this is so old. They had to introduce themselves at the beginning.
I cannot believe how long it took me to get the exodia reference.  It's embarrassing.  :(
The Yu-gi-oh! reference? It took me a while to get why Gavin was pissed at Michael for naming his team "Slow Mo Guy"
Michael must be a brony, look at his username
He said in a video it was major league player
wow they are bronys? unsubbed
Seriusly? thats an unfair reson to unsub him, and i myself being a brony, befor you get a negetive opinion about the show, watch the show, as i would be the same, but when i watched the show for once, it got to me
Do you think Gavin's mom like... face-palms? XD
Start of Game: "Did Gavin practice". Well, that sentiment didn't last.
Daaaaaaaaaaaym, Faye Reagon is hot as fuck
Geoff: "I might have the three dumbest employees" Spends 30 seconds trying to figure out how to aim and throw a grenade, with no success
+MichaeL Letherman Oh god there's a whole fucking playlist now. Also Mrs. Free is probably a wonderful woman, but given Gavin's... everything, she's clearly a terrible mother.
+The Spiral Warrior Formerly Known as Illidreth Actually, I was gonna say that 5% were Let's Builds and slow-mo.
Like if youre watching in 2015
Am I the only one who noticed that when the left leg died, his tombstone was a pyramid? Get it? Exodia->Yugi Oh---> Egyptian mythology
31:18 since gavin was on a rope at a small ledge there is a 50 50% chance you will do the super long jump from mario 64
I think gavin would have been great friends with gob from fallout 3
After watching all of the lets plays for worms. I have to say someone needs to make a top ten list of the best names for worms. Moe tourboat is my favourite that I can think of right now.
I don't like it how they make fun of Gavin so much. He's the only one trying to make it entertaining 
+matthew ryder That's the point. I don't want to change anything. +Anthony Larson That's absolutely true, but I doubt that's what the guy who made the comment was intending to say.
plot twist gavin actually is a total idiot
Suicide is their choice of tactics.
9:00 And thus marks the beginning of a long line of Gavin causing his own worms' deaths. It continues to this very day.
Team Gavin Is Blasting Of Aagaaiiiinn!
He could get away with boneher patrol probably.
in round 1 gavian was smart since if it took out micel geoff would have killed him
Probs already been stated. But is it ironic that all the pornstars names was in one tiny hole?
Hmmm i think ray might have a thing for redheads
What is Lumpy Gash? Im mexican and like the name but really dont know what it means._.
+Lumpy Gash Oh yeah. No problem. But that really isn't much coming from the AH guys. I mean, Geoff's ringtone says "Wet Cunt". But hey, I still love em'.
23:34 one of the only times that i have heard gavin say fuck
"Because I'm the Left Arm of the Forbidden One."
At 23:37 I fully expected somebody to say "Yes, Geoff, but we're YOUR dumb employees."
Hey... You guys should hire someone to fix your playlists... They dun goofed there
Of course the team of pornstars goes down first Badum tss
What is a furniture bill?
Ray: "Nice killstreak bro." Two years later and that still makes me laugh more than it should.
It's so weird to think that when this came out they hadn't even release LP Minecraft Part 4. Like, holy shit.
Ray has the best names.
Ah my favorite part of this Lets Play 26:56 Almost died from laughter when I heard this (Michael throws grenade that does almost nothing) Gavin: "Wow. Well done Michael." Michael: "Shut the fuck up Gavin. Did I interrupt you from eliminating yourself from the game."
well now i know to watch faye reagan tonight
Like if you're watching this in 2015! Good ol' memories.
Gavin: There's the London Eye Ray: Isn't that Big Ben? Me: No, he means the Ferris Wheel, Ray Ray: What's the name of the Ferris Wheel? Me: God damn it Ray...
Geoff is such an idiot.
Ray killed me with that joke 28:20
By the way, if anyone is wondering, Dickcheese McGee is forbidden but Runfast McChunky works.
i could not stop laughing at 31:18
Anal Avenger is my characters name in Fall Out New Vegas ha!
