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Runescape - Slayer Task Guide - Hellhounds - Tutorial + Tips

by RuneSharkVideos • 45,227 views

This is the latest RuneShark series - Slayer Task Guides - for every high level slayer task. Today we have a Hellhounds tutorial for the Taverly dungeon as well as the Kuradel Dungeon.Tips, melee,...

great guide, why you buying 1k spottier capeS?
so him correcting a blatantly stupid comment makes him a fanboy? good logic.
great we need more! :D
@zotaaxHD thats why i didnt include weapons for prayer so you could use like rapier or whip and you could subsitute the god stole for fury or str ammy to add bonus
WTF bought 422/1000 spottier cape ?? !!!
@HippyManPL a7re u saying im 25 im only 15 lolol
@darkwill32 lol? what is there to learn about dung its common sense..
@zzPirulito111zz It's a 15 minute task, might not even cost you an extra prayer pot and prayer pots are at 3k in the GE. Honestly, why even bother flashing prayers.
love the intro and the music intro
Actually at 6:00 you can see that they spell it "atack" so before you rage, get your facts right yourself. Hypocrit.
@venomxus Do you mean... You much prefer CLS, not rapier? Was that a mistake?:P)
@GeneralHats I didn't call you a dumb ass though. I'm just saying that people have a life and saying "because I have a life" is irrelevant. Also I was in a bad mood. I'm sorry if you thought I called you a dumb ass.
nice 660 rapier and 410 d claws
@venomxus I thought you prefered the CLS, but in the above, you stated you prefered rapier... so...?
At the 5:49, the video references 'Special Atack Weapon'. I think that is what Abborsnopp was referring to.
@quicktjen You need 55 dungeoneering before you can enter.
For hellhounds i actually don't use super sets or extreme sets because hellhounds wont drop anything that will pay for those pots. Thats why i normally use combat potions for tasks like this, black, lesser, or grater demons. I also would rather prefer using range than melee to save money.
Way is the song at the start of the vid? Also, can u please do a guide on fire giants? Thanks, loving the vids
what do you need 1000 spottier capes for?
@HippyManPL Lmfao its his job he makes Mooney from the like
It's a curse (Prayer) that allows you to heal by the amount of damage you do on a monster.
@laurensb1b was thinking blk demons, their resource dung is in chaos tunns. my bad.
@HippyManPL well then i correct my self get a fucking job then
lol at 2:46 is says chaotic rapier but hes holding a whip
You didn't mention that they drop Hard Clues.
@CodxMasterxJoey Use an ardy cloak, and use barrows gear instead. Not hard to substitute these items.
@blazinace913 rapier hands down. im 103 dung, rapier is so much better for slayer. Cls is more for bossing, Rapier hand down :')
he doesnt exactly have to high of a dung lvl. soo thats not the best idea for nice. nice guide btw
i have the best tip for hellhounds :D skip them ahh :D i hate em so much
To make the task cheaper use a split dragontooth necklace and bonecrusher. And when your hp drops flash soul split :)
what is the song at the start of the vid? great vids btw
The best xp/hr for hellhound BY FAR is cannoning them in the resource dungeon...
*sigh* spelled and spelt are both correct, just differention versions due to country of origin. check it up...
Steel titan instead of unicorn really helps. You won't need unicorn if you have Soul split or like 5 rocktails in your bag. And cannon at resource dungeon ofc...
if you are trying to go for prayer bonus when using prayer, then you dont need any other stats. for example i can get around 40 pray bonus with the following items (excluding the weapon): proselyte hauberk and cuisse-13 prayer combined for those 2 items. falador shield 2 or prayer books- 5 prayer. god stole- 10 prayer. any lumby ring- 1 prayer. ardy cape 2- 4 prayer. god mitre- 5 prayer. white gloves- 1 pray. bandos boots or white boots- 1 prayer.
@Cruton111 Now you're being mature about everything now. why did you have to call me a dumbass?
@laurensb1b True, but 98% of people doing Slayer do not have a steel titan, and about 80% of people do not use a cannon due to it's extreme cost (and on this task in particular, as there are no high value rewards...)
dumb fuck cannon +steel titan > your methods
@gearkiller98 he prob has the quest done already. do u kno what he would have to do get all the way to that point in game again. thats alot to ask for
@p1e1234 use the cannon on tasks such as dragons or spectres....any task you think you can make profit with the cannon realy just do the math hopes this help.
i can't wait fot the next slayer task guide :)
That could be awsome if you say at start THAT U NEED FUCKING 80 AGILITY FOR SHORTCUR. Save lots of time... ffs
@MaffiosoX I think he should have included it in the guide though, but you're right it is a powerslaying method and thus more expensive.
Lol, not a very detailed guide for average lvl players tbh
At peak times it can actually be quite difficult to find a world for hellhounds in Kuradals dungeon.
how u get to the resource dungeon?
New intro song would be highly appreciated since this one is getting on my nerves.
@Abborsnopp , are you an idiot? You just spelt 'attack' wrong... they spelt it right.
Using cannon and steel titan while wearing either bandos or proselyte and praying melee and turmoil in the resource dungeon is by far the best method, in terms of speed and experience.
@HippyManPL nono im think im good ty for answering my questions much appriciated Xx
Just another point, you can cannon them in the resource dungeon you showed us :)
I think you should have included the mysterious dungeon ones as MULTI COMBAT / AGRESSIVE so it's great for AFK slayer :)
Why would he be sarcastic about that, its not funny at all
So why did you bring it up if you knew about it lol. sorry for late input but meh.
@TheHulklogan11 the blue bones is actually a holy wrench from one of the pirate quests, it'll give 1 extra prayer point every sip from your prayer potion.
Awesome guide man keep them coming
@vvanker1 Good for u. 25 yr old RS player without a job :) Week ago i quit RS... job dude.. job..
I cannon in dung dung in taverly =)
You guys have to make more slayer guide vids !
What amulet is that on the first setup?
Why were you buying 1K Spottier capes?
Hm.. pretty sure he isn't a hypocrite.. Go to school?
@GamermanZendrelax and where exactly is that dungeon?
if you want the best pray bonus/str combo wear verac's skirt and fire cape look it up, its better
Nice vid man, just a little note. You pronounce piety like pie-ety. :)
Do you need to protect from meele?
@SnowieeTV haha your comment made me laugh irl =D
Grand Exchange: Bought 422/1,000 x spottier cape Why do you want so many? lol
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