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The Minecraft Files - #227 - Sweet Bedroom Upgrade! (HD)

by ChimneySwift11 • 395,952 views

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Im so exited for your place to get blown away by a Tornado c:
aw thanks chim, you call us awesome
Back When Chim Was Awesome
add the backpack mod!!!
Chim you should make mats
You should do a acraiam expantion
Dude chim can you make a pirate ship arrg and chim dont kill youtself
Get the mod Minecraft comes to life and get a wife and kids
sometimes i just listen to him talk and play minecraft on my ipad cause i feel lonely
You should ad a coconut harvest area in your bedroom
you should put a beach chair on your privet beach
do more episods of the rise of the enderswift of sseason 2 plis
Mobs are going to come in from the beach
How pissed would u be if lightning struck ur house?
hey ChimneySwift11 should I make a mod?
chimney expand your storage room
Ive been swifter not that long, but i have chim's,autogtaph
blue fish u have can be dora from finding nemo.
Hey Kirsten, gold sucks and I hav a pett squidd
my step brother just said that you are stupid
You should extend your aquarium
because it says in the description "Published on Jun 25, 2012" so don't call people a bitch because you didn't read the description
he should make a series of the mcf in the aether on aether 2
No hate if you don't like him say nothing and get off his channel! He's awesome no matter what you say
Long ago it was over and the end was prety good
Hey chim i dare you to build the white house. ps and DC
When life gives you lemons... Fuck a hourse
Instead of bamboo floors you should put an aquarium
At The End Invite your friends over for a Beach Party on a Beachy Server!!! Also Record IT!!!
15bob15doesminecraft you are soooo right
Hey, Chimney! Can ya check my channel? Thanks! LAVA
how do you get troacraft im sorry I didn't know how to spell it
when? I wasn't paying attention XD I was listening to Chim.
i cant slep help me its always dark
i really wish that the mod createor would update this to 1.5.2 i REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS MOD
Im from the future im from 2019
Çhimny I think you should bild a little pier from your privite beach
You should put a sun roof by the tree in the room
hey chiminey if you get the surfing mod you can put surfboards in your house that would be BEAST
your swifters are proud for being soooo nice!!!!! *tear*
If you put stairs on the corners where u put the slab it is a lot better
I know this was from 2012 but you should have had face cam
that bedroom is sweet it makes me gellis of my real bedroom I really want that 1 now!
He is the only thing that I could of done better than him is the aquarium other than that he outbuilds anything I could of thought of.
Chimney I think u should make a big fish tank 2 block on wood and put 20 clown fish when I did that I got 1,234,546 like and views and 10 dislikes try it
im in the swifter army the quake army aka ihascupquake sky army and others- emina <3 btw how do u get mods ?
You should make sandstone stairs!
I'm on my phone and its like 6 in the morning I was up all night
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