I know all the pornstars on Ray's team
25:53 Fuckin' idiot lol also its ironic how at 26:02 it cuts over to that particular worm 
Faye Reagan can take quite a pounding
Somebody should do the human race a favour and kill Gav - no-one that stupid can be allowed to live; think of the evolutionary consequences.
+SorakuFett Damn you, natural selection, damn you.
Recap: Gavin committed mass suicide Ray won without trying Michael choked Geoff actually played
Every single time I watch this, I almost die. Its just too funny.
"Never underestimate the power of The Faaaaart!"
saying pornstars names to millions of people already on the internet is a dangerous combination ray
anyone else out of sinc slightly?
Because the game itself can afford to run with slightly different times across different screens unlike say CoD which has to run at the same time on every console or whatever, the video will sound out of sync as they synced to maybe one screen rather than all of them individually every time the turns changed
I like what Geoff says at the start Geoff: Doesn't like B0ner Patrol either Michael: Goddammit (A bit later...) Geoff: Dammit! Gavin: What did you change it to? Geoff: B0n3r
Should have named one Bailey Jay and given your viewers a surprise :L
Okay - I've had loads of replies telling me that Gavin is faking being stupid. If this is the case, he has some serious issues with self-esteem. Not only does he deliberate lose games, he let's his co-commentators (who presumably KNOW he's faking) call him a retard. Next, he himself pretends that what he did was accidental - he actually WANTS to be treated like a doormat?
It would be called 'acting for money'. Just like rage quit. Seriously you fanboys look way to deep into this shit.
omg i used to love worms it was an awesome game
Is the audio off??   (Not in sync??)
26:12 ray channels his inner Wash there
Before the AH was big enough to be their own thing, and all in professional, un-synced, they sure have come such a far way, I love these guys.
2:45 "Break a leg, Left Arm."
I love it when Geoff laughs like Goofy :D
33:19 aw come on Ray! He said "has had several large explosions in their face." Considering your team you should have come up with something pretty quick.
+Morgan Freeman the fuck does that have to do with anything? 
^It's a long story of why I told this guy that
so ray just knows like 10 pornstars names off of his head lol
Who doesn't? haha
I've watched all the Worms LPs multiple times, and I'm fairly certain Gavin has killed more of his own worms than anyone else has combined.
He's killed more worms on accident than other people have killed other worms on purpose
geoff is so god awful
The very first move Gavin ever made in all of Worms was also sadly the best.
It's been awhile since I've heard any Yugioh references from Ray.
In rvb bring back Tex
Here comes Guffpap boom  Bye, Guffpap.
"Here comes guffpap - UUUAAARRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHGGGG!!!!!!!"
37:54 Best moment in video gaming history XD
all i have left is guffpap; aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
I recognized 3 of Ray's pornstar named worms...
Funny cuz Geoff is just ad bad as gavin, or worse, and michael is not much better
23:28 hey gavin actually swore in a video
3D is the best worm games!!(my opinion)
Nice Yu-Gi-Oh Reference. EXODIA OBLITERATE!
Having why man god damn
Micheal Sure Is Mad XD !!
I love the Worms Let's Plays so much. They are definitely my favorites. I've seen each at least 3 times.
You can say ray's team went out with a bang.
hey if u have all of the exotias u win right a way
Why doesn't gavin just use the bazooka
gav likes to make things interesting
Does anyone know which teams Gavin, Jack, Ryan, Ray, Geoff, and Micheal are part of? The Gents and The Lads?
Lads: Gavin, Ray, Michael Gents: Geoff, Ryan, Jack Lindsay, Kerry and Caleb at the moment aren't part of either of them.
/\/\/////////////\\\\\\\\\/\\\\////////////////\\\\\\\\//////////\\\\\\\\///////////////\\\\\\\/////////V/\\\\\\\\\/\//////////\\\\\\\\////////////\\\\ ///////////////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/////////////////\\\\\\\\\\/\//\/\////\//\/\\\\\\\\\///////////\\\\\ Try to find the V
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