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Fails of the Weak - Volume 91 - Halo 4 - (Funny Halo Bloopers and Screw Ups!)

by Rooster Teeth • 909,650 views

Jack and Joel look at a bunch of new fails in Halo: Reach! Join them and laugh along with their nuttiness!

im literly playing with fail 3 right now
This is Caboose watching his closest relatives right now.
I LUV THIS STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its kinda hard to picture that Joel is Caboose they sound so different but they both have the same creativity
A brute driving a banshee clearly a halo 2 and 3 reference
The saw a grenade launch the wraith
the portal needed to be charged up by sacrifice.
Freakin love Caboose/Joel
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GRAARGRRRRRGHARAAAAAGH!!!!!! (My impression of Joel's impression of a wookie
Whoo, watching from the end...or whatever
Joel is probably the funniest person at rt
killed a guy after me and i was also tea baging his buddy when i was battleing him
omg this video is so funny with captions
Exactly you don't see black people saying, "Hey my kind was in slavery give me a break"
life is like a dick. when it gets hard, fuck it
Remind never to drive with Joel.
0:57 that always happens to me exept i get frog mongoosed
you call it karma but had he t -bagged longer he wouldnt have died
00:24 the ghost hit a person when it flew of!
Note to self: Don't drink Izzies while watching these xD
Yes. We get it. It was bad. So were many things that we have moved on from. Saying "Americans are idiots, they deserve to be made fun of," is like "Jewish people killed Jesus, they deserve to be made fun of." So if you're done, I'll move on with my life, and you might do the same.
last one was a grenade (me, 3 months later)
no I will not miss armor lock.....perk in halo gtfo..
@sslfsociety i wasnt asking for anyone to lay with i ask to be in a clan and there is usaully a age you have to be thanks though
Sakanade ----> Shinji Hirako You're awesome if you know what the hell I'm talking about.
jack and joel went up the hill you know the rest......
Everyone here who agrees that americans are stupid and should be made fun of just stfu because you need to learn how to take a joke that doesnt insult others.
I feel like it has something to do with Naruto?
Started at one....4 hours ago.
"I'm gonna occupy that space right now, the one that you're in." lmao! 1:46
A word of advice. Never give your age when asking for a friend request. The fact that you're 12 means nobody is going to want to play with you. I would, but I'm not into online gaming. Just thought I'd let you know.
someone was standing on the reciever thats why he couldn't go through the portal
Thumbs up if you can see the skull in the mountain at 0:43
Hey guys, thanks for reading. We're a halo reach clan that likes to have fun and have two videos out. If you could check us out or leave a like, we would appreciate it! If you would like to join, learn more or help us out, check our channel! Thanks! -Team Linx
Joel's wookie laugh was hilarious
ahhhhh what the fuck are u cumming
yeah, the only reference to judeism(sp?) was one guys gamertag, and i dont think Jewish Wookie there didnt mean anything by it
0:55 That truck doesn't have the Touch.
3:18 big deal ppl do that regularly in borderlands
look at the mountain to the right at 0:41 i saw a skull
Thank you, glad somone agrees. Besides, the video said nothing offensive toward jewish people.
2:45 not my fault somebody put a wall in my way...
Did anyone else realize the guy in the wraith lived in the last clip?
turn on closed captions at 1:11
this entire problem can be fixed with one thing, people need to learn to laugh at themselves. if they find the jokes humorous then it takes the enjoyment away from the people who tell them out of hate, leaving only the ones who tell the jokes for the actual comedy and laughter of others. how is shit like that NOT common sence?
I think the teleporter didnt work because someone was standing on it at the other end
His wookie impression sounds like ray Romano from everybody loves Raymond
This was uploaded on my birthday!!!!!
so it's not even a comparable scenario dude. completely different games with completely different mechanics
if you stand on the reciver end of a teleporter than you can block it
Not sure I want anyone coming on the video. I might like them to star in it, but not come on it.
That is his wookie noise? I didn't hear him say it so I informed Mossad
2:07 owned by a girl... happens to everyone...
1:00 I must go, my people need me.
Did anyone else see the two Plasma Grenades chaseing the Ghost at 3:15?
some are skinny. . .and some are wide?
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