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Naruto Shippuden | Funny Moments With Captain Yamato Face

by jaesungauzakim • 554,792 views

O_O + Flashlight Naruto Shppuden funny moments with captain yamato :D

Did Yamato die or not ? please tell me faster, i realy miss him :( Fuck the fag zetsu
Yamato is cooler than Kakashi
i like both a lot! i am not that far in into the shippuden series so idk what will happen, but don't want to lose either one of them, they are 2 of my favourite characters
yeah.... i know what happens but I wont spoil it for you
Yamato = Mr.popo in Naruto show
spoilers yamato is the final villain behind his scary eyes he actully has rinnegan and he plan to destroy the world because naruto didn't laught at his jokes
and Tenten is his right hand woman
yamato would own sasuke i hate sasuke yamato is awesome 
Yamato can see what your doing... 0.0 and he doesn't like it
That face always makes me laugh everytime I see it, especially when it scares naruto XD Iʻm subbing this shit :)
those eyes are more powerful than the sharingan
The ending was perfect XD.
He's starting into your soul naruto! ....
dont forget to subscribe XDDDDD that gave me the last blow .......awesome
Hahahahaha the face of naruto wan he saw the face of capitain yamato ! So funny!
I ship Yamato and Shizune :D
Raquel Uchiha Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Kkkkkkkkkkk Naruto Shippuden | Funny Moments With Captain Yamato Face:
When are they gonna save this sob. ._. I miss him.
+RaijinGod-Indra No, he was caught by Madara's genjutsu the moment he got out with everybody else. He's still stuck like chuck as far as we know.
+Spades0207 [SPOILERS!!!!!!!!]  But initially they beat Guruguru "saving" Yamato and that's what spades asked - he asked for them [the good guys presuming] to save him which they did but then he fell into MT anyway lol. 
Yamato got possessed by spiral zetsu.....somehow
Don't forget to subscribe xD That was a really good touch.
dont forget to subscribe haha
Shit!!!!!!!! Very creepy!!
Haha, his face is so Hitlerish! >.<
I love how naruto just returns the favor.
Me: Man, that's one creepy look * 0:28* Me: Holy shit waffles!!!!!! 
Omg yamato is such a creepy cutie <3
that face is wired i got scared when i see it
Beware, he has a shadow mustache
hahahahaha his face 
Oh well, i already started laughing like a fool after the first scene in this video. xD
I see yamato in all my dreams it's scaring me
this reminds me of my chemistry teacher......controlling by fear O.o
yamato is back in the manga!
Asome video plz dont control me with fear //////// o_O
0:34- 0:44; O_O Uhh... keep those 2 away from me.
That is bonus scenes from some episode between 180-250, idk rly
+Лазар Сеновић wrong. I just saw one of these episodes on toonami today.
Lol that was pretty well made ^_^ the ending made me lol
He forgot the best one: The one where Yamato can't sleep because of Naruto
Don't rub it in! XD hahah best part
was he really using a flashlight?
the ultimate rape face!!! tenzou FTW
when naruto does the face its so funny i lose it
Yamato stole Illumi's eyes from Hunter x Hunter
I will control you with fear forever
Speaking of Yamato where the fuck is his screen time. 
I think they just completely forgot Kabuto has taken him lol.
when does he get rescued 
Last part was clever
he somewhat reminds me of mr po po
im gonna take this and put it in someones face when they wake up in the morning and press play as they open their eyes....
For those who want more O_O Don't forget to subscribe O_O
The episode where Naruto does it too is ep.144
Taking that forbidden technique right?
I miss Yamato in the series XD
and this is y many people subscribed YAMATO USED GENJUTSU  THEM BY BY HIS FACE
Dark Minako Meguchiha Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
o.0 shit this is so funny
David Horsman Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
You forgot the flashlight one, where he scares naruto twice in a row.
i like how he only does it to naruto
Why the hell hasn't this become a meme yet!?!?
Captain Yamato forced me to subscribe >-< with fear.
every person this voice actor does is just a bad ass
ninja art, scary face sealing jitsu! (seals copybof face) ok now to use it on hmm... idk...
this isn't a spoiler anymore. It's like that time when everyone knew Darth Vader was Luke's father
I know that sound effect it is akuma Raging Demon
The ending, "Those who wan more..." *zoom" *DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRBE!!* In the book when Yamato is in like a blue shirt, he says in the book, "And you continue to complain." THE LOOM!
should have set the avatar as one of the faces, it will be more effective
Seem like Naruto was scared so much of Yamato face XDDDDD
